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Couple of tricks for installation. First be patient.

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Check out videos on line to help you. There are three wires inside the Mac. I used wires numbered 1 and 3. Plugging in the wires took the most effort. Kind of rock them around a bit. Forcing them straight down will only get you painful fingertips. Having a magnetic tipped screwdriver is a must. Installed in a Mac Pro that is flashed to 5,1, and it appears to work perfectly with Sierra installed. Dropped it in, hooked up the antenna leads, started back up and it was ready to go at login.

MacOS even connected it to my home network since it was in my saved networks. Speed and reception seem good.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

I've got it working in 2 hours on a Mac Pro that didn't include wifi. Handle with care 2. Make sure they match cable labeled 1 is bottom of card; card labeled 2 is top of card 3. Once cables are connected to card, gently insert the card and set with a screwdriver this part was actually simple 4. Once I got it working I was happy, the card is cheaper than other non-sense choices, you just need the patience for not throwing through the window and go insane.

I purchased this product initially because I thought it was the best option available. I've heard Continuity and Handoff work well in those cards too. So if you are looking for the absolute best, search elsewhere. The issue with this card was that while it does work in a Mac Pro and was recognized instantly, I could not get a decent Wifi reception. These pictures suck. A real photographer knows how to light and use a macro lens. You are phoning it in here. This guide is doing you more damage than good. You know this…Re do the photographs.

Be a hero. Please feel free to climb down off your high horse and bitch elsewhere. Have a good day. Can anyone recommend a piece of harware I can use externally instead? Something that is a wifi transceiver that plugs into the Mac via Ethernet perhaps? The card is plugged in, the screws are secure and the leads are snapped in tight. I see the airport icon after startup but cannot connect to a network. Can I splice the wire together?

Is Houdini still alive. Just wondering if I could get any help? Even the bluetooth, in case it was mis-labelled somehow. I could probably take it in somewhere, but what else are they really going to do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! My first thoughts is that you have the wrong wireless card. This card is for a 3rd Generation Nehalem 4-core or 8-core Mac Pro. Your Mac Pro is the same generation as mine, with 2-core Xeon processors.

First — thank you so much for this page! I actually buy a lot of stuff from sweetwater, and I was about to buy the card that Christina mentioned. I have an 8-core dual quad Intel Xeon. Do you know which card I need? Perhaps someone else who has contributed via comments will be able to provide more information. Best of luck! Thanks for the prompt reply! I was somehow emboldened by all of this, and I called Apple yet again, and this time I was armed with part numbers. It worked.

I just plug my Mac Pro into my Airport Express wireless router say, in the office with an ethernet cable. Jake, thanks for sharing the information about correct card part numbers. Sorry, but no one has posted a possible response to my question. I tried to change the way the wires are plugged 1 and 3 2 and 3 and 1 and 2 but the same result. The airport card does not show as on but the Bluetooth pan is on and I have the internet.. THe problem that I have discovered is that when I go to front row app and try to check out the video previews it says that I am not connected on the internet.

I can only think that if the card is not being recognized by OS X as an Airport Extreme card there is some incompatibility with the card. The wires would have nothing to do with the card being recognized. It should be recognized ever without any wires connected, they only serve as antenna wires for stronger and longer range. I have no idea why the card would be reported as a bluetooth PAN. Yes it is very Weird! I just got my card in the mail, but it has no mounting screws…can anybody tell me the size to go and buy? Is there any other hardware I need? Just installed airport card in my Mac Pro purchased June Works great!

First pull out CPU board housing so you can get your hands in there to connect the antenna wires. Flip the two bottom levers and then pull the whole CPU housing straight up. It will go back in painlessly. After connecting the wires then connect the screws. You are my hero! I am not a complete idiot on the computer but I could not have installed this wireless card on my own. Thank you, thank you…. PC spots… thanks a bunch, earl!

Hey all, Been reading this all day trying to get my card installed and working. I inserted the card correctly and its now being recognized but when i go to connect to my network it instantly says connection failed. Its weird though because its recognizing that my network is there just when i go to put the password in it doesnt work. Any suggestions? Attaching the wires is a total PITA, whoever designed those connectors ought to be shot!

