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I do share contacts via.

They want a spreadsheet. You can add a column in the spreadsheet with the name field the way you want it. Hmmm…I think I will take a nice hour out of my afternoon and put on my favorite classical music and just hand write the addresses. Tra la la la la, la la la la. Is it possible to export all contacts but individually at once, so you have one vcf file per contact? After looking around at the various paid options for doing something as simple as exporting one s Mac Address Book to CSV, and seeing all of the limitations of existing programs, I discovered a shortcut.

This only pertains if you have a google account — free to set one up.


Manage contacts in AOL Mail - AOL Help

Just do it to a convenient location so you can find it. It may not hurt to store it somewhere on your hard drive for later retrieval in the event of some snag with Address Book later. Then I searched for dups and merged them. Etc Etc. Naturally you can open several of these in Filemaker.

Good old tab-delim will always the most bullet proof since other formats constantly change, applications corrupt etc. When the lights go out — this is your only recourse — especially now that few people barely remember their own phone number. That is the problem, that you are ignoring.

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This is an article about exporting contacts from OS X, it works in all versions. Shall we talk about making a pizza here too? Any other off topic discussions to be had? Importing the pizza into my belly from OS X? Sorry for the shameless plug, but you can do this many other things export to excel, csv, MS Outlook etc. A quick way to export one or two contacts is to left click on the contacts name in the contacts app, and drag them to the desktop.

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Then the file can be used as needed. Hope this helps! Name required. Depending on how much old e-mail you have, the import process shouldn't take very long, and the mail fetch history should help you figure out if the process is complete. Once you've verified that the import is done, you can remove the account from Gmail.

It wouldn't hurt to leave it enabled, though, just in case you get new messages there in the future. If you only have a handful of contacts in your old e-mail account, you're probably OK to just enter them in manually in Gmail. However, if you have a large number of contacts, you may want to try exporting them to a CSV file comma-separated values , so you can import them to Gmail. The steps for exporting your contact list will differ based on the e-mail provider or e-mail client. Once you've successfully exported your contacts to a CSV file, follow these steps:.

When the import process is finished, Gmail will tell you how many contacts were imported. Keep in mind that importing CSV files can sometimes be hit or miss. Common fields, like name and address, will likely import just fine. However, if your old contact list had photos, attachments, or other uncommon fields, they may not import properly into Gmail. To be extra cautious, it might be a good idea to print a copy of your old contacts to keep as a backup, either to a PDF or to actual paper.

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Unless you're paying for your old e-mail account, it might be beneficial to keep it open for a while, at least until you're absolutely sure that you've updated all your online accounts with your new Gmail address. Some sites will send a verification e-mail to your old e-mail address before allowing you to update it to the new address.

How to Export Contacts from Mac OS X

Also consider setting up an autoresponder for a short period of time to let your contacts know that you've switched e-mail providers. Some systems refer to the autoresponder setting as a vacation message. Of course, if you only want to let some contacts know and not others, you can always send out a mass e-mail to just the people you want to notify. If you want to use those same contacts in another email service, export the address book data out of AOL Mail.

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The format you choose depends on the preference of the alternate email service provider. Fortunately, exporting from the AOL Mail address book is easy. The available file formats let you import the contacts into most email programs and services, either directly or through a translating program. Select More in the Contacts toolbar and then choose Export. The Export Contacts dialog box will open.

Select Export. A file titled contacts.