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Free Trial. This is a basic guide to finding and deleting duplicate files on in 3 easy steps. To make the most of this utility, please read the review above. Download and install Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac. Open it. Drag folders or drives into the app. Click the gear icon to customize settings if needed.

Click Scan. It will start scanning for duplicates based on default or custom settings. Once the scan finishes, you can sort files and preview them in the preview window. Gemini 2 is a -only duplicate finder and remover developed by MacPaw. The app supports common file types such as images, music and documents. It also supports removing duplicates from iTunes and apps. It provides multiple scan filtering and removal options, allowing users to control how it looks for and removes duplicates. By default, it will automatically mark duplicate copies to delete, which is convenient.

In addition, there are some useful minor features such as restoring previous scan results. According to our test, the preview function needs improvement. Users can switch between list view and grid view, but neither mode is handy enough for an easy preview and comparison. Also, it occasionally fails to preview PNG images. One of the main complaints from users is the Smart Cleanup feature. After the scan process, the Smart Cleanup button will show up. Some users clicked the button only to find the app wrongly deleting files.

For local files, you are able to restore them from Trash. If the files are deleted from an external storage device, they will be gone for good. It requires a yearly subscription, and users have to pay every year to continue using it. This duplicate file finder for Mac uses SHA checksum and byte-by-byte comparison to find duplicate images, videos, music files and more.

The interface is simple and easy to understand. Even those who are new to such software can easily navigate and use it. You can easily specify file types for scanning. When scanning your entire Mac for duplicates, you can exclude folders if needed. With the built-in preview feature, you can view and compare files without having to open them. There are several rules to batch mark files.

In addition, Auto-Select makes it easy to select and remove duplicates all at once. It also allows users to scan Google Drive and Dropbox, which requires decent Internet connection and may take hours. In our tests, its scan speed was about three times lower than that of the two apps mentioned above. Easy Duplicate Finder is versatile and powerful and even enables users to scan for duplicate contacts and emails.

However, use caution when you try these features. This duplicate file finder for Mac is good at looking for duplicates with high accuracy and is reliable to use. Users can choose between two scan modes: Simple mode default and Advanced one. It can find duplicates of a variety of types such as photos and music.

Top 8 Best Duplicate File Finders for Mac in

If you have no idea how to use this app, the wizard can help you out. In Simple mode, you can find an array of search criteria for looking for duplicate images, music files, etc. You can select or unselect based on your need. The Advanced mode allows more customization and is more complicated to use. Once the scan finishes, it will list the detected duplicate copies.

You can sort them by filename or size. There are four preview modes, allowing you to conveniently check out duplicates. When compared with the best of its kind, its scanning speed is a bit slow. The interface is not intuitive, especially when it comes to scan filtering. New users will have to spend time getting familiar with how to use the app. With support for all popular file types, it can meet most duplicates removal needs of Mac users.

It will give users tips and hints throughput the whole process, which is very helpful for new users. In Preferences, users can choose to scan or skip hidden folders. There is also an option to set the app to ignore small files when scanning. Its Skip List feature enables users to exclude files, folders and extensions. By default, there are already some pre-added folders and extensions such as. Under the Remove tab, you can select a desired removal method. If needed, you can click the Restore Defaults to remove customized settings.

There is only one view mode. Also, a zoom feature is missing. Unlike most similar software, this one has a dark interface design. If you are not a fan of dark interfaces, this could be a drawback.

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Duplicate Detective looks less sophisticated than the best duplicate file finder for Mac due to its simple unattractive interface. It actually excels at identifying duplicates on Mac. It supports image files, audios, documents and some other types. In Preferences, you can choose removal method, set Auto Select setting, specify file size and exclude file extensions or folders.

After scanning, this Mac duplicate finder and remover will list all the spotted duplicates. The preview window is big enough for comfort viewing. No matter which operating system you are using currently, at one point of time you are bound to run off space if you use it recklessly without paying attention to the issue of duplicate files.

You would face the same consequential aspects on Mac computers.

So what is duplicate file and why my Mac keeps duplicating files? Simply put, a duplicate is a digital file that has other exact or sometimes very similar copies with the same content and size. There are several reasons for files being duplicated on your Mac. The plethora of file-sharing utilities that we use everyday can be another reason. Sometimes, just transferring data from an external device to your Mac can cause duplicates to be generated. In addition, there are email attachments, files generated by macOS applications and other sources of duplication.

Any one or all these channels could be responsible for cleaning up your computer with duplicate files and photos. Manual Searching : The problem is, it's almost impossible to find and delete these space-hoggers unless you have the right tools for the job. Manually finding duplicate photos and files is certainly possible, but it's not the best use of your time. Besides, if the files have modified file names or they're in different directories, it's almost impossible to spot them manually.