Just wanted to add my thanks to the many here. I just installed my card into a Mac Pro 1,1, 2. Fiddly, connecting the cables, but found it best to connect them before inserting the card. That way you can squeeze the connectors shut between thumb and forefinger as others here have described. The two levers allowing you to pull out the bottom tray are not immediately obvious to dunces like me.

This post is great. Just switched my airport card from a MacPro to MacPro. With patience and following the photos it took an hour. Getting the antenna on wire 1 on top and wire 2 on bottom was a pain. Interestingly the MacPro came without airport card as ordered but also without screws. Thanks for this. Now following these instructions have installed one. Only 3 years later I tried to use the Airport, and was unable to find any network or printer, being the airport present in the system. Thanks for the lesson, because I found the problem. The original installation was wrong, there was no antenna for the wireless connected and only the bluetooth was installed.

Thanks, specially for the photos. Regards, Fernando. Hi, I just got my card in the mail and your instructions are great. ANY ideas? Thanks Barrie. I have done the upgrade to my Mac Pro 8-core , but the wifi is slow. Please help me! Putting those wires on the pins was the most difficult installation that I have ever don on a Mac. My eyes are not what they used to be. Most of us either did trial and error or just connected some of them in some combination described above and it worked.

If you have the energy, swapping out the wires to the card would be an interesting test, though. Did you install that software? From my research, though, it technically should. Do you or anybody have any input on this? There are three wires marked 1, 2, 3. The Airport card should only have two wires connected to the card, no matter what. Wire 2 never gets attached. Only 1 and 3 and the order is actually not relevant. Apple attaches wire 1 to the connector facing down when installed, Wire 3 connected to the connector facing upwards near the screw.

Connecting the BT wire to the airport will seriously degrade the Wifi signal. If you have bad reception, check for that. Sometimes the markings comes off, but you can detect the wires from where they are coming from the wifi wires come in a bunch while the Bluetooth cable is a standalone cable.

I theoretically have a mbs vs. My wifi download inernet connection is only 1. Maybe I should buy a new, N router. Icram, read this link. She does a really good job at describing the factual differences between N and G. In fact, depending on what you do with your wireless, even a strong G signal at 54Mbps is WAY faster than what almost any of us get through cable or DSL internet service.

In other words, the bottleneck in that scenario is the bandwidth that you buy from your service provider. With your Linksys, you might want to try these things to improve your signal strength: 1 Try setting the speed to Even wireless phones will interfere with your router. Rinse and repeat until you find the best one. Move your router away from your TV or other large electronic devices. Move your router away from everything, actually as much as you can.

Put it up as high as you can, and do your best to create a line-of-site scenario with your computers. This is just one of those deals where you can only do what you can do…. Everything went fine on my Airport installation on my new until I looked for the antenna wires. I found the Bluethooth wire, but the WiFi antenna wires are nowhere to be found. Eventually found the wires. They are tucked in there. Have 3 wires on mine and only 2 terminals on the card. Working on an early MP, the AE connector is actually located on the lower part of the motherboard not behind drive bays 1 and 2 , behind the memory modules assembly which had to be pulled out.

Wire 1 is for bluetooth, wires 2 and 3 are for Airport Extreme. Are the three wires in your MP labeled? Tony, can you tell me where the post is for the Blue tooth? I see on the card where wires 2 and 3 go, but not 1. Gail, the bluetooth connector goes on a separate card altogether. If you are not installing a bluetooth card, just leave that wire hanging. If you wish to add bluetooth then you have to purchase a separate module, and this one needs even more screws 4. This is when your patience will be severely tested. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had to buy 15 so I have extras. I forget how many are needed. Thank you so much for the offer Gary, that is so generous of you! Thank you again. If you have any local computer repair places in your area you might also check with them. Anyone else have a suggestion? It would be nice if someone who has the correct screws would bother to post the size and thread count of them. If we knew that info, we could probably find them almost anywhere.

