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I tried copying it over manually, but NX2 won't accept my valid product key. I guess the server that was validating the keys is long gone. I think I'm kinda screwed. Not certain how that exactly works but you can boot from it, I've read. Then you might be able to use the Migration Assistant that way. I've just used Migration Assistant to copy it and all the other Applications from an iMac with Sierra to MBP with High Sierra - all seems to work fine, just gotta get used to a smaller screen.

I recall a post a long time ago about why it wouldn't work and it wasn't related to product keys but a small file that some folk found a way to bypass. I never tried it and bought LR. Never really got on with it so good to have NX2 back. The new Photos for High Sierra has a wider range of tools now but mine keeps crashing on High Sierra for no apparent reason but this seems to be a rare problem. I finally got this done. Suhas, you rock.

Nikon Capture NX2 clean install on El Cap… - Apple Community

In case this helps others, I've gone through this problem and here's how I resolved it: 1. Made a Mavericks boot drive with an external drive support. Restarted from my internal High Sierra drive and used Migration Assistant to move the app to my internal drive. All was well with the world, for now. Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home. Sign Up Explore. This problem has been reported under other versions of windows such as Windows 7, etc. Why don't I upgrade to a later versions of Windows?

I probably should but my current PC is older and wouldn't run any better under later version of Windows. I probably need to upgrade the entire PC with more memory and Windows When running x64 versions of Wndows really requires additional memory as the min memory requirements go up between x86 and x64 versions.

I rarely have any problems running 32 and 64 bit application under Vista x It does ok, when I have time and extra cash I'll upgrade to a PC with more recent hardware architecture, better cpu, graphics and more memory, most likely running Windows Windows 8. Find me a fix the OP's issue by using your suggestion. Oh, wait Maybe, but most seem to run ViewNX 2 just fine under And before I moved to 10, I was using it under Windows 8.

How to Uninstall Capture NX2 2.4.7 Application/Software on Your Mac

As I've shown in my screenshot it's not only installed and I've never had an issue installing it but it also works just fine. Bottom line is there is no compatibility issue per se where ViewNX2 and the latest version of Windows is concerned. No doubt you have an issue, but it's not a compatibility issue. That said, why your issue is the answer were looking for. One possibility is that the latest version of ViewNX 2 may not actually be supported under Vista.

Seen that a few times with software that previously worked under an OS than stopped with the latest version. If you were using a trial version of Capture NX-D and that trial period ran out, you could be facing an issue where subsequent trial versions won't install. Companies use various methods to make sure their trial versions aren't continuously used. Don't presume to know what I'm going to say. And I would have checked this anyway. As that's what the latest version of View NX2 requires.

That's your decision. However, be aware Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft , so if you choose the stick with the OS, expect to run into issues. Yeah, been building PC's since with my latest build mid last year. Been running Windows since Windows Anyway do you have service pack 2 installed under Vista? You also didn't answer my question as to which version of the Nikon software you're installing - 32 or bit???

Yes that's a thread I started but wasn't getting any responses so I started another thread. There is no "trial version" of Capture NX-D. It's free. Perhaps you're thinking of Capture NX 2? It's not free and there is a trial version. I wasn't trying to offend anyone here. Whenever I post that I'm running Windows version Vista SP2 nearly percent of the time users recommend in order to resolve matters that I should upgrade to a later version of Windows.

I currently have two older rugged laptops and two older Thinkcentres I'm using. I completely removed all of the previously installed Nikon software including any trial versions is one of the reason why I installed NX-D as it's freeware. The last time I ran into an issue running a program under Vista i. When I emailed their tech support they replied it's a known problem and that they recently created a fix which I downloaded and installed to resolved the problem.

Vista doesn't have much support any longer. Some developers support vista with separate programming. The problem is partially with software development, the programming languages and compilers. When developers upgrade adding new features to applications it becomes more difficult to code these new features and at the same time support Vista.

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So many companies that write software don't invest in Vista compatibility mainly because Vista world market share is less than one percent. There are niches that still support XP as it's lighter and doesn't require alot of memory with a fast cpu to run. These niches the software development still supports XP and at the same time Vista which is usually because many of their users are still using XP. The software usually relates to hardware, so these companies continue to support XP and Vista as many of the customers don't require a huge mutlti-tasking OS to run a few programs.

OSs such as e. XP and LInux are still popular as it's system requirement are lower, these and similar OS's can be installed on many different smaller and more mobile hardware devices that don't have alot of memory, faster cpu, better video, etc. Windows 7 - Here are a couple of links to people having problems installing Nikon software that produced the "" popup box message. However for some reason Capture NX-D stopped running. Upon execution would do nothing.

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The software functions as a native bit application under bit operating systems. Note: Pre-installed versions only. Nikon most likely still has some Vista Support as they sell products to large companies and individuals with PCs and servers that may be sill running Vista. Most companies have by now have upgraded and the Vista machines have been recycled or placed in a dumpsters.

Vista even with 4 gigs memory can become slow it's still a viable OS. I use it everyday to download e-mails, surf the web and watch online videos from e. Youtube, Netflix and Vudu. However I will eventually upgrade, just not today. Not really alot when compared to back in the s. I spent at least a grand on SLR film photography. Recently used an online inflation calculator inputing a grand equals more that 6k in dollars. Thanks, Pawl, for your explanation!

Yes, we've all been seeing far too many mistakes and problems with recent software releases lately, and this is definitely a major concern for users of both iOS and MacOS software. Just tried it, but it fails. I am now running High Sierra Probably a 32 vs 64 bit issue. Dayo Subscribing Member. Joined May 1, Messages 2, Looking further, it appears that the hack described by tony-b may have perhaps worked for OS X Basically, some folders were it was previously allowed to write to have been closed off So the error message screenshot you have seen is actually thrown by the OS itself and that installer would need to be rewritten to avoid these.

Capture nx 2 for mac

As the files are presumably placed in locations the program looks to read from and possibly write to, the program itself would therefore need to be updated to change such paths. Not a big deal really but as Nikon has abandoned development, I am afraid it will not be possible to install even when Version 70 is released. Updating an existing installation is not affected.

So basically, OS X Another hack that should work on That file is no longer editable in OS X It is apparently possible to disable the restrictions on the System Integrity Protection Locations but probably not a good idea. Growltiger Administrator Administrator. It was said that it was for same sort of reason that there was never a Windows 9. Some third party installers matched just the one digit 9 to Win 95 or By jumping to 10 the bug caused by poor application programming was avoided. You must log in or register to reply here.