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Windows 7 itself takes up around 10GB, so I was generous and gave my virtual hard drive around 60GB of storage. When you start it up, you will see the First Run Wizard pop up.

How to run Windows 7 on iMac / Macbook using VirtualBox

Navigating through VirtualBox might require capturing your cursor. You can simply click inside the virtual machine to transition back from Mac cursor to Windows cursor. Installing Windows 7 is the easy part. Your virtual machine should boot into Windows setup, and you will be met by this screen. Select the only hard drive available, and press next to continue. Go and get some coffee, because Windows 7 takes a while to install. Although on the bright side, it does take less time than the old Windows XP or Vista did. Your Windows 7 virtual machine might restart every so often, which is to be expected.

The important thing is that you have a product key. As long as you have a product key you can download the ISO directly from Microsoft. Make sure that you specify the version which matches your product key. Once you have the ISO you simply assign it to the optical drive of your vm from settings. Then start the vm. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

2. Installing Windows 7 under Virtualbox

Board index All times are UTC. Get VirtualBox. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Extract macOS High Sierra Installing VirtualBox 6. VirtualBox Settings. Select Processor amount. Choose Video Memory Size. Transfer Information Method to this Mac. Sign in with your Apple ID. Create a Computer Account. Express Setup. Setting up your Mac.

Telegram Print. Related Articles. I am not able vmdk file from download1. I would be interested to know. Hi I have followed the article and used the code but still have the same issue.

Windows xp virtualbox mac

Hello dear, What the error you faced so we can suggest you, what to do? Error allocating 0x pages at 0xc alloc type 2 Error loading kernel cache 0x9 Any help will be appreciated I have this same issue, did you figure it out? Excellent guide. Thanks for the resources and instructions! Thx I have done every step tried different version of tb new old and then old and new again tried multiple time of reinstalling and im still stuck on a black screen that has nothing on it this was incredibly useful Thank you!

Thank you very much. Hi nobodei, How did you do step 5 on your linux system? I will be lgad if you can explain this to me. Okay guys so I manage to go through step 5 and it worked well. Did you figure this out? Could you find solution for the upgrade issue? I did all necessary steps needed to do after that the booted it worked perfectly but when it finished everything it rebooted again resulting in the codes coming back Same here… Same here.

Is there any fix? My fault.

1. Installing VirtualBox

Names on step 5 were not the same. Thank you for feedback.

Good luck Has someone already connected and used with iTunes his iPhone to the High Sierra virtual machine? Also done not helped I cant find the 64bit stuff on virtualbox. Thank you so much! It just works Welcome and thanks for sharing your positive feedback dear. But i cannot connect to the internet. Internet is working after restarting and following Faiz Orz directions. Thank you!

Step 1: Requirements

Welcome and thanks for sharing your feedback. It really motivates other visitors. The commends are different for Linux. Never start the instalation. Any malware or keylogger installed on it? Can you help? Follow cat and Andrew video on youtube.

How to Install macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox PC

It might help you No matter what I do I can fix the black screen, ive tried everything, I mean everything and it wont fix it.. Hi there, thanks for this tutorial, it worked for me under Windows 7, i have a quick question, not sure if there is a solution for this: Is there a way to change to make the screen bigger, i guess to run in full screen mode so that it can cover the whole screen, i found several methods online but none of them seem to work, any ideas? Did you install macOS or No?? Yes, it worked fine. Any ideas? Hi Rok, Do you ever fine a fix to this problem?

Thanks, Tim No, no idea on how to solve it. You can fix your issue by following this guide Hey man, I can not connect to the internet help-me! I have the same issue! How did you fix it Akshit? Do you have any suggestions regarding to this problem? How to changer te resolution? Just right-click on one of the parts then extract it via Winrar or 7zip. This actually worked for me. I loved the way you share your opinion with other visitors.

No i had virtual box open. Is that maybe my problem? Yeah, You did not read the article carefully. Exit the VirtualBox before adding the code to cmd. Thanks Good luck when i am trying to put the code in cmd i keep getting errors that these are not recongnised as commands Did you change the Virtual Machine Name in the code?

I am not getting the white coding on the black screen. Works, a little unstable at times but works.

The Complete Guide to Running Windows On Mac OS X Using VirtualBox

Cheers This is the beta version. Some problems it has. I know, was merely to make sure other people were aware How to get imessages working? Follow this guide to fix iMessage and Facetime is it suppose to work, did you test it? Thanks for sharing your positive feedback dear and It would help a lot of other people also. Got it working on VirtualBox on my first try! Great job man! Thanks for sharing your positive feedback dear. It works for both VirtualBox and VMware.

Again watch this video Had the same problem.

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