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That cheat sheet should be helpful for those with a neutral, light skin tone similar to mine. I realize that includes a limited number of people, but the good news is, there are some pretty amazing online resources that can provide anyone a great starting point when looking for a foundation match. I find that for the most part, Findation gets it pretty close. Many of the matches have been correct for me, though there were also a handful that were off. I did try the online version , which asks you to input your foundation match for one brand, and then gives you a list of likely matches for other brands based on that information.

How We Chose the Best Foundations

Have you had a difficult time finding your MAC match, or any other foundation match? Is your skin tone difficult to assess? Do beauty associates often guess your tone incorrectly? I want to hear your tales of foundation woe! This post contains affiliate links. Shopping these links help support this site! Full disclosure. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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You can shout at me anytime about your perfect foundation match! I had it completely backwards LOL! Your skin tone is very similar to mine. Thanks again, I love your blog.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid vs MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - Battle Between MAC's Best Sellers

You do the kind of research I truly appreciate! Thanks, Angel! You made my day! I need help to find a color to match me, can you tell me where I can found the foundation for my face. Great post. Not super professional, I know. Which Missha color are you? I have both yellow and pink undertones and on top of that I have dark skin. Because of that sometimes certain brand have my skin tone but when I put on my skin turns out to be ashy. Juanita, that sounds like a nightmare! Do you have any good matches?

I recently got the Kat Von D Lock It foundation and the shade M64 was a pretty good match, then I received in a swap a second bottle and guess what? The shade is the same, at least is what the package tells me but the swatch is different! Never heard about that! Thank God is working now in the summer when my yellow undertone get dominant hahahahahah And the other good match is from CoverGirl All Day Flawless for dark skin tones in Q I would say that is my perfect match… for now!

Was there a big difference between the two? Sorry for the late reply! Pretty sure one may be a dupe. Thanks, Arielle! Me too! I love the online wizards. Findation might be my favorite of the three, but I spend an embarrassing amount of time with all of them.

But I live in a country where a lot of people have pink in their skin. Or are they a class all their own? MAC foundations do seem to require some persistence! I even wore the NW15 for a couple of days before I took it back. It was very close, but had a slightly dulling effect on my overall tone that also looked a smidge dark for me in certain light. Have you tried the studio fix powder plus foundation?

Haha I am not the only Neutral person alive! Ok So here is the think with MAC that I discovered most all of the liquid foundations are either NW or NC which is true, but they do have a powder foundation that come in N applause ladies and gentleman that is N for Neutral! I am an N4 or and N3 depending on the season. Although I am of a different heritage Irish and Native American. I use a concealer and blend out any imperfections and then the powder on a brush for the entire face.

Building over any concealed areas to even out the tone. The studio FX powder comes with a sponge pad for more coverage, but I thankfully rarely need it. Try it out! Hey Tracy! I might need to go to my MAC counter and take a closer look. Thanks for the tip! Holy Hanah! I read this article and think I have found my twin in my foundation search. I am filipino, chinese, and spanish. I tan easily and vacillate my colouring throughout the year. I am also prone to hormonal acne and utilize acne medications that flare up the redness in my cheeks. They never seemed to notice that my poor neck was lighter and always looked toward my cheeks which were often redder:.

Blush on and some oxidation in a few hrs…omg I was an ompa loompa. I have gone through so many foundations and have since embraced the neutral position, but in winter I tend to go towards the yellower ones I own.

Packaging, size, price

Thank you for bringing to the attention of others that we need to believe in our gut and not believe everything a MUA states if we feel it conflicts with our skin! Sample sample, sample and have fun! Thanks so much for the article!!! How do you like the YSL foundation? I would love to know how you feel about it! I bet loads of women have been mismatched because of this.

They should really do something about it. Le sigh, the search continues.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation Review & Swatches | Shameless Fripperies

This is almost word for word my foundation problem, although I am a few steps behind. Problem solved.. There is no MAC counter near me yesterdays match was at an airport , so I have to use online options. Do you find that 15 is not actually that much lighter than NC25 just a different tone? Any help would assist in me keeping my sanity! Hey Dina! NC15 is a definitely lighter, but the tone is also different.

MAC Pro Longwear Pressed Powder Review

NC20 might be a good pick for you if NC25 was close. Good luck! I definitely feel your frustration. I really want to know the difference between Nc and Nw. Please make me understand. Is NC for light skin and Nw for dark skin? Thank you. I also just tossed a Smashbox Halo foundation in the trash because there was nothing I liked about it. Good luck, Cate! I hope you find your perfect match! I am neutral-toned as well and it looks like we are the same shade. I though before this I was limited to Dior, because it has been the only truly neutral foundation I tried. Thank you so much for this huge list of choices!

Thank you for this blog! Thank you so much. Hey thanku so much for that great post. Guess what I have the same skin tone as yours. And I went to a store to try MAC studio fix and I tried these two shades, nc15 and nw13 and nc 15 was a perfect match for me whereas nw13 was little light but im plannig to buy both!! But which studio fix powder to use for nc15 and nw13?

I think with nc15 it would be nc20 but what bout nw13? I went to Sephora a few times for a foundation match and sometimes it was too yellow, other times it was just painted thickly on…. How do all those colors on your arm fit your skin tone? They all look so drastically different! Do you mix and match them? Below I have Vanuatu applied.

I think the photos below show how well the foundation covers without looking too thick or cakey. Two of the NARS primers shown for size comparison. It will give nearly full coverage and covered under eye dark circles and redness around the nose. It was a little tricky to get the coverage to look natural since it is so opaque. The first time I applied it I dabbed on way too much. A little goes a long way. It looks smooth and flawless and the matte finish is very wearable without looking dry or aging.

The color is rich, pigmented, and fully opaque on a single layer as well.

mac pro full coverage foundation swatches

It was an absolute joy to apply and a joy to wear. I can get about six hours without feathering or migration however, it will transfer on my cup but the color remains fairly strong throughout the wear and I can easily eat with it on and blot my lips without it completely disappearing. All in all, a very comfortable, long-wearing, and luxurious matte lipstick well worth checking out. Sephora Ulta Nordstrom. Bare Minerals BarePro Longwear Lipstick is a new long-wearing soft matte lipstick that contains a mix of different hydrating oils that give lips a soft, matte finish.

This is a slim line lipstick which might account for the smaller size of 0. I found the formula was well worth the price and size issue. This is a creamy, buttery lipstick that applied flawlessly with rich, intense pigmentation on a single layer that had a soft, creamy matte finish which wore for a good six hours without feathering or migrating.

I noticed no flavor or fragrance in the formula. The formula is creamy, comfortable to wear, yet still gives you a very nice soft matte finish without looking or feeling dry!