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  1. TI-84 Calculator: Downloading Programs
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  3. How to Download and Install Applications for the TI Plus - dummies

Find the group file on your system and the software will extract any program files and other data from inside.

TI-84 Calculator: Downloading Programs

TIG files are a relatively new group format that replaces the original calculator-specific group files. TIG files are actually normal. ZIP files containing regular calculator data files. If your linking software doesn't handle.

App & OS Download Instructions

TIG, you can try unzipping a. TIG file using a standard unzipping utility and then transferring the resulting files individually.

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Once you've downloaded a file and unzipped it if necessary , you'll have one or more of these files, which you will send to your calculator. Use your favorite linking software to transfer all of the necessary files to your calculator, then read below for help running your new programs. After these programs are sent to your calculator, running them is as easy as accessing them from the PRGM menu or typing the program's name in the home screen. If you downloaded a program from an "asm" folder in our file archives, you downloaded what's called an assembly program. Unlike BASIC programs, which can be typed directly into the calculator, assembly programs are normally written on a computer and are more difficult to program, but run much faster on the calculator.

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These calculators have built-in assembly ability; that is, the calculator was made with running assembly programs in mind. Since these calculators weren't intended to support assembly programs, it's only possible by using a loophole which allows you to run the shell program, which in turn presents a menu to allow you to run other assembly programs on your calculator. Determine which shell your program requires, then download and send it to your calculator first before you can use other assembly programs.

You can find these shells in our file archives. Virtual TI was one of the first emulators for TI calculators. Wabbitemu is currently the best free Z80 emulator, for both Windows and Mac users.

Easy TI 84 Plus Operating System Upgrade

To use an emulator, a ROM image is needed. It is a "snapshot" of the current state of a calculator. Wabbitemu can generate its own image, however, a ROM image can be obtained from any calculator using one of these methods. The main advantage of using an emulator is that, while it may be convenient to write a program and test it on the fly on an actual calculator, it is faster to type-up code on a computer to test with an emulator.

An added advantage is the ability to include lower case letters on TI Plus calculators, though not on regular TI calculators. It allows the user to program as they would on a calculator, with built-in menus and functions. The drawback, however, is that TI Edit cannot run code.

How to Download and Install Applications for the TI Plus - dummies

It can, however, save the code as a file that can be transferred to a calculator. The better thing to do is to use an emulator to test the programs you write before you transfer them onto a calculator. Remember to always backup your calculator before the transfer, because there is a small chance that the program will crash the operating system.

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