Mac erkennt usb nicht mehr


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  2. Camera not connecting or disconnects
  3. MacOS Sierra does not find USB connection to FTDI
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I am not sure if my Arduino is genuine or cheap chinese knockoff.

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I got it off from Amazon as a part of IOT starter kit. It worked properly in the beginning and as I mentioned I did some projects on it. Unless you went through the rigmarole of installing the CGG drivers and you'd remember doing that, trust me then it's probably like a genuine Arduino with an ATMega16U2 chip as the USB interface - however, is it actually genuine? Only a picture of the board could tell us that there's telltale signs you can see if you know what you're looking for. If it's not genuine then it could be that the USB interface chip is dead it may be a cloned chip or a factory reject.

Found this on youtube: youtube. That's for cheap chinese clones only - CHG. Post a picture of your board please. This cannot be an answer to the question asked, as the Uno does not have a CH Either the question or the answer is incorrect. I did what I could to find a solution to my problem and it worked.

If you are so enlightened in this matter then please feel free to give a "correct" solution to my problem or "correct" the questions. I downloaded and installed the driver from the said github repo and then after reboot, it worked! Thanks for offering this solution. Hi, You have to install CoolTerm for mac.

Drucker- und Scannertreiber für den Mac

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Camera not connecting or disconnects

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MacOS Sierra does not find USB connection to FTDI

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