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So how fast is it? You can turn it on anyway no problems. Read this article for more information.

Read this post for info on how to get around this. Also here is another very good article on this. You can use your old Internal Drive as a backup drive.

Seriously fast boot-up and excellent system responsiveness compared to the 1TB internal hard drive. No need to pull the Mac apart to upgrade the boot drive just leave the internal spinning disk in place as your data drive, it works fine as an APFS volume, provided its not the system disk. Installing an internal SSD may give you optimal performance but using an external USB boot SSD still gives a much more responsive system than the old hard drive, for minimal upgrade difficulty and minimal cost.

However, during the night the Mac reboots and establishes the Mac HD as the default start-up….. How do I remedy this issue?

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Follow-up to my prior comment. I received the following error message: The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. We were going to replace it , but this solution made it work like a new machine…much faster overall. Today, high-capacity SSDs are more affordable than ever. A Mac that once took over a minute to boot can now start working in seconds; Macs built with SSDs can awaken from sleep instantly. Despite superior performance, high prices led Apple to slowly stagger solid state drive adoption across individual Mac product lines.

Nine years later, dramatically faster and smaller SSDs with the same capacities can be had for less than a tenth of those prices, so every current Mac either has an SSD by default or as an option. Running cooler, quieter, and with superior energy efficiency than traditional hard drives, SSDs have fewer failures, and reputable manufacturers tend to warranty them for longer than their predecessors.

Not all SSDs are equivalent in reliability and performance, but ones from top-tier chip companies are pretty incredible. Good news first: most older Macs and even some current Macs can be easily user-upgraded to include SSDs. Hard drive replacement is generally the best option. Bad news: the newer the Mac, the greater the likelihood that actually installing the drive yourself will be tricky.

I strongly recommend updating your Mac to the latest non-beta version of macOS it can run before beginning the backup process. Then restore directly from your Time Machine backup. BUT, if I set it into target disk mode, I can use the hard drive in the mini as the boot disk for my laptop. Anyone know where I can get the mac mini disk image or special files that the mini needs to boot?

mac mini - Should I install firmware for Samsung SSD EVO? - Ask Different

There is a known issue with the SATA cable you should first check it out see above note by me. Also, did you set the SSD as the boot volume as you have both setup with system files.

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Machistmo lumache. This is no small task and took me about an hour to complete fully. I would say that all you need is the MB removal tool and a T6 and T8 and T8 Security , though I think it is important that your tools be long bladed as a couple of times you are removing screws at an angle.

Keep the SSDs you add to your Mac in top shape

The improvement is awesome and I use the EVO as the time machine drive. Help Translate iFixit.

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Back Answers Index. Mac mini Late Released on October 23, It could see the SSD I had imaged on my mac book pro, but when using boot manager, it wouldn't let me boot from it, or a USB OSX Mountain Lion install disk tested on the previously mentioned mac book pro Just wondering if anyone had successfully managed this before I go and start throwing my toys about View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 2. I'm unable to transfer any file greater than few hundred MB.

Warranty up? Chosen Solution. Chris Hames Rep: 55 2. Good luck! Was this answer helpful? Then it was my specific Mac Mini Once the replacement arrives, I'll try it again.. Dan danj Rep: Sean Rep: 43 2. Score 1. After some research, it turns out that it's necessary to either:- 1. Image the old drive onto the new; or 2.

Use Internet recovery to image the new drive this is the option I used Once the image is on the disk, Mac Mini flies I got the drive and the converter from ebay. Fixed link