Just find a crappy toy or something and remove some small screws from it, thats what I did, worked a treat!! Hi Mr. Are you still willing to sell a couple of the extra screws for the Airport Extreme card install? I went to all of my local Mac repair joints, and none of them would give me the screws. I ended up stealing one of the two screws from the Blue Tooth card, so each card ended up being held down by only one screw. Works fine. I would make one adjustment to the instructions you provide, however: it is easier to attach the little wires to the card before it is inserted into the slot and screwed down.

I fidgeted with those tiny things for 15 minutes before unscrewing the board and attaching the wires with the board unattached. It was way easier.

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  7. I am also trying to attach a card. I have found wires, 1,2, and 3. Could someone please tell me where the post is for the Bluetooth wire 1? Also, My card came with only one screw. Do I need a screw for each wire or do they just snap on the posts? Thank you! Thanks for the instructions. They were extremely helpful and everything jumped into place easily. I figured out the following if others would like to know:. Wire 2 and wire 3 are for the airport card, the longer of the two reaching to the outside antennae slot.

    Anyway, they seem to have a liberal return policy. Good luck with your installation. My installations have ranged from half an hour to two hours following the same procedure. Sometimes, those wires are simply too difficult to snap into those tiny sockets. Thank you to the person who told me about which wires went where. Now I am waiting for my Bluetooth card, which I thought was in with the airport card.

    Could someone be so kind as to direct me to the directions on installing a Bluetooth card?

    I would really appreciate it. Gail, if you were able to install the AE card, the bluetooth module installation should be relatively easy. Remember that the newer MPs might have both modules in a different place on the motherboard unlike the photos. With an early MacPro, the modules were located towards the bottom so the memory modules assembly had to be pulled out.

    Thank you Tony, This is my first time of getting help on line. God Bless all of you with the knowledge and patients and time to help people like me. My MP is probably 5 or 6 years old. The sales person totally missed the mark by not asking me if I wanted a wireless card or bluetooth. I assumed they were automatically installed like the Macbooks. All I want to do is use a wireless keyboard!

    Thanks again, Gail retired teacher. I was constantly having to reboot it, so I just decided to go with the cards. Thanks so much for helping. I really appreciate the help, Earl Gail. Any thoughts on whether this should work? All I know is I put in the wireless card with little effort and it worked. Perhaps someone else can. I just connected wires 2 and 3 to the card before I mounted the card.

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    The small connectors connect flat. I was trying to install them straight up but they go on flat. The most difficult part was finding mounting screws. The Apple store was unwilling to help bring it in and we will charge you to install.. My daughter went to Bust Buy and the boys at the Geek Squad gave her an assortment of screws one of which worked. Further advice : if your Mac Pro has 3 wires, use wires 1 and 3 in any combination, leave 2 alone.

    Thank you for the great instructions. The pictures were very helpful. It took me about half an hour but I do this sort of thing for a living. I would like to thank you for this post. I would not be able to instal this card without your help. But the big difference is the 3 wires. In mine, the 3 wires are the same length, and only labeled 1, 2, and 3. I literally tried every combination, top and bottom, and my result is clearly that 1 and 2 are the right ones, and it seems in either order. I tried 2,3 3,2 1,3 and 3,1 also, and the results were awful.

    Low signal and transmit rates of Now with 2,1 connected, transmit rate is 54 same as my MBP sitting right next to me. I had the same problem and then I got desperate. I used the Apple Help App and it walked me through the setup for an airport connection and the card was recognized and all works just fine, try the help function, it just might work. Also, what is the verdict on which of the 3 wires are the best to use?

    A friend wanted this doing to his Power Mac 1. Bought the card quite cheaply on ebay and proceeded to install it. Fitting the card proved no problem at all — just open the case, remove the drives from bay one and two, slip the card in the slot as described in this post and use one of the bluetooth module screws to fasten it down.

    Nowhere to be seen — I even removed the CD drive chassis to see if they were tucked behind there — nope. Read in this post about the wires sometime being behind the RAM modules. Ripped them out to have a look — nope. Even took the front fan casing out just on the off chance they were sneakily hiding behind there. Basically, apart from removing the mother board to have a peek behind it, I have looked everywhere inside the case for these three wires. On Mac Pro 1,1 to 3,1 models, the 3 wires are bundled underneath the logic board and taped using a black fabric tape between the sata connectors of drive 1 and 2.

