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August 15 - We have updated the forum rules. Learn more here. Next Go. March in Technical Discussions EN. My Sims 3 disk got trapped in my computer that broke.. Nichaedemus Posts: 16, Member.

Re: sims 3 mac no cd

March edited March Hi, Does the DVD drive have a manual release mechanism with which to free the game disc? If you have a PC running Microsoft Windows, you can use your disc serial code to redeem a digital download version of the game from the EA Store at no cost to you. This is made possible through the Origin download manager client. Yahtzami Posts: 6, Member. Nichaedemus beat me to it!

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Lozierdawg21