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If you don't see any banners or advertisements when you get to the game site, then yes, as long as your Java and Flash are up to date, and you don't use Peer2peer software you should be safe. If there are advertisements, don't click on any of them. Quit the browser before you attempt to click on any. Jul 9, PM.

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Jul 9, PM in response to a brody In response to a brody. You seem to know about Runescape, is it safer to run through the internet or through the client they have that you can download from their website?

Also will the java eat up my RAM or any other things that could slow my mac? The rule of thumb is, if you're getting a client that directly from the developer In this case you are, it's just Jagex thought to monetize via ads , you're fine. Sure, Java and Mac don't play nice, but from a security standpoint you're fine. As said before, you get in trouble when you go on clicking stuff that you don't know where it goes. That's where you get into vulnerabilities.

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  4. HOWEVER, if you simply play the game, and don't make yourself obnoxious on a fan forum or something and remain anonymous, you're most likely to not be bothered. As an alternative, you can always sandbox an instance using Parallels or another like software. Mac client instructions.

    Old School RuneScape

    You need to have a version of Java installed on your system. If you do not have a suitable version of Java installed, the following error will. Just found out about being able to use OSRS, is there anyone who the osbuddy client has a mac version, at eruchohong. There is no official OSRS client for the Mac, so there is two ways to Make sure you download the right version of Java to be able to play if it.

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    4. If you do not have a suitable version of Java installed, the following error will. The Java client can be found at the bottom of this download page. Why would I need If you'd like a shortcut on your desktop that opens Old School RuneScape , these steps will help you out!

      Old school runescape client mac

      Old, incompatible drivers can wreak havoc, and cause a number of issues, so the first step should always be to make sure that you have. Sign up for membership and re-live the adventure.

      how to get oldschool runescape on the mac! [2016]

      You can download the RuneLite launcher for various platforms below or.