Mac pro crashes on startup


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If you are still having problems, you can try to reboot your MacBook in Safe Mode. Release the "Shift" key when the words "Safe Boot" appear on the screen. Safe Mode checks your hard drive for problems and turns off add-on programs and fonts. You can try to determine which program caused your MacBook to crash, then reboot into normal operating mode. Andrew McClain has been writing since He has written several articles for various websites and writes user guides and software manuals for several freelance clients.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Missouri. Skip to main content. Manual Reboot 1. Press and hold the power button until the MacBook deactivates. Release the power button and wait a few seconds. Starting in Safe Mode 1. Deactivate your MacBook, then press the power button to restart. I tried this and it now crashes before it fully opens - it doesn't event get as far as the startcenter! I haven't yet tried the other suggestion of starting from the command line as I don't want to loose all of my set up.

Why Does My Mac Keep Crashing?

An early fix would be really helpful! OSX Mojave Thanks so much for this fix. Works perfectly.

Fix: Macbook pro shuts down itself at startup while booting

I assume that Musescore will be addressing this asap. That workaround mentioned above worked for numerous other users, sure you followed the steps?

Maya crashing when starting up on Mac

I have not been able to open version 3 to attempt suggested fixes, not even by starting from existing files. MuseScore Version: 3. Perfect thanks. Follow the procedure above to open MuseScore by double-clicking a.


All is working now. Thanks for the workaround. Another workaround is to open a file through desktop to initiate Musescore, so that way start center does not pop up. First I tried just launching a Musescore file. I didn't even see the splash screen - just the information that it Musescore had failed to start - "Musescore quite unexpectedly". Then I tried starting it with the suggested terminal command using -w.

That worked fine. I closed the startcentre and then disabled it in Preferences. The only radio button ticked in Preferences was 'Start empty' and I clicked 'Apply'. Then I closed Terminal and Musescore closed too. I then restarted Musescore normally and it crashed - but I still saw the startcentre just before it crashed.

In other words - I can't turn off the startcenter in Preferences. I have tried this several times, always with the same result. I see the startcentre screen every time even though it is turned off. Am I right in just closing Terminal without entering another command?

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Whatever, I can't get rid of the startcenter. Thank you Jojo-Schmitz.

I have no idea how to turn off the Regression and Workaround comments. I unchecked them because none of the suggested workarounds work for me - as I explained in my last comment. Looks like I will have to abandon the latest Musescore update and try and revert to an earlier version. Won't be such a bad thing as I do not like, and do not want, the Automatic Placement anyway Well, the title of this thread is "MuseScore 3.

I suppose the slight difference is that when I use the Terminal command line start and remove startcenter from the Preferences and Apply the change, the startcenter window is still just visible before the crash the next time I try to start Musescore. OSX OK, the Terminal command line fix does work for me.

I hadn't realised that the startcenter tick box was not in the main column of choices. Apologies for red herring.

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  • You were quite correct Jojo-Schmitz - thanks again for your swift replies. I don't understand the fix of disabling the Start Center in Preferences. It doesn't stay open for more than a second before it crashes, so how do you even get to the Start Center to do this? Sorry if I am obtuse about this! I've gone back to MuseScore 2 for the meantime.

    Hey you guys! Thanx for the hint, starting Musescore with a mscz-File. After disabling the autostart of the Startcenter, Musescore seems to be working. However, after enabling the autostart of startcenter again, the application crashes immediately when starting. I hope this can be fixed. Secondly, could you plz explain to me the meaning of the terms "regression" and "workaround"? Thank you! In reply to Fix confirmed. Same problem encountered today operating Mohave Worked for me as well as a temporary workaround.

    Regression and Workaround are discussed at How to write a good bug report: step-by-step instructions. Same problem on MacOs Mojave Strange: The first time after installation it did work, but then it crashed immediately after starting.


    I see that others have the same problem. It's a little consolation ;-. It is really funny how often "Regression" and "Workaround" have been toggled between yes and no :- Regression: it didn't crash on startup in 3. This IS a regression, no doubt. MuseScore 3.

    Brave Dev crash on Mac Os on startup - Developer Builds - Brave Community

    Can't get into program. Error Message "Previous session quit unexpectedly. Restore Session? Crashes on both "yes" and "No". I'm in a loop can't get into MuseScore. Fixed in branch master , commit e9bbff0. In reply to Git webhook message by Git Message. Can you tell me when an update fix will be available or should I reinstall Musescore 3? MuseScore 2 was brilliant. In reply to From How to write a good bug… by Riaan van Niekerk. Meanwhile you can use the workaround. Thanks Jojo. I'm back into MuseScore 3 - your workaround fixed the problem simply and quickly. Looking forward to your next update release.

    I finally solved the issue by re installing the app on my fifth attempt. And then was able to disable the start center preference. Thanks, Jojo-Schmitz. Your workaround worked for me. NB: It only worked when I replied "no" to both of these dialogue boxes: 1. Restore previous session? Reset the positions of all the elements?

    Fixed in branch 3. Could anyone please test the pre-release version of MuseScore 3. This is the. In reply to Could anyone please test the… by Anatoly-os. Hi, I tested the pre-release version of MuseScore 3.