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  1. See, that’s what the app is perfect for.
  2. a man of wealth and taste, do you know of any OFF downloads for mac?
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How about these old horror RPGs that are just as amazing and need a fandom revive. Originally posted by sarahchandesu. Originally posted by miklasx.

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Originally posted by cheshs. Monday the 1st - Your favorite Batter moment! Whatever line or action stuck with you the most! Draw your favorite spectre or ghoul. Monday the 8th - Zacharie time! Draw your favorite moment from Zach. Tuesday the 9th - There are a ton of headcanons for Zacharie! Draw him with a different bodytype or clothing headcanon than you usually do! Challenge yourself! Bonus points for all four together! Friday the 26th - Time for some fangame love!

Draw your favorite character from an OFF fangame! Fangames, OCs, and self-inserts are fair game too! The pure zones would be unaffected by this change. As such, players can still grind all the way to level 50 on secretaries if they wish to do so. Check out the poll on the link below:.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It contains some minor fixes. Well, this is simply because everyone on the project was busy. So there was no news. So this is really a news-post about the potential of actual future news-posts. The real reason for this post is to let your all know we are still alive and working on the vocal dub.

a man of wealth and taste, do you know of any OFF downloads for mac?

Posts Archive. EDIT: A replacement has been found. Thanks to everyone who auditioned! Not as big as Alma, but still neat. Pentel: Shachihata:.

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Helianthus-Sorceress 9. Helianthus-Sorceress Chisai-Yokai Reserve your turn in my list by Sending me a note telling me that you want a commission. Wait until I send you a message telling you it is your turn on the list. So long story short, I got sick of tracking HP the traditional way - in a journal. The alternative was setting up a google sheet instead, but as an HP counter, I know what a pain link-only journals could be for the HP counters.

Whats a lazy Paws to do? Why, get her sister Kaykao to code something to make her life easier. I'm releasing the generator to the public, so if you guys wanna make your HP life a bit easier, and still have beautiful dA journals that the HP counters will love you for, you can :3 Oh, and dA will never be able to eat your thumbs again.


This is NOT an official tokotas group feature. This is something I'm personally providing to the community with permission from my lovely code slave Kaykao. We can't guarantee that it will work perfectly for you. There may be bugs - you can report them in the comments or on the generator site. That being said,. It is still legit, yet does not contain all of genes and mutations. Though it is very useful if you wish to get the overall feeling and understanding of shedu coat colour genetics and principles. I do not give out WIPS.

You can ask for a refund at any time unless work is started. Auctions are nonrefundable. You can resell any design I create for any amount you wish! No strings attached! Not currently featured in any groups. Show all 0.

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Submitted on March 9, Submitted with Sta. Views 7, Favourites 3 who? As far as content warnings go, I'd say that the majority of these games don't have any super adult material, like nudity or ext. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Add Media. Style Skin:. Upload Files.