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In this time, click " Restore from Backups " and select Blackberry from the support list. Then all the Blackberry backup files will be scanned automatically and shown on the left side of the program.

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A while later, iPhone should be recognized by the program and list it on the right side. If not, you need to install iTunes on this computer to let it detect your iPhone. Select a backup file from the left side of this program. And check the content you wish to transfer from Blackberry to iPhone. You can see multiple choices from the option box located on the middle of this program, including contacts, sms, calendar, music, video, call log and photos. Mark the data checked and click " Start Transfer " button to begin the content transfer process.

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The whole process will take only a couple of minutes like minutes, which is dependent on how many data being selected for transfer. From the tutorial above, we know Phone-to-Phone Transfer is a great user-friendly content transfer program for Blackberry and iPhone users. With this program switching Blackberry to iPhone will be absolutely no problem at all. Besides, you can also transfer data between other mobile devices, such as Android, Symbian or Windows phone.

In addition, the backup option is able to transfer phone data to a computer for backup. If you want to sell the old device, then Erase Your Old Phone is the feature you will be happy to see.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to BlackBerry

He is curious about new things and is always on the lookout for new Apps and Gadgets. Recover Data from iPhone without Backup. Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung. As you see, contacts and SMS are ticked. To transfer both, you can directly click "Start Transfer".

However, apps on BlackBerry phone are totally different from those on the iPhone, how can you continue to use your favorite apps on BlackBerry phone? Here, I show you some troubleshooting, I hope it can help you.

Top 2 Ways to Transfer Videos/Data Between BlackBerry and iPhone

With it, you're able to keep close touch with your families and friends. It gives you the power to send instant messages with video, voice note and photos and make voice call for free. Feel joy to use this app and don't want to leave it behind after switching from BlacBerry to iPhone? You can use the BlackBerry messenger on iPhone without any question.

Search it and download it to iTunes Library. Then, click your iPhone to show its control panel. Click "Apps" tab and install it to your iPhone. Besides the mentioned messenger app for blackberry and iPhone, here is another popular Messenger app named WhatsApp Messenger. It allows you to send and receive messages, photos, audio notes and video messages easily. Besides BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger, there're some apps that have the similar functions to bring you and families and friends together through chat.

Have saved many ringtones on your old BlackBerry phone and now want to transfer to your iPhone?

How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone 6s/6s Plus [Basic Tips]

Unfortunately, the ringtones are. What can be done? Here is an easy way to help you out. Follow the easy steps below, and you will make it effortless to transfer data from BlackBerry to iPhone. Step 1.

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Export ringtones on a BlackBerry phone to the computer and create a folder to save them. Open iTunes and click Files to show its pull-down menu. Choose "Add Folder to Library…" Browse your computer to find the folder where the ringtones are saved and import them to iTunes Library. Step 2. Find the imported playlist and scroll down to select a ringtone as the one you want to use on your iPhone.

Right click the ringtone and in its drop-down list choose "Get Info". In the pop-up dialog, click "Options" tab. Enter the "Start Time" and "Close Time" and tick them.


Then, click "OK". Step 3. BU is doing this, the customized ringtone in. Drag and drop it to your computer.

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  • Step 4. Try to change its extension from. If you can't directly see the extension, you have to show the extension first. Scan the setting and find "Appearance and Personalization". Click it and then choose "Folder Options". In the pop-up dialog, click "View" and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types".