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But sometimes due to performance, cost, dislike of Microsoft products or desire to try another tool user look for alternatives to Microsoft Office. Therefore, for those users who look for Microsoft alternatives for Mac. Here we enlist best free MS Office software alternatives for Mac users. MS Office is a renowned name in the category of Best productivity apps compatible with both Mac and Windows platform. However, as efficient their products sound for high performance and other benefits, sometimes Mac users face hassle in using it.

Therefore, they look for Microsoft alternatives for Mac. Hence, here we enlist best free Word Processor alternatives for Mac users. If you have finally decided to let go of Microsoft Office. GSuite is your best bet. This one is the most widely used alternative of Microsoft office and word processing software. Its integration with Google account is what makes it stand apart from other alternatives for MS Office.

Top 4 Best FREE Office Suites - Microsoft Office Alternatives!

Simply click on the file received via Gmail to access either Word document, Excel sheet or PowerPoint presentation. Also Read: Unable to upload files on Google Drive? Plus, you can import and export Microsoft Office files. Google Doc offers research built-in tools, extensive gallery, templates and more. Not only this Google Suite is free office software to use, and you get 15GB of storage. Download Google Suite.

Another best open source alternative to Microsoft suite is LibreOffice. This tool is the best alternative for MS Office and is used by millions around the globe. Moreover, LibreOffice allows users to sync files using OneDrive, Google Drive for ease of sharing, editing, and file import exports.

1. Google Suite

Spell check is built in but you have to run it manually because it doesn't find errors automatically. This program hasn't been updated since , so it probably won't be updated again any time soon, or ever, but it's still fully usable today as a free word processor. The menus and settings are organized well and aren't cluttered or confusing to use. During setup, you can enable or disable all sorts of extra features, like an equation editor, grammar checker, web dictionary, Google Search and Wikipedia integrator, translators, and file format support for DocBook, OPML , ClarisWorks, and others.

One downside to this program is that the print preview feature isn't like most programs in that you have to open the preview as an image in a photo viewer, which isn't supplied with AbiWord.

7 Top Free Word Processors for Mac: The Best Word Alternatives

Jarte can be configured to automatically open the last file you were using upon launching the program, which is a nice option that most of the other software from this list doesn't allow. Unfortunately, the spell check feature isn't automatic, and the program itself is sometimes confusing to grasp. Every menu option in WriteMonkey is only shown if you right-click the document. From there, you can do everything from format text or check the spelling to open the preferences, create bookmarks, insert symbols, manage profiles, and lots more.

Although spell check is available, it's not automatic, which means you must open the utility manually to check for errors. Another free word processor, this one advertised for creative writers, is RoughDraft. It's simple to open and edit files from your computer because of the file browser that's open on the side of the program window. New documents appear in their own tab so that you can keep up to files open in RoughDraft at the same time. One of the downsides to this word processor is that the last version came out in , making it highly unlikely that you'll get new features in the future.

Also, while the DOC file format is supported, the file has to have been created in Word or older. The program automatically hides the menus and any buttons from being viewed, and you can run it in full-screen mode so that you don't see any other program windows. Basic formatting is allowed in FocusWriter, like bold, strikethrough, and aligning text.

You can also edit the foreground and background text, page margins, color, and line spacing to produce custom themes. However, documents with rich text formatting might import into FocusWriter in plain text and become completely unusable.


It's easy to keep track of projects because you can add up to two at a time and easily browse through local files and folders from a side menu. If you can't find a word processor that you're happy with, consider taking advantage of the free trial of Microsoft Office so that you can get the full capabilities of Microsoft Word for a whole month. Share Pin Email. Updated August 07, What We Like Features a tabbed interface for better document management. Includes 1 GB of cloud storage. Free templates built in. Download WPS Office. What We Like Several neat features. Opens and saves to common file formats.

Great for making eBooks. Automatic spell check is included. Free for home and business use. What We Don't Like Relatively large download size.

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Must download the whole suite of programs even if you'll just install the word processor. Download FreeOffice. What We Like Works with lots of file formats. Extensions and templates are supported. Checks for spelling errors automatically. Includes advanced and basic formatting options. There's a portable option available. Might take a while to download on slow internet connections. The interface and menus are dull and cluttered. Our Review of OpenOffice Writer. Download OpenOffice. What We Like Includes unique advanced features. Has a spell check.

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  • You can download it apart from its whole suite. If you're tired of paying for Microsoft Office features you don't use, here are five alternatives to Word you can download and start using today. Microsoft Word has its devotees, but find one person who loves it and you'll probably find several that don't. From redesigns that hide familiar menu items to overly complicated and often unused features, there's a lot to be desired in a simple word processor that Microsoft Word doesn't deliver due to its complex nature.

    In addition, Microsoft Word and the rest of Office is expensive. If you don't need all the features that Microsoft Word offers, it can be hard to justify paying that price, especially in a small business environment where you just need a word processor. Don't pay for what you aren't going to use—take a look at one of these five free Microsoft Word alternatives instead. Google Docs , which is easily the most popular Microsoft Word alternative on this list, is free to everyone with a Google account.

    If you want the basic features of Microsoft Word, you don't need to look any further than Google Docs—it does all your basic word processing needs, and it is tightly integrated with Google Drive and other products.

    10) Speare

    Since everything is saved in Google's cloud, you don't need to worry about losing your work—Docs autosaves after every single keystroke, so in the event of a crash you should be able to pick up right where you left off, down to the letter. Google Docs also supports Microsoft Word's.

    One of its best features for business users is real-time collaboration. If you share a document with another Google user, both of you can be in the document at the same time, see the other user's cursor position, watch what they're typing, and chat to each other as well. It's a great collaboration tool that stands out among word processors. If you hate Microsoft Word because of the invention of the ribbon, then Apache's OpenOffice Writer is the throwback you want. It has a classic interface that, while it can look a bit cluttered, mimics the menus that Microsoft tossed out when Office was released.

    It will definitely feel familiar to Office users, with the added perk of still receiving updates and security patches, which is important for a business software suite. OpenOffice Writer has its own document format, but it also supports. Many of the advanced features of Microsoft Word are included in OpenOffice Writer as well, so editing complex Word documents won't be an issue. If online collaboration or native cloud support is a selling point, then you may want to pass on OpenOffice Writer because it includes neither.