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StorageReview will be including Mac-based benchmarks on all client SSDs going forward using this platform. On the Thunderbolt side, site editors felt it was important to have a stable and consistent platform for testing, with the same rigor we apply to other reviews. While an off the shelf Mac Mini has the potential to work as a test bed for StorageReview, it lacks certain capabilities without aftermarket support. We also require an environment with a stable main system drive, letting us benchmark SSDs and other 2.

Mac Mini 2012: Build

While kits are available to connect additional drives, the sheer number of drive insertion cycles we go through, the pins on the motherboard SATA connector would have been destroyed in short order. To remedy this situation, we turned to OWC, who supplied us with the components to turn the Mac Mini into a viable testing platform.

We used their DIY 2. One of the reasons we felt it was important to standardize around the Apple Mac Mini is that it closely compares to the performance levels of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, but without the Thunderbolt restrictions found on the MacBook Air. It also supports dual SATA 6. The new models come with rejuvenated hardware, their modern Intel technology of the Sandy Bridge generation gives them something to brag about.

TechRadar pro

Other available configurations sport the more powerful Core i5 at 2. Other than that, there are still many RAM and hard drive options, which like before cost you an arm and a leg for hardly a limb's worth of difference in performance. The most noticeable difference of the new model compared to the preceding generation of minis is the missing thin long slit in the aluminum case of the Mac mini.

Here we only find the familiar silver cover, Apple has gotten rid of the DVD drive even with the entry-level model. This step seems typical of Apple: there were often complaints about the Superdrive and instead of going the other route and installing a Blu-Ray player, Apple has done away with the disc drive altogether. How long it will really be needed remains to be seen. At least Apple includes the software stores with iTunes and Mac App Store—two important media sources that need no discs—under one roof.

Those looking for the home theater experience with some good old DVDs might have to consider getting an external DVD component to hook up to the Mac-Mini. For occasional use it's definitely doable, but a big compromise for some saved desk space. If you've cleared this hurdle, installing Windows goes nice and smoothly via Bootcamp using a USB drive, just respond to the prompts. On second glance we see that variety of ports along the rear edge had changed a bit.

Here we now see the Thunderbolt port which doubles as the DisplayPort and is marked with a little lightning bolt symbol. There are still no Thunderbolt-compatible peripheral devices on the market. Even Apple's Thunderbolt display is currently listed with a delivery time of weeks. As before, the Mac Mini sports a flawless, excellently crafted case made from top-quality materials. The unibody case, well crafted edges and perfectly measured dimensions can only be found on other Apple devices.

The RAM is easily accessible through the removable base plate , but to get to the hard drive, you have to dig a bit deeper into the case.

Review Apple Mac mini (Mid ) MCD/A - Reviews

Once you've found it, you'll discover there's even space for a second hard drive. Finding an appropriate cable for this might be rather difficult, however, because Apple once again has chosen a special solution here.

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Those who don't do the hassle of figuring out this whole setting-up-an-additional-HDD business might want to order the two-hard-drive model right off the bat. The exact specifics about that model can, as always, be found on Apples Homepage. As usual, the ports work a bit better or worse depending on whether you're running Mac OS or Windows.


There's a noticeable improvement in Firewire speeds under Mac OS for one see image. The wireless internet connection via W-LAN Those preferring a landline internet connection have gigabit LAN Ethernet to fall back on. The receiver for Apple's Remote is built-in at the front, but the remote itself has to be ordered separately. Also not included are a mouse and keyboard.

Mac mini 2011 Unboxing y review

Normal keyboards and mice are, nevertheless, compatible and easy to use. A few slight differences in the Mac keyboard layout might take some getting used to, though.

Mac Mini 2012 review

The processing power of the Mac mini can be called good overall, especially considering its range of uses. Depending on the task at hand, the available RAM of 2 GB DDR and the mediocre hard drive even for notebooks might make for some loading times, however. Nevertheless, thanks to the removable base plate and low RAM prices, upgrading the memory is no huge or pricy task. The CPU runs really fast, is great for most programs and even gets file conversions done quickly.


With Badaboom 2. That is, we converted the film down to an iPhone-compatible resolution of x pixels. We didn't test any games.

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