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Here are two free screensavers that have the added bonus of providing live animated desktop wallpaper too. As you can guess from the name, this app features Koi, a coloured form of carp, in a pond. There is a free version of the app and a paid version, which provides a greater variety of fish and more ponds.

5 Websites to Download Dynamic Wallpaper for macOS Mojave - Make Tech Easier

Run the app and an icon is added to the menu bar. This displays a menu that enables you to show live wallpaper or a full screen screensaver. Both are brilliant and show amazingly animated fish swimming in a shallow pond. It almost looks real. In wallpaper mode the static macOS desktop image is replaced by a live image of the fish swimming around. You can use the Mac in the usual way and windows appear on top of the animated desktop in the normal way.

It looks amazing and it is great for showing off your Mac to friends. In screensaver mode, the animated full screen image is dismissed when the mouse or keyboard is touched. There is an option in the settings to include sounds, like splashes, water drips and other sounds. There is also an option to pause it on battery power or when the battery is low. New MacBooks with more powerful hardware will most likely cope better.

Weather HD is another free app from the Mac App Store and like the previous one, it provides entertainment in the form of animated desktop wallpaper and screensaver. The default macOS desktop image is replaced with a live image that runs like a video, or maybe a seamlessly looped animated image.

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It is not any old image, but one that is based on the current weather conditions and the time of the day. So if it is a bright and sunny day, the live animated desktop will show a bright and sunny scene, such as the beach. English Download. Planets -- Live Wallpaper Beautiful live wallpaper app for space and planet enthusiasts.

Mac Personalization Wallpaper Live Wallpaper Dynamically changing wallpaper for Mac Live Wallpaper is an elegant wallpaper application with a live clock and weather forecast. View full description. CONS Only 16 themes. Softonic review Live Wallpaper is an elegant wallpaper application with a live clock and weather forecast.

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User reviews about Live Wallpaper Review. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. And let's not forget that Mach Desktop works as a screensaver, made of Quartz compositions.

That clock on the upper right corner of your Mac is annoyingly tiny.

By putting it on your desktop, Ticke-Tack makes your clock larger, friendly… and just a bit sarcastic. Ticke-Tack gives you the time alright, only it's not exactly specific. This app updates the time in real-time, along with attention-getting backgrounds.

10 Ways to Beautify Your Mac’s Desktop

You can add your own, if you're so inclined. As with Mach Wallpaper , it also works as a screensaver. If you're a fan of art, if you like the idea that your clock application isn't exactly, specifically, precisely accurate, and you don't have a time-critical job, Ticke-Tack is the live wallpaper for you. If you're an air traffic controller, ferchrissakes, walk away. Planets doesn't just give you a lovely animation of the solar system as orbits around the sun.

It also gives you a highly customizable view. Drag your cursor over the animation to change your viewing angle.

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Shift perspective from different planets and satellites. Scroll out for a panoramic view or in for a tighter focus on a particular planet.

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Don't forget the asteroid belt. Planets hasn't. In addition, this app is informative: Each planet but not satellite comes with such details as its orbital period and its mass… as well as the Earth date and time. Satellite Eyes free. This live wallpaper is dead simple: Install Satellite Eyes , and your Mac's GPS locates you and shows you a bird's-eye view of your location from wherever you are. It's quite cool.

Better yet, you get to tell your therapist that, yes, you really are being spied upon by an eye in the sky. GeekTool free. For those who think that customizability isn't a challenge but a right, there's GeekTool. GeekTool is for those who don't mind installing plugins, i. But the results can be stunning. Wallpaper with whatever font you want, displaying whatever information you want, with any backdrop you want. But there is a geeklet.