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Fonts that contain only the characters for MacRoman, or only a few additional characters, are not included, and commercial fonts are not included. Fonts in this folder are called user fonts , and are available only when "username" is logged in. Fonts in this folder are called local fonts , and are available to all users. A user with Admin rights can add or delete fonts in this folder. Fonts in this folder are called network fonts , and can be made available to all users on the network.

Unicode fonts for Macintosh OS X computers

Fonts in this folder are called system fonts , and are available to all users. These fonts are required by the Mac OS X operating system, and so users should not change the contents of this folder.

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You do not need to download any fonts -- there is only one that works and it is already on your machine Devanagari MT. Then you go to the "flag" menu at the top right of the Finder and select Devanagari.

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Arjun Hindi Free Font

Then type. Really surprised that other Hindi fonts aren't useable on Mac. As well as very sad to have invested in MS Word for Mac, not for the first time, and am now looking for other options. Mac and Windows use different technologies for complex scripts like Hindi. In PC that is easy to do because I know how to do it. How does one do that in Mac?

I am trying to read the doc sent to me in Hindi. When I select it and change to Devnagri I still get to see the Roman version.

Fonts help! - Apple Community

Is it possible to view selections in different fonts? Do you mean you are not actually seeing Devanagari script but Latin instead?

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  • No easy font change can fix that. Try opening the doc with OpenOffice, which is a free word clone. If you like, send me a copy of your doc tom at bluesky dot org and I will see if I can figure out the problem.

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    I can select other fonts but with Devangari nothing happens. What does 'encoding problem' mean? Is it my machine or is it the source? If you do not see Devanagari when you have selected the text and switched the font in TextEdit or OpenOffice to the Devanagari MT provided with OS X, then your source could be some non-standard legacy encoding. So today while I was browsing, I came across.

    Download 50 Beautiful Unicode Hindi Fonts

    I was using Firefox 2. How to draw a chart in word. All the hindi text appeared as question marks. I immediately thought that hindi fonts are not installed.

    Characters sample

    I decided to install the font set to see my favourite curvy characters. I search very hard on the internet, googling this afternoon to get Hindi working on my Mac. But to no avail.

    How to Install Fonts on Mac

    After my evening tea I sat again and decided to give it another try. But this time to my surprise I could read everything without doing anything. I had no clue what was going on.