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If you can't boot in safe mode, do the same. If you booted in safe mode and there was no change, go on to the next step. If you're using a Bluetooth trackpad, investigate potential sources of interference , including USB 3 devices. A swollen battery in a MacBook Pro or Air can impinge on the trackpad from below and cause erratic behavior.

If you have trouble clicking the trackpad, this is likely the reason. The battery must be replaced without delay. There's a report that a possibly defective Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter can cause the built-in trackpad of a MacBook to behave erratically. If you're using such an adapter, disconnect it and test. There's also a report of erratic cursor movements caused by an external display that was connected but not turned on. If none of the above applies, or if you have another reason to think that your computer is being remotely controlled, remove it from the network by turning off Wi-Fi or your Wi-Fi access point , disconnecting from a Bluetooth network link, and unplugging the Ethernet cable or USB modem, whichever is applicable.

If the cursor movements stop at once, you should suspect an intrusion. Aug 22, AM. Page content loaded. Sep 11, PM in response to jdddcarlson In response to jdddcarlson. Sep 11, PM.

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Sep 17, PM in response to jdddcarlson In response to jdddcarlson. Following your recommendations I booted safe and the cursor behaved OK. But when I rebooted in the usual way the erratic cursor returned. What do you think I should do now? I am VERY inept at computer stuff. Thanks a lot, man. Sep 17, PM. Following your recommendations I booted in safe mode and the cursor behaved OK. Sep 24, PM in response to jdddcarlson In response to jdddcarlson.

2. Ignore Trackpad When Mouse Is Present

My MacBook Pro has had this problem off and on and I accidentally discovered a way to "cure" it. When the cursor starts getting erratic, I quickly close the cover of my MacBook and wait a little. When I open it again, the cursor has usually calmed down, at least for a minute. Sometimes I have to do this over and over for several days, and then it finally stops.

This last time it happened, it stopped in much less time than it had before. It takes patience, but it works, and you don't need to call a technician. Sep 24, PM. Sep 24, PM in response to jazzrascal In response to jazzrascal. This is excessively bad advice! What you are recommending really just amounts to ignoring the symptoms and hoping that the problem goes away.

If this is being caused by a swollen battery, ignoring it could result in permanent damage to the computer. If it is actually being caused by someone accessing the computer remotely, ignoring it gives them more opportunities to do something malicious. Nov 8, PM in response to jdddcarlson In response to jdddcarlson. Another suggestion to add to the list -- check that all the keys on your keyboard are operating cleanly and not sticking. Space bars and other frequently used keys sometimes get clogged and wear out. Nov 8, PM. Nov 12, PM in response to jdddcarlson In response to jdddcarlson.

I have had the same issue since installing OSX I finally solved the issue by going into the Bluetooth preferences and deleting all paired Bluetooth devices , then re-pairing them. Now my two finger scrolling works again and the pointer is no longer jumping around on it's own or selecting random items. Prior to this it seemed like someone was controlling my pointer.

Seems weird, but it worked. Same sort of thing happened with my internet connection. The wifi was not even an option until I deleted all of my airport keychains. After I did that the wifi option was available again, but I had to re-enter passwords to create new keychains. Tried this today and it worked!!! Finally, I an get back to work!!! Thank you very much for this simple and perfect fix.

It helped me restore my workweek, sanity, and religion all at the same time. Did you still get the jumping cursor after re-enabling the touchpad? Just in case nothing else works, I thought I would add my remedy!

How to Fix MacBook Pro Trackpad Erratic Cursor Dance Issue (Guide)

I type for a couple of hours a day—so this has been driving me nuts. I got a completely different discussion, tip thread, none of which had this tip. Same problem, different search terms— completely different results. After extensive testing, I found that covering the trackpad is the only think that allows me to type with the cursor chronically jumping to a different position.

What also worked is teflon coated heat-release sheets, for use with iron on patches. This material is very cheap, works well, but has a tendency to absorb stains. Pure teflon works as well without retaining stains and grease spots. Thank you so much for this! I was tearing my hair out trying to solve this issue. Well Done! You saved me a trip to the dreaded Apple Mothership of Hopelessness.

Wow, thank you! Fingers crossed that it stays working. It was a three day nightmare that was getting worse by the minute.

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I was dreading the possible news that I needed a new trackpad or worse! I ended up booking a genius bar to hear the guy saying the same thing. It worked! I tried a lot of suggestions to no avail. No more erratic cursor behavior. This seems to have worked for me…for now. My MBP developed this problem in I leaned this procedure then. On my computer, this procedure works sometimes and is not permanent. It must that culture of secrecy they have.

It was really a useful tip, many thanks… just a question: if whenever i enable the trackpad it gets crazy is there anything that i could do to repair, other than take my macbook to the repair center? The pointer kept jumping even when the external USB mouse was connected and the option to disable the trackpad was checked. Any other suggestion to solve this bothering problem? And at some point, the mouse started going everywhere without me touching it, created folders on the desktop and all that.

I thought my track pad was haunted…or that my computer was tapped into. Thank goodness for this advice. I was going on for way too long. First I thought it is a malware , because of its behaviour.

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This worked for me , : additionally i had to restart the mac with unchecked check box. I probably spent half day trying to figure this out and browsing various websites for a solution. Much appreciated. Would this fix work for MBPs? Please advice. Mac Os siera, with the latest update.. Is the Os version in any way related to the trackpad issue? Ok, thanks Laur. I think i have another strage obeservation about this issue. The erratic cursor movements does not start automattically after booting up or when it wake up from sleep, it typically starts sometime later while it is been used and most times , it happens afetr scrolling with two fingers for a while..

But then whenever i experience the issue and sleep the system, the issue goes away until i begin t scroll with two fingers again.. This is so strange.. A am a Mac newbie, can you relate with this experience and advise? You should try to see if the issue is reproducible e. It does fix it with external Mouse but trackpad without mouse is still unresponsive, any suggestion please. At the beach in North Carolina. Hot and humid.

During our vacation I sit outside in the mornings and evenings, writing. Two days into our stay my MacBook began acting like it was possessed by technology demons. Restarted it a few times, No help. Began to think it had been hacked and taken over by the Russians.

Mouse cursor skipping (jumping) bug in Mac OS X

Did as suggested. You may be using your Mac like how you normally would but you may not know if you go about using it without switching it off in a long time, it can cause your Mac to become restless and do funny things. So give your Mac the rest it needs by shutting down your Mac off and then after 5 minutes turning it back on again.

Quite possibly the reason for this strange problem may be that there is some form of dirt or oil stuck on the surfaces of your mouse or trackpad. You can also use a electric clean solution as long as you make sure it is not Windex or contains any alcohol. One great way that works is to disconnect each of your Bluetooth or external USB devices trackpad, mouse, trackball, graphics tablet, etc.

You have to make sure to remove each device one at a time and then test to see which one of the devices is causing your cursor problem. This is another great way that was recommended by a reader named Kristen. You can now try once again to see if your cursor stops moving randomly on your screen. Turning off any secondary displays that you may have around can work to fix this issue even if it is not such a permanent solution. Give it a go and see if it works.

How do I know if my MacBook Pro battery is non-removable or removable? As Apple states , if your MacBook Pro model is one that is made after the year then it is non-removable.