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I have purchased my Mac Mini end of First thing I did was to upgrade the RAM.

Mac mini (Mid 2011) - Technical Specifications

This tool actually helps fixing the kext files, so run it any way. The resolutions I need are already listed, no need to create custom ones. Switching between these resolutions worked like charm but there was a problem. Randomly at minute intervals the screen went black for one-two seconds. This is the only issue I currently have. I just hope the problem is not there because of the Intel adapter overclock.

Nice post! I have the same machine with same mods and am wondering if it would work with a 4k monitor over DisplayPort. Did you have a chance to try it? So I assume the cable is not meant for Mac Mini. Spec: MacBook Air inch, Mid 1.

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As recommended, just give it a try. SwitchResX can be used for free for several days. Is yours a TV or dedicated computer monitor. Does this resolution look good. Great Post! Million Thanks!

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This is the first post that I have followed that has worked.. Thank you for taking the time to post detail on your process and the results. It works fine.

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My new monitor works best in xOr-something mode it says Philips p Will a newer mac mini mine is also from mid from show better picture, and be able at the xOr-something with a Thunderbolt output? I see that I need a Thunderbolt to DisplayPort cable in that case. The increased throughput from switching to Thunderbolt enabled inclusion of a Gigabit Ethernet port and a FireWire port on the display.

It was made with aluminium and glass, having a similar appearance to the current ranges of iMac and MacBook Pro unibody designs.

Is it possible to set up three monitors?

The display featured a built-in p [2] FaceTime HD camera replacing the iSight in the previous model , microphone, and stereo speaker system with subwoofer 2. An octopus cable combining Thunderbolt and MagSafe is permanently attached to the back of the display for data input and charging laptops, respectively. The Thunderbolt port allows for the possibility of daisy chaining Thunderbolt Displays from a supported Mac, or connecting other devices that have Thunderbolt ports, such as external hard drives and video capture devices.

On June 23, Apple announced through a statement that it was discontinuing the Thunderbolt Display and would no longer produce stand-alone displays, saying "There are a number of great third-party options available for Mac users. On April 5, Apple announced that it would re-enter the standalone display business in by releasing a new display with a new version of the Mac Pro. However, newer MacBook Pro have Thunderbolt 3 ports. Although these ports have the same connector as USB-C, they are compatible with the Thunderbolt protocol, and can use a Thunderbolt Display with a Thunderbolt 3-to-2 adapter.

In April , Apple confirmed that a new generation of Apple-branded displays will be released after alongside with the next generation of the Mac Pro.

Apple Thunderbolt Display - Wikipedia

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Mac mini (mid 2011) Dual Monitor on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, running Windows XP simultaneously