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By default, the Photoshop Defaults set is selected, which means we'll be making changes to the list of shortcuts that are automatically included with Photoshop, and in most cases, this is what we want:.

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Photoshop gives us three different types, or categories, of keyboard shortcuts that we can create. We can create shortcuts for Application Menus , which are all the different menu options we find up in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, Palette Menus , which are the options we find in the menus of the various palettes, and Tools , which are the tools we find in Photoshop's Tools palette, like the Lasso Tool, Rectangular Marquee Tool, Pen Tool, and so on.

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  4. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tools palette with keyboard shortcuts.
  5. We can add, change or delete keyboard shortcuts for any of these things, and we choose between these three shortcut categories from the drop-down list directly below the "Set" option we looked at a moment ago. By default, the Application Menus category is selected for us, and since we want to add keyboard shortcuts to a couple of filters, which we find under the Filter menu in the Menu Bar, this is exactly the category we want:. Once you've chosen your shortcut category, scroll through the list of available commands, options or tools in the center part of the dialog box until you come to the one you want, then click on it to select it.

    In my case, I want to add a shortcut for the Gaussian Blur filter, which is found under the Filter menu, so I'll first select the list of filters either by double-clicking on the word Filter or by clicking on the small triangle to the left of the word, which twirls open the list.

    My top 5 favorite Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys)

    I'll click on it to select it, which highlights the option in blue and displays a small input box for me in the Shortcut column:. With the Gaussian Blur filter selected in the list, I can simply type in the keyboard shortcut I want to use to access it. Now, one of the problems you'll undoubtedly run into when customizing your own shortcuts in Photoshop is that Adobe has already used up many of the key combinations you'll want to use. Photoshop is, after all, a huge program and there's only so many keys on your keyboard.

    If we look below the scroll window though, we can see that Photoshop is warning me about something. At this point, I have a couple of options.

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 Default Keyboard Shortcuts

    If I use the Fill command often enough that I want to keep its shortcut, I can simply type in a different shortcut and see if its available. Or, if I don't use the Fill command on a regular basis and don't mind handing its shortcut over to something I use much more frequently, I can simply accept the change. I'm going to do the same thing for the Unsharp Mask filter, which is also found under the Filter menu. More specifically, it's found under the Sharpen sub-menu, so I'll scroll down the list of filters until I find the Sharpen group, and then I'll continue scrolling until I get to the Unsharp Mask filter.

    The Feather command is another one that I rarely use, so I have no problem reassigning its keyboard shortcut to the Unsharp Mask filter. I'll click on the Accept button to the right of the scroll window to accept the change:.

    Customize keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop

    At this point, I've assigned keyboard shortcuts to two of the filters I use most often, and now I'm ready to save my changes. If I look up at the Set option at the top of the dialog box, I can see that it now says Photoshop Defaults modified , which tells me that I've made changes to this set of shortcuts:.

    I'm going to save my changes as a new shortcut set. To do that, simply click on the Save icon, which is the small floppy disk icon does anyone still use floppy disks? When the Save dialog box appears, I'm going to name my new set "My Shortcuts". Of course, you can give your shortcut set whatever name you like. Click on the Save button when you're done to save the new set and exit out of the dialog box:.

    Click OK to exit out of the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box at this point, and you're done! On Windows, Safe Mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers. Make sure that you have the latest Wacom driver and restore the preferences to their default to see if the problem goes away. Keyboard shortcuts stop working in Photoshop Search.

    Clear shortcuts from a command or tool

    Adobe Photoshop User Guide. Select an article:. Keyboard shortcuts don't work.

    any keyboard shortcut to compare before with after in photoshop cs3

    If your keyboard shortcuts don't work in Photoshop, try one or more of the following solutions. Solution 1: Restore Photoshop preferences. Solution 2: Quit other open applications. Customers have reported keyboard shortcut issues when running these applications with Photoshop: 1Password: Update 1Password. Older versions have affected keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop.