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  2. How to save an image on a Mac in 3 different ways - Business Insider
  3. How to Save Photos from Messages in Mac OS X Quickly with Drag & Drop

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At the top of your News Feed, click "Photo Album" to upload to a new album. Select the photo files form your Mac you want to add to Facebook. You can also: tag friends, share what you're feeling or doing, or add a location 4. Click "Post" To add more photos to an existing album: 1. Go to the album you want to add photos to. Click "Add Photos" in the top right. Pick the image files from your Mac that you want to upload. Hold down the Command key on your Mac while clicking the image files to upload multiple files at once.

Check the blue progress bar and click "Post Photos" once it's complete. Hope this helps, Arie. The trouble is, the file system on a Mac is different as it stores photos in a package. What would be helpful is a guide on the best way to get pictures from the package, i.

Use Screen Capture Software to Copy the PIcture

This is the problem "2. How helpful was this answer? Ad Choices. Tech News Entertainment. Internet Productivity. Your Mac has in-built tools for these tasks and more! Read More you may encounter. Here are the best shortcuts, tips, and apps for macOS screenshots. You can use the now-defunct iPhoto, its replacement Photos, or the jack-of-all-trades Preview document and image viewer. You have to print the last page, sign it, scan it, and email it back — surely MakeUseOf, there must be a better way?

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How to save an image on a Mac in 3 different ways - Business Insider

For that reason, Preview is probably the best choice when it comes to quick resizing jobs for images other than those in your Photos or iPhoto libraries. Apple replaced iPhoto with their new Photos app in April In order to resize an image with iPhoto, that image will need to be in your iPhoto library.

Photos is an iPhoto replacement that more closely resembles the iOS app of the same name. One thing is for sure: if you're Read More or import your own custom filters. Images from the web or other sources will need to be dragged into the Photos window or onto its dock icon first. Here's how. Do you still use a heavyweight like Photoshop to do your resizing, or is Preview good enough for you? Maybe you use a slick Automator script to resize your images? Let us know what you prefer in the comments below! Your email address will not be published.

They are the full 12 Megapixel size in iPhoto but whenever I copy the photos from iPhotos to a folder in Finder, or copy to an email, they reduce in size! It is so damn irritating that I can't simply send the original file.

Saving Single Pictures From Facebook

This article was so helpful. I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to resize my image. Thank you for writing such clear, informative instructions for non techies like myself! NONE of the options below are in Photos v1. The Export allows no change of the image in Photos. Choose Custom to specify a maximum Width or Height, or choose Dimension to limit both width and height to the number you provide. Photos is currently on version 2.

  1. How to save an image on your Mac computer in 3 different ways.
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  3. How to Save a Photo From Facebook on a Mac | Your Business;
  4. That is why I always prefer to do the things with a Photoshop instead of any other program. All other softwares are not good as Photoshop and for me personally it is the most simple solution.

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    Do not complicate your life with useless things like photo resizing Does anybody have a solution for that. There are many times I get just a frustrated as you about why certain features or processes are missing in Apple software, or any software for that matter. I apologize for not seeing that. Could suggest a better way that it could be done? This is a real question, not a defense of Apple. No resize tool available for Apple's iPhoto?

    And it costs money? This really shows that Macheads are just a bunch of cult-mmbers under The Church of Jobs. And they will now come and defend their precious program, saying it can resize, and how could I not have read the article, just the headline. I DID read the article. There's two ways this article describes as ways of paying if you didn't spend some extra money already when you bought your Mac to resize your pictures: Email them, or export them. Preferrably to a different format it seems. And don't start me on that geek-only OS Linux. I can't tell how many times I've met limitations on image size online.

    How to Save Photos from Messages in Mac OS X Quickly with Drag & Drop

    If I had had a Mac, I wouldn't have been able to post those pictures. Macheads again: "But you can just email them to yourself or export them! But I also have more than 20 years experience with computers, and I know that if you're looking for a tool, it's not always obvious, and the menus aren't there ONLY for the professionals. But, take my family: Mom needed practically a two-day course in using Picasa.

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