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  1. Merge Mac partitions to single hard drive volume
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  4. disk utility - how do I "un-partition" my MACINTOSH HD into one big hard drive? - Ask Different

Or the utility takes care of all these little details automatically when you proceed with an installation? I was just reinstalling Whats the chance of screwing up your hard drive? Repartitioning is one of the highest risk things you can attempt with your data.

If something goes wrong, like a power failure or human error, the damage to your data will be catastrophic. You need to defrag your HD before adding a new partition, especially when the HD has been in use for a while. Not totally correct. If you have a Mac Journaled file system as is shown in the screen-shots , there is no such thing as defrag. I had this situation a month ago. The only way I could partition it was by first defragging. Until I tried that, I constantly got failures. Most defrag processes remove VM and sleepimage files, so they create more space, thus allowing that couple of additional GB needed to create the new partition.

Merge Mac partitions to single hard drive volume

Instead, make the new partition smaller. The real problem is having a small capacity drive and wanting to pretend it is larger. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Pawel says:. January 5, at am. Kelly says:. August 21, at am. Stephan says:. July 11, at am. May 20, at pm. Pete says:. October 15, at am. Jacob says:. December 26, at am. Jordan says:. December 4, at am. Timir says:. September 15, at am. June 22, at pm. June 14, at am. May 1, at am. Daizy says:. March 5, at am. Lance says:. November 15, at am.

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Remove Windows 10 Partition with Disk Management

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How to Unpartition a Hard Drive

Click on the Windows "Start" button, type "compmgmt. Select "Delete Partition" from the drop-down menu. A confirmation box will appear, informing you that all data on the drive will be lost if you proceed. Click the "OK" button to confirm that you wish to unpartition the drive. The amount of time the process will take is contingent upon the size of the drive and the amount of data being purged. Cameron Sherber has been writing professionally since , and his comic strips appear regularly in "The High Plains Reader" and "The Huffington Post.

disk utility - how do I "un-partition" my MACINTOSH HD into one big hard drive? - Ask Different

Skip to main content. Click on "Disk Management" is the pane on the left to see a list of your computer's hard drives. Browse the list.