    Just look for the black fabric tape and pull it carefully off the metal. Then carefully pull the 3 attached wires out. Never use wire 2 on these models. The order is not as important, but I recommend 1 on the bottom and 3 to the top. Using wire 2 connects to a less efficient antenna there are 3 antennas in the bottom of the case underneath the gray label.

    After installing the card, make sure to push the extra wire length back underneath the logic board and affix the tape in the same place, otherwise the wires can get in-between the the sata drive and connector and you could cut the cables when pushing the drive sled back in drive 2. Hope this helps. Thanks for these directions. Due to very tight space. Kinda have to be careful and feed the card behind the Bluetooth line. This time it was on my own MacPro3,1.

    I opted for the more expensive I temporarily disabled ethernet and somehow the So when I move to my new location with business class cable and an Airport Extreme Tips: This Mac Pro had factory-installed bluetooth so when I fished out the antenna wires partially hidden behind the motherboard I was surprised to find wires 1, 2, and 3. All along I thought wire 1 was for bluetooth. Anyway, I used 2 and 3, and this time I found it easier to attach the leads first before screwing down the card onto the motherboard.

    In previous installations, I found the reverse to work better for me. Make sure you have a strongly magnetized double-aught Phillips head screwdriver. Better yet, if your hands are not rock-steady, apply a minuscule drop of Superglue between the head of the screw and driver tip.

    Once the screws are seated tight, they will release easily from the driver. Another oddity. I set up a current model mid iMac and its wireless connection was very slow until I turned off IPv6 which then normalized the connection speed. However, on this MacPro with this card, it does not seem to make a difference whether or not IPv6 is enabled. Total installation time: less than 30 minutes. My longest time in a previous installation was almost two hours, most of it just trying to connect the leads to the card. Good luck to you! Great guide. Picked up a cheap card and installed it in my Mac Pro tower following the instructions.

    Be warned however, you may not need the airport enabler. I purchased it but on install it said I had the wrong hardware. Marcus, glad it all worked out for you. Good advice about the enabler. At the time this article was written the enabler was required but Apple may have built the function into later releases of OS X. Thanks for the feedback on your results! Does anyone have any insight into a Mac Pro Airport Extreme card upgrade that might work with this older model and AirDrop in One caveat—xlr8yourmac reports this working in a MP, so if you have an older or newer model, your mileage might vary.

    I already installed another card in my MP but it does not work with AirDrop. If this one works, then I intend to get another one for my even older MP. One of the reasons that I went to Lion was for AirDrop. I look forward to hearing if your fix does the trick. There must be a way. I have Mac Pro early and they say not have any upgrade to work with airdrop. Only buy a new machine. But i see one program free do the same that airdrop but not remember the name now.

    So i go to forget airdrop now :. As I wrote previously, the report on this card was for a Mac Pro. So I just went and bought one on eBay. Ill try to post back once I install it. I see the tech specs of the card, i think this card work with airdrob because is dual band, and airdrop for work need 5 GHz dual band Card, try and then tell us. Good Luck. Hi everyone! I succeded!!! Where do you think i could get those king of screws? Regards Fab. Have anyone tried and get the airdrop to work on older mac yet?

    Please share details about your card! I know so far, all the macbookA have the same airport card, but air drop would work on some macbook, so can I say it is not all about the card? AirDrop works! Needless to say, the installation was not any easier than before but at least I was better prepared for it mentally. It took about an hour total. I have the early MacPro3,1 which did not come with an Airport card.

    The …MC does. Here is the AirDrop window,. Now at least we know that AirDrop can be enabled in the MacPro3,1 early It is not a guarantee that it will work with the older models, but this is encouraging after all the comments that AirDrop requires specific hardware other than the Airport card in order to be supported. This is good to know because I have one of those and will be my next project. I used only one of the screws and will use the other one to size it in order to find out where to get more.

    This community can sure use a bunch of those screws, no? I used the Aug 4 list of AirDrop supported cards … and started searching. Tony: please clarify. I did not say that. It was a quote I copied from another reader feedback on xlr8yourmac. Then after installing the new Atheros wi-fi card, it sounds like AirDrop now works. You had better read the article yourself, since what I pasted here was just part of their feedback. Thanks Tony my mac pro is 1. They want make us stupis to buy e new machine….

    Just so you know, in consolation, Apple never made the Airport Extreme card for the Mac Pro available as a retail product. You either had to get it as a BTO option when you purchased your Mac Pro, or you could take it back to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider and have one installed as an after-market add-on. But now that Apple has been using Broadcom products widely for their newer Macs, I would put more faith in that brand rather than Atheros. I found a web site selling those screws but the price is…almost the same price i paid the card!!!!

    No way! My card will stay without the screws! A few years back my mac pro got hit by lighting and it fried the network card on the motherboard. No way can I get those little guys to attach to the board! So question: How much force do you need to apply to get them to stay put? I disconnected the cable from the already installed Bluetooth card and reconnected it to get a feel for how it went on.

    I found that the best way was to tilt the connector slightly relative to the socket to get an edge lined up, then to flatten it out to push it on with a hefty squish from a fingernail. The other thing that helped hugely, not just with the wire connection, but also with getting the screws in, was a grabber tool — a little gizmo with three spring-loaded fingers at the end to hold things like screws and wires securely and guide them to their destination. Can anyone help me to correctly identify the other two, and which antenna goes on the airport card. Does it matter which one goes on which terminal?

    True Know-How

    Thanks, this helped a lot. I was able to get mine installed and it works great. For sure the hardest part is attaching the antenna connectors. Mine also worked using wires 1 and 3. Some have speculated that Bluetooth and WiFi antenna wires may be improperly connected or even reversed. This blogger developed a fix for this by installing new, antenna cabling and a more powerful antenna for his Mac Pro. I get a bit of lag on my BT magic mouse from time to time.. Actually my Bluetooth is behaving much better since installing the new wifi card. Maybe I had a loose antenna connection or something.

    The whole antenna mislabeling thing is really frustrating, not to mention the tags falling off after a few years. You really have to be careful and scientific about the whole process. Now I just need someone with another computer running Lion to come by for a visit and test Airdrop. I then moved wire 1 to the BT card and connected wires 2 and 3 to the Airport Extreme. My Bluetooth mouse lag problems immediately went away! I just wanted to give major kudos to this post and especially Tony for all the help. Just one point is that I did not have to download or install the airport enabler, my tower immediately recognized the card and enabled.

    Tried to get this Airport Card in its place.

    mac pro airport extreme card

    Cables 1,2 and 3 are all there. After trying to install the Ethernet connection dropped out. Have I diconnected Amy cable? What would be nice to now, is that my computer did not have any wires or card in, I managed to buy the silver bar with wires, but have know idea where it is placed in the cabinet.. Some help would be great please.. All the best from Alan. The reason why was because they were somehow pushed back under the MoBo.

    If you look at Figure 6 above, it is the best picture as far as seeing where they should be. So what I did was take a long piece of plastic and moved wires around a little bit until the three appeared. If you have the right year of tower, they should be there. Mine also did not come with screws and I had to improvise with my years of collecting computer parts.

    Did you? Hi Thank you for a very informative reply, The computer is one I brought second hand, it works very well, I added an extra 4 gig of memory, it will not take an other disk, I think the PSU needs upddateing, but I wanted wireless, I got I think the correct card, and I brought the wiring, because I could not see any wires, but I have not taken the computer apart to see if there are any hidden away, is there a way I can find out what wattage the PSU has, or do I need to start stripping the computer down..

    With a Mac Pro 2x3GHz 1. Okay guys wish me luck. Anyway…has anyone figuered out what size screws I will be needing to secure the card? These kind of things make me wonder if I made a wise choice moving over to Mac. Based on precise dimensions I took from an actual screw out of the Mac Pro, we determined the closest size would be item I also just ordered these, thank you so much for the tip. This blog is created using wordpress self hosted which pulls from gravatar. Apple Parts. Video Editing. Pro Audio. Speakers More Products Pro Video. Manufactured by: Apple. Add to Cart:. Mac Pro Intel Xeon 2.

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