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Microsoft removed the official Windows Phone app for the Mac a while back.

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The Windows Phone app for the Mac worked fine until the release of El Capitan, and then issues arose. Luckily a kind and talented guy on the Microsoft forums named TomW80 created a fix. Thankfully, TomW80 has come up wonders once again after reporting the issue to him.

Can you still use Windows phone in 2019? 8 year Android user switched to a Microsoft Windows phone?

A few days later, and he has come up with a fix. The Sierra patch requires you to have a copy of the Windows Phone app that has already had the El Capitan patch applied. This is a little more complicated than the last patch.

Windows Phone

However, the instructions are fairly easy to follow — requiring a terminal window and copying and pasting. I tried it with a Nokia Lumia handset running Windows 8. I was able to once again sync music to it. The instructions should work for all Windows 7, 8, and 10 handsets.

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If it works for you, please consider donating to TomW80 via PayPal. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. If you use a Mac and run one of the newest Lumias, the or XL, or if you've updated one of your Insiders Preview devices to the latest OS, build 63, you may have been annoyed to see that Microsoft's 'Windows Phone' utility in the Mac App Store no longer connects through to the phone.

So no music or media syncing, no browsing the phone's contents from a Mac.

How to develop for Windows Phone 8 on your Mac – Interoperability @ Microsoft

So, with thanks to him, I've broken it all down into a tutorial below. Here's how to get Windows 10 Mobile and Macs talking again!

  1. How to: Use Microsoft's Windows Phone Mac sync app with Windows 10 Mobile.
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  6. In the meantime, I've archived the application and its contents here - comments welcome below on whether this works? Here's the issue then - hook up a device with the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS and you're left at the 'Connect your phone' page, the Mac just doesn't see the device anymore:.

    Notepad is coming to the Microsoft Store

    The secret to getting Macs to recognise the new devices and upgraded old devices is to replace the USB connection library files for this application. Head into Finder and Applications and then find 'Windows Phone', down at the bottom of the alphabetical list. You'll be asked to provided a password, since you're changing files in a system folder, so authenticate in the usual way e.