Remove via Terminal. Alternatively, you could do some command line work create a list of duplicates, but you still have to delete them manually after referencing them with that list. It's either that or resorting to extensive command line work that average users won't have the skills to handle.

It also gives room for human error, which means you might miss a lot of duplicate files or inadvertently change critical system settings. In short, it could "break" your computer. Use Duplicate Finder App Recommended. The third method is to use specific desktop applications that use complex algorithms to find and delete duplicates. The biggest advantage is that there is usually very little manual input required. The software will typically identify all duplicates and give you the option to delete them in bulk. If you're a busy person who needs the job done quickly and efficiently, this is the recommended way to do it.

So, what are the tools available to find and delete duplicate files, photos and other data? Below, we've reviewed six different software utilities that you can use for this purpose.

The Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac (12222 Update)

Each of them has their own set of advantages and drawbacks, as you will see. We have tested all of these on various Mac devices running different versions of macOS, and we have given our expert views on how effective they are, and the pros and cons of each. Developed by the talented team at TunesBro, CleanGeeker is by far one of the most efficient duplicate finding utilities we tested.

The deep-scan and quick-scan functionalities are marginally faster than in the other tools we've reviewed here except for PhotoSweeper, but the best part is that it comes with several other utilities that are all aimed at keeping your Mac lean and mean. That means effective resource optimization at a very deep level, and you can try it for free.

How to Use CleanGeeker : One of the first things we noticed was that software is very intuitive even for first-time users. All you need to do is to go to the "Duplicates Finder" section and start the scan. A deep scan takes a few minutes, but we found that CleanGeeker does a very thorough job of rooting out duplicates that would be impossible to find manually. If you just want to scan individual folders, simple import them or drag and drop them into the interface, then click on "Quick Scan".

Once the scan is complete, the software segregates them by type so you can focus on just media, documents, music or another category, or you can simply delete all duplicates. The preview feature makes it easy to see what to keep and what to remove. The dupes are all selected by default, making it easy to just hit "Delete. If you're a noob to such software, this is the ideal one for you.

This is the second iteration of a hugely popular duplicate finding software, and it does justice to the fact that it's a sequel. You'll see lots of settings options, yet it is quite intuitive for new users. The intelligent algorithms not only find dupes, but also files that are similar to each other, sort of like how Google Photos recognizes similars as well as duplicates. Developed by MacPaw, Inc. MacPaw obviously has access to some great UI and UX talent, and you'll see that in Gemini 2 as well as every product they've released in the past - even their website is pretty cool.

Probably the best feature of Gemini 2 is that it recognizes file associations and retains the files that were generated by Mac applications. For example, if a song was in your iTunes library and duplicated in other locations, the original is kept while the others are selected for deletion.

How to Use Gemini 2 : The process of duplicate detection and deletion involves three steps, although the many settings options can be unsettling to a newbie. Once you complete the scan, the duplicates and similars will be shown by category so you can quickly review them.

FREE Duplicate file remover on Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu

You need to be a little careful about similars because you don't want to delete the best file. It not only compare the file sizes or names but also the other aspects such as random parts of content to deeply scan and remove the duplicates. It classifies the duplicates into seven different categories such as Music, Videos, Archives, Packages and more. In our list of best duplicate file remover for Mac the next is, Mac Clean which is a nifty tool that helps you in locating and removing duplicate files of your Mac.

You can even apply a bunch of filters to refine your search criteria according to type, such as songs, pictures, etc. Gemini 2 is one easy to use duplicate file finders for your Mac. It uses fast scanning algorithm to delete duplicate files in Mac.

How to Delete Duplicate Files on Mac

The app lets you preview files before you remove them just like other tools and supports more than 10 languages. It is another in the list of best duplicate file remover software for Mac. Duplicate Detective has a Robust Search Engine that compares the documents and looks for the copies. Be it photographs, recordings, sound documents or any file organizer, Duplicate Detective can find any imitations. It channels the documents by size, name, date and so forth and the client has the choice of lessening or increasing the minimum duplicate file size. With Easy Duplicate Finder you can recover chunks of storage space by removing all duplicate files in one go.

It is one powerful tool to find duplicate files Mac and remove all sorts of duplicate photos, documents, MP3s, videos, and more. Easy Duplicate Finder comes with a simple easy to use interface which makes deleting duplicates a breeze to use. This Duplicate File Cleaner software also features a lot of advanced search methods and algorithms which makes finding duplicate files way faster then ever. Within no time Duplicate Finder finds all duplicate files on your hard disk. It quickly scans your Mac and clearly presents all the duplicates so you can easily remove duplicate files.

This tool follows a fast scanning process and displays the results into various categories. You can even customize the scanning process and pick from entire scan option or if you need to scan any particular folder. With its fast scanning algorithms, all the results are then displayed categorized on the basis of images, videos, music, archives, documents, and all other specific extensions.