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Landa, Alejandra Landin, Esther Le, Michael Lee, Patrick. Levin, Julian. Linnell, Janneth Linthicum, Steve Lokos, Carmina. Lopez de Bernal, Norma. Lordanich, Joseph Lott, Glenn Loya, Diane Loza, Richard Lucarelli, Anita Luzader, Chris. Maa, Ray Madrigal, Maria Marasigan, Elouise Martinez, Daniel. Martinez, John Martinez, Marvin Martinez, Phillip Matsumoto, Carri Maus, Donald Medrano, Miranda Melendez, Joe Melendez, Linda Mendoza, Nelida Miranda, Francisco Mitocariu, Ciprian Montalbetti de Perez, Laura Montanez, Jesse Moreno, Theodore Motley, Elizabeth Mozaffari, Leila Mueller, Gary Mutuc, Benjamin Nagamoto, Glen.

Negron, Victor Nevils, Lynn Nguyen, Christine. Nguyen, Huong Nguyen, Nikki Nguyen, Thao Nguyen, Tyler Nieto, Mario Please do not disable. Nieto, Vicente. Nolan, Leanna O'Connor, Adam Ocson, Alanna. Oropeza, Alfonso Oviedo, Alex Pacheco, Manny Palestino, Patricia. Palmer, Jason Palomares, Vanessa Panotes, Joel Park, Stephen Penning, Josefina Perales, Debbie Perez, Carol Perez, Celia Perez, Enrique Pham, MyLe Pham, Nga Pita, Larry Poore, Jacob Powers, Austin Prado, Francisco Pruznick, Jennifer Quinonez, Edgar Rabiola, Anthony Ramirez, Alicia Ramos, Michelle Randolph, Shelly Reynolds, Danielle Roa, Maria Rodriguez, Anthony.

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Cancel Delete. Langmuir , 33 25 , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 19 , Headen, E. Boek, G. Jackson, T. Totton, and E. Mantilla, Frans G. Van den berg, and Hongbo Zeng. Langmuir , 33 5 , Sergey N. Trukhan, Sergei G. Kazarian, and Oleg N. Quast, Mildred Becerra, Jennifer S. Shumaker-Parry, and John M. Jeramie J. Adams, John F. Schabron, Joseph F. Rovani, Jr. Selective Asphaltene Precipitation from Hydroconverted Bottoms. Igor N. Evdokimov, Aleksey A.

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Fesan, and Aleksandr P. Nadine J. ACS Nano , 10 9 , Dutta Majumdar, K. Bake, Y. Ratna, A.

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Pomerantz, O. Mullins, M. Gerken, and P. Craddock, Kyle D. Bake, Robert L. Kleinberg, Alan K. Burnham, Qinghao Wu, Richard N. Bolin, and Tianpin Wu. Hugo Santos Silva, Ana C. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 26 , ACS Nano , 10 6 , The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters , 7 11 , Zsolt Majzik, Ana B.

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ACS Nano , 10 5 , Ortega-Rodriguez, S. Cruz, I.

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Garcia-Cruz, and C. Tetracene Formation by On-Surface Reduction. ACS Nano , 10 4 , Faisal S. Rana, and Haitham M. ACS Nano , 10 1 , Jorge O. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A , 42 , Lawrence B. Alemany, Manjusha Verma, W. Billups, Scott L. Wellington, and Michael Shammai. Highly effective asphaltene-derived adsorbents for gas phase removal of volatile organic compounds.

Separation and Purification Technology , , Irek I. Mukhamatdinov, Indad Sh. Salih, Alexey V. Changes in the subfractional composition of heavy oil asphaltenes under aquathermolysis with oil-soluble CO-based catalyst. Petroleum Science and Technology , 37 13 , On the early stages of soot formation: Molecular structure elucidation by high-resolution atomic force microscopy. Combustion and Flame , , Asphaltenes: Separations, structural analysis and applications.

Journal of Energy Chemistry , 34 , Filho, Raul S. Coutinho, Gustavo R. Revisiting the methodology for asphaltenes precipitation. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering , , Investigation of the relative abundances of single-core and multicore compounds in asphaltenes by using high-resolution in-source collision-activated dissociation and medium-energy collision-activated dissociation mass spectrometry with statistical considerations.

Fuel , , Nanopore structure of deep-burial coals explored by AFM. Molecular dynamics simulations of asphaltene aggregation under different conditions.

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Asphaltene aggregation studied by molecular dynamics simulations: role of the molecular architecture and solvents on the supramolecular or colloidal behavior. Petroleum Science , 19 DOI: A comprehensive review on the recent advances on the petroleum asphaltene aggregation. Chengdong Yuan, Dmitrii A. Emelianov, Mikhail A. Varfolomeev, Mustafa Abaas. Combustion behavior of aromatics and their interaction with n-alkane in in-situ combustion enhanced oil recovery process: Thermochemistry. Microfluidic investigations of crude oil-brine interface elasticity modifications via brine chemistry to enhance oil recovery.

Structural characterization of sulfur-containing aromatic compounds in heavy oils by FT-ICR mass spectrometry with a narrow isolation window. Effects of the N, O, and S heteroatoms on the adsorption and desorption of asphaltenes on silica surface: A molecular dynamics simulation. Shigeki Kawai, Kazukuni Tahara.

Electro-deposition for asphaltene removal during heavy oil upgrading. RSC Advances , 9 12 , Yiannourakou, Ph. Ungerer, V. Lachet, B. Rousseau, J. United atom forcefield for vapor-liquid equilibrium VLE properties of cyclic and polycyclic compounds from Monte Carlo simulations. Fluid Phase Equilibria , , Helen W.

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Hernandez, Wes Ehlert, Siwar Trabelsi. Removal of crude oil residue from solid surfaces using microemulsions. Dissolution and suspension of asphaltenes with ionic liquids. Development of a new correlation to determine relative viscosity of heavy oils with varying asphaltene content and temperature. Sohaib Mohammed, Greeshma Gadikota. The role of calcite and silica interfaces on the aggregation and transport of asphaltenes in confinement. Journal of Molecular Liquids , , Application of natural fatty acids as asphaltenes solvents with inhibition and dispersion effects: A mechanistic study.

Insights into incipient soot formation by atomic force microscopy. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , 37 1 , Chemistry - A European Journal , 24 67 , Lyulin, A. Glova, S. Falkovich, V. Ivanov, V. Nazarychev, A. Lyulin, S. Larin, S.

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  4. Antonov, P. Ganan, J. Computer Simulation of Asphaltenes. Petroleum Chemistry , 58 12 , Alexey V. Vakhin, Sergey A. Sitnov, Irek I. Mukhamatdinov, Firdavs A. Aliev, Sergey I. Kudryashov, Igor S. Afanasiev, Oleg V. Petrashov, Mikhail A. Varfolomeev, Danis K. Aquathermolysis of heavy oil in reservoir conditions with the use of oil-soluble catalysts: part III — changes in composition resins and asphaltenes.

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    Petroleum Science and Technology , 36 22 , Molecular characterization and atomistic model of biocrude oils from hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae. Algal Research , 35 , Marine and Petroleum Geology , 97 , An improved scalable method of isolating asphaltenes. Vesel, G. Primc, C. Eisenmenger-Sittner, J. Bauer, A. Eder, G. Schmid, D.

    Ruzic, Z. Ahmed, D. Barker, K. Douglass, S. Eckel, J. Fedchak, J. Hendricks, N. Klimov, J. Ricker, J. Scherschligt, J.