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I used port as someone suggested, you probably could test with , but best to use a different port so you make sure the port is unique and test it by doing a telnet localhost Configure NewsBin as a regular server, specify localhost and port Don't try use as this won't work, it's looking for the port below. Conf stunnel. Seems there is no easy way for a Mac to port forward with Lion OS. SSL Enabler is broken.

VPNTunnel: Stunnel + OpenVPN Installation Guide for Mac : VPNTunnel

Remove the localhost: from the accept statement. Terminal is case sensitive, before you do something think twice before you press return - there is no undo or redo in terminal.

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Each line is one line in terminal and needs to press return at the end of the line. During this step you had to input some basic informations self explaining. To run it, open terminal and type stunnel or stunnel3 see the docs for the difference and press return. An easier way would be to just use ssh and do ssh tunnels. I have tried, but haven't been able to get it working. Wonder if anyone else has given it a whirl.

Mac OS X stunnel client installation and configuration

Not everyone has control over the server to be able to ensure that. Speculation: Wouldn't it be nice to recompile the finder and davfs with SSL support. I would put money on that this is just a switch which apple has left unchecked to increase the performance of the finder. In addition there are problems with many other third party WebDAV solutions such as sharemation because instead of using the WEBDav trash apple wants all trashed items in the local.

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Authentication cookies for webdav would be nice also. Yeah, everything does seem to have ssl support.

Too bad its not all that secure. I like the ssh2 idea. Works great with idisk. Authored by: verbal on Mar 12, '04 AM Note that this is not at all secure. Sure, you get encryption, but what good is this encryption if there is no authentication taking place?

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Stunnel does not properly validate certificates if it even makes any attempt at validation at all the examples in this hint do not enable any validation, and validation is not enabled by default. In other words, Stunnel will happily accept any certificate presented to it. If this is an acceptable risk to you, great! Just don't expect that this is going to behave the same way as connecting to a secure site via https with a browser.

A man-in-the-middle attack on SSL is trivial when no certificate validation is being performed. SSL is a fine protocol as long as it is used properly. The problem is that it is rarely used properly, and garbage like Stunnel only serves to promote its misuse.

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For stunnel 3. If no certificate or an invalid certificate is presented, then it will drop the connection. It still does not do proper certificate validation even with these options set. It will perform the basic set of validation checks make sure the cert is not expired, CRL checking, etc. You are also responsible for obtaining the appropriate CRLs yourself and telling stunnel where to find them.

Its still better than everything going cleartext. The problem posts decrying "this is not secure" is that it is MORE secure than nothing. Sure, it can be man-in-the-middled.

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And, sure, if you're on a cable modem or school network it's likely someone will try. But it's still much better than no encryption at all. I applaud those trying to use even marginal security, since most people just don't care or don't have a clue how to try. I think the real "fix" here is for the vendors and standards organizations to start taking security much more seriously and start pushing to include secured technologies by default, not as options.

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If you're truly so paranoid that SSL'ing your connection still frightens you, I don't think you want to be keeping your documents on a publically accessible server anyway. I tried a ssh tunnel to my server on port 80, and it worked with Goliath, but not in Finder I thought it did not work with Finder because I use localhost and Finder seems to forget the port number part. I then mapped it to port 80 on localhost but then I can see it in the browser but even Goliath does not work. All this is not very mature yet!