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Today, I would like to introduce a new way to play your Blu-ray on Macbook.

Suggestion for DVD or BLU-RAY drive

It is such a reliable software which can port DTS5. After confirming your hardware matches the requirements above, simple install Macbook Blu-ray Player and insert your disc in the drive, and this program will play automatically.

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This Macbook Air Blu-ray player can meet your satisfaction with personal choice and playing Blu-ray Discs without interrupting playback. There are advanced controls for tweaking the viewing and sound of videos so you can get the best movie-going experience.

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When you have everything ready, it's time to play Blu-ray in Mac. You just insert the BD disc into the drive, and launch the program, click the "Open Disc" option on the interface to load Blu-ray movie, and you're good to go. During the playback of Blu-ray, you're able to change playing settings, including the audio track and subtitles of the movie, audio channel, track of video and aspect ratio.

#128 Apple Mac Pro (Early 2008) DVD to SATA Blu Ray Drive Upgrade

Ripping a Blu-ray and save its content to digital movie files could take you some time, but you will get more flexibly when handle the result files—you can watch them on your computer, streaming to a TV, or import them into iTunes and sync with iPad for viewing on the go. Blu-ray Converter is what we will use in this article.


It's also can be used as a solid video converter program, letting you convert videos from one format to another easily. Other useful features included in Blu-ray Converter is its preset profiles and editing suites.

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  • The preset profiles let you rip the Blu-ray, DVD or video to play on a device of your choice without knowing what format and settings you need to configure to fit on it perfectly; the editing suites give you a list of tools to do editing on the video to get the result file you like. Then lauch the program. Step 3: Insert the Blu-ray disc into the drive, The Mac Blu-ray Player software will automatically load the disc information.

    Turn your Mac into the ultimate Blu-ray player | Macworld

    Requirement 1. An external Blu-ray drive 2. Blu-ray Converter app for Mac. After loading, you can select Subtitles and Audio tracks for each title, click the play button on the thumbnail to preview source files.

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