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I don't really feel like reformatting it, that would completely defeat the purpose to me.

If I'm going to have to back up that entire drive somewhere else, I might as well just have to purchase another one and have 2 of them, one for the Mac and one for the Windows machine. They make it almost impossible to get through to their customer service, and if you do manage to get through to someone, they don't bother to read anything that you write in your trouble ticket.

You have to pay to be able to resolve anything to speak with someone on the phone.

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They do offer to attempt to solve it with you over e-mail, but it would be a very tedious process and the e-mail response team isn't capable of anything beyond a level One support. View SchizTech's answer. SchizTech Distinguished. Jan 16, 0 19, SchizTech :. A computer Mac or Windows won't format a blank drive or reformat an already formatted drive without first prompting the user unless there's some data-destroying malware at work or something. To verify the filesystem, plug it into the Mac and control-click on the drive's desktop icon, and select "get info.

How it Works

All it will do is install support for Windows to understand a Mac formatted drive. An ExFat drive out of the box would fulfill Seagate's promise though if that drive were ExFat it should be understood by the Windows systems. You must log in or register to reply here. Shows up in disk management. I have a Seagate external hard drive. I never had a problem using this until now. Similar threads My computer is not detecting my Seagate backup plus desktop drive.

I connected it to my laptop and it says Failing Hard Drive?

Paragon Driver | Seagate Support US

Post thread. Started by Misha Jul 24, Replies: 4. Android Tablets. Laptop Tech Support. Set-Top Boxes. Apps General Discussion. Smart Home. Moderators online. Our Story. Seagate Champions. Software Downloads. Dashboard Support. Yes No How could we make this article more helpful? Cancel Submit. Getting Started. Knowledge Base. Get Support Now Speak with a Seagate expert by phone or email. Seagate Dashboard for Windows This software allows the user to perform backups, adjust drive settings, and share upload content to social media sites. Seagate Dashboard for Mac OS This software allows the user to run diagnostics and adjust drive settings, like turning off drive lights.

How to fix Seagate external hard drive not showing up in Windows 10

Documentation User Manual. Similarly, it can be used on PCs and Macs provided that computer meets the requirements:. To use Seagate Toolkit, you need to open your Seagate Backup Plus drive, download and install this Seagate backup plus software. Then, you can use it to automatically back up non-system files and folders including personal files, documents, music, pictures, video, etc. For more information about this backup software, you can read the official introduce on Seagate Toolkit. Besides, the operations are not easy-to-use enough; even many backup issues appear especially Seagate Dashboard.

Moreover, you can only use them to back up your data to a Seagate Backup Plus drive.

Paragon Driver for macOS (10.10 and above)

What if you want to back up Windows or disk data to a hard drive, not limited to Seagate Backup Plus drive? In the following section, you can know the solution: use MiniTool ShadowMaker, a third-party backup software for PC backup. As a free backup software designed by MiniTool, it is worth recommending. It can be a powerful alternative and supplement to Seagate Dashboard and Seagate Toolkit since it offers you more and flexible backup choices to back up your Seagate external hard drive, including:.

With these powerful features, you can back up and restore your PC in a breeze.

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex - Using BOTH a PC and a Mac Tutorial

So, take this program for a try by clicking the download button below. Free Download. As mentioned above, Seagate Toolkit and Seagate Dashboard support automatic file backup. Additionally, you can use MiniTool ShadowMaker to achieve your aim. So, how can you back up files automatically?

How to format your hard drive

Here is the guide. In addition to file backup, you may want to back up your Windows operating system since system might crash commonly because of virus, mistaken operation, disk failure, power outage, etc. To ensure the PC can run as usual, a system image is useful to revert your system to a previous state. Here, MiniTool ShadowMaker is a supplement.

How to fix Seagate external hard drive not showing up issue in Windows 10

Then, decide a destination to save the system image. Other than the above features, MiniTool ShadowMaker gives you a powerful feature to back up your entire hard drive — Clone Disk. This can help you to transfer all the content of the source disk to another hard drive for disk backup. Step 2: Enter the Tools page, click Clone Disk to go on disk cloning.

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