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When you send and receive Gmail messages through a browser via that URL , you don't need to worry about email server settings or downloading anything. It works in Safari and other web browsers you might use.

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Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Select Google in the Choose a Mail account provider If you're using Mail 7, the steps are a bit different. Go to the Accounts tab. Enter your Gmail password when asked to. Download it here. Spark is our favorite third-party email client for the Mac because it has a great combination of powerful features and a clean, well-designed user interface.

Mac OSX Mail - eMail Account einrichten

Everywhere you look in Spark, there are features focused on making email better. This shows you the real emails from real people first so you can respond to the things that are important and save the rest for later. Another unique feature in Spark is Quick Replies , which allows you to send short, templated responses.

How Do I Set Up My Exchange Email Account With Mac Mail?

One of the things that Apple Mail gets right is the support for smart mailboxes. Fortunately, Spark has support for smart mailboxes but they are even easier to create thanks to the built-in smart search feature. Smart search appears all over the place in Spark, and functions a lot like Spotlight for your email client. All you have to do is start typing and Spark instantly shows you the available options. Spark also has a built-in calendar view, which can be useful when replying to a message requesting a call or meeting at a specific time. Spark does it a little bit differently.

If you use something like Google or iCloud and then create calendar events in Spark, they will instantly show up on all your calendars in all your apps like Fantastical or BusyCal. There are some obvious limitations with this based on your account and service type.

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In addition to Google and iCloud, Spark supports quite a few different email account types, including:. Spark also integrates directly with other productivity apps like Things , OmniFocus , and Bear , just to name a few. While the integrations provide much of the standard functionality available in other third-party email apps like adding a due date for a task or choosing a notebook for reference material , the export window is customized to match the style of the service you are using.

You can add personal info before you export, and some services allow you additional options like just copying the link to the message or exporting the message as a PDF. There are tons of other features that make Spark a great choice as your personal email client.

But Spark also includes features that make it a great solution as a team-based email tool. But sometimes it can be handy to have a conversation about an email, like when sending a proposal to a potential customer, and Spark allows you to do this from within the email client itself.

Spark keeps all comments private, allowing your teammates to chime in before sending so you can create a better response. You can also attach files to your comments so that all related client documents are kept together. You can even create a secure weblink from any message that can be accessed via a web browser, which is a great way to integrate Spark with other web-based tools like a CRM. Spark also has an interesting pricing model built on its unique team-based collaborative features.

The free version even allows you to get started with the team features, giving you up to 5GB of team file storage, 2 active collaborators perfect if you work with an assistant , and up to 5 email templates. You can upgrade to the Premium plan for a larger team, which includes 10GB per team member of file storage, unlimited collaborators, unlimited email templates, and even advanced link sharing options.

Everything about Airmail is well-polished from a design perspective, and it just looks and feels like a native Mac application. The compose window in Airmail actually allows you to compose in Markdown or HTML by opening up a side-by-side interface where you type on the left and your formatted text is displayed on the right. Selecting one of these options will apply an identifier similar to a tag to the message and move it to the appropriate container inside of Airmail.

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A To Do is just like it sounds something you need to do or take action on. For example, if your boss asked you to send an updated report, or your spouse emailed you to pick up something from the store on your way home, you might classify that as a To Do. Creating a calendar event or a task with a link to the original email message is easy: just right-click control-click or two-finger tap on the email, select Send To , and then select the application to which you want to send the email link. Airmail integrates with quite a few applications and includes a Plugin Framework API that developers can use to integrate their apps with Airmail.

Outlook 2016 Mac Configuration

For Gmail users, Airmail supports Gmail keyboard shortcuts as well, and while the complete list is not supported, a surprising number of them are. Airmail is great, but there are a couple of things that keep us from naming Airmail as our favorite third-party email client. One minor complaint we have with Airmail is the way that it handles your IMAP folders — it actually creates a few nested folders inside of an Airmail folder that it uses to handle email-based tasks.

There were no answers or outcomes. My email works fine on the Exchange website, however, I need the Apple Mail and Exchange synch to work. What happened?

Mac mail googlemail exchange einrichten | arboahand

Any suggestions of what to do? Thanks, Scott. Jan 13, Then enter your email address. Select Mail Preferences from the menu in Mail. Go to the Accounts tab. Click plus sign under the accounts list.