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A PC that's capable of professional video editing won't be cheap, but we've rounded up the very best video editing computers for a range of budgets — plus, our built-in price comparison tool will scour the internet to ensure you get the best deals on these impressive PCs. The Apple iMac Pro is one of the most powerful PCs that Apple has ever made, and it's easily the best video editing computer money can buy right now.

Video Editing Hardware Requirements

Speaking of money, you'll need quite a bit of it, as this is a very expensive machine. However, for the price you get sublime build quality, plus some of the most cutting-edge components on the market today. The Intel Xeon processor and AMD Verga 64 graphics card will make editing videos fast and smooth, and there's enough horsepower here to be able to preview your edits on the fly.

Apple's software is also incredibly popular with creatives and video editors, as it's fast and reliable. Packed with a Kaby Lake mobile processor and Nvidia Pascal graphics, the Surface Studio 2 is a lot more powerful than the original, and is a brilliantly-capable video editing computer.

The 5 Best Macs For Video Editing

It features a stunning PixelSense display with Surface Pen support, which gives you a whole new way to interact and edit your video. It runs Windows 10, so software support is fantastic, and the 2TB SSD lets you store plenty of video footage in a speedly solid-state drive. The Corsair One Pro i is one of the most powerful PCs out there, which makes it one of the best video editing computers you can buy in It's also got an amazingly compact design that means it can easily sit on or under a desk.

It's very expensive, though. What makes it an ideal video editing PC is that you can add an external graphics card to the Mac mini for added graphical prowess. And, you can create HDR content. Apple offers a free trial so you can see if this one is up your alley before you dive all the way in. If you really just want to get started editing videos on your Mac, or even on your iPhone or iPad, then the easiest way is to get Apple iMovie.

Your phone is powerful, but it’s not a Mac

It even includes video filters and some special effects, including picture-in-picture. The latest version of Apple iMovie keeps up with the trends in video, supporting 4K video editing.

NEW 2019 MacBook Pros - What Video editors need to know!

So, all that 4K video you capture on your iPhone can be turned into a movie in iMovie. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a constantly evolving video editing software, as Adobe rolls out updates over time. That subscription gives you access to Premiere Pro for editing all sorts of video, from 3D and even 8K.

Using Apple Computers for Video Production | B&H Explora

Adobe Premiere Elements is almost exactly what it sounds like. Plus, the software is available on both Mac and PC.

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It will also let you add in some fun little effects to spice up your video. And, in keeping with the times, it supports 4K video. Shotcut is highly versatile free video editing software available on Mac and PC.

Shotcut is a multi-track editing software like any other serious software, and you can readily rearrange the workspace to suit your editing needs. Shotcut supports a wide variety of file types for both input and output, including 4K video.

Our Top Picks

Plus, you can edit audio, color, and lighting effects in Shotcut. And, if you want a readily portable option, Shotcut is it, since you can run it directly off an external storage drive. Lightworks blends the offerings of a free editing software with a paid one. Whether or not you need the free or paid versions is a question you can answer for yourself later on though, as either will let you import a wide range of file formats, easily edit together multiple files, manage your audio, add titles, and tweak your visuals. But, if you try out Lightworks, like how it works, and want to stick with it as your video editor of choice, you can upgrade to the Pro software and start putting out high-quality video.

For the most part, DaVinci Resolve 15 is going to give you plenty of functionality to take your footage, organize it with data to help you find what you need, and edit it all together. If you want a video editing software you can get serious with, then DaVinci Resolve 15 fits the bill. Plus, you have the option of adding webcam footage on top of the screen-captured video. Beyond screen-capture, Camtasia also gives you multi-track timeline editing and tools for transitions, animations, audio and video effects, and annotations.