How to copy dvd protected on mac


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Insert a blank disc and launch Disk Utility. You can see the ISO file from the list of volumes. Click on "Burn" in the Disk Utility main window. If you have any problem, see how to fix Disk Utility won't copy errors.

can I copy protect my dvd - Apple Community

Note that you should make sure the command line is correct to avoid any failure. Generally speaking, I advise using them.

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In most cases, you can just focus on the Devices section. The same goes for other devices, based on their playback restrictions. The Universal preset is helpful if you want a file that will work on all current Apple devices. If you find a preset that you plan to use often, you can set it as your default otherwise, HandBrake defaults to Normal as its preset. Highlight the preset you want, then at the bottom of the Preset Drawer click the gear icon and choose Make Default from the drop-down menu.

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Also note that you can create custom presets for specific needs, such as after makingany of the tweaks discussed next that you want to use again. Once you pick your preset, there are a few settings you might want to tweak, depending on your specific needs. To overcome this, HandBrake can deinterlace while it rips so that the video will be smoother when you view it.

Why So Hard to Rip DVD on Mac?

The downside to deinterlacing, however, is that you sacrifice some picture quality. So instead of using the Deinterlace setting in HandBrake, try the Decomb option instead.

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That process can slow down the ripping process, but you should end up with smooth video that suffers minimal quality degradation. Only the AppleTV 3 preset uses the Decomb filter, so if you want to use it with another preset, click the Picture Settings button and then the Filters tab in the window that appears.

Copy movie DVD's and transfer to your Mac

Click the Decomb pop-up menu and choose Fast the same setting used in the preset above. To see if that does the trick, try encoding a short bit in the Preview Window before and after changing that setting.


If the jaggedness disappears with Fast turned on, use that setting. If not, you can play around with the other choices. Want to really get into the weeds with decombing and deinterlacing? As we know, Mac has built-in application to copy and burn a disc, so you can duplicate DVD on Mac by Mac's own function.

How to Duplicate DVD on Mac: A Brief and Useful Guide

Classified by subtle differences, two ways of duplicating by Mac's own programs are given as follows. One way is to select the DVD file that you want to copy, and in the "File" drop-down list of the "Finder" menu, you can either hit "Duplicate", which means you create a copy file of the original one, or hit "Burn See the above screen shot for reference.

The other method you can duplicate a DVD is by hitting the "Utilities" icon in the "Application" folder, and there you will find "Disk Utility", just double-click it and set the source and destination file under the "Restore" tab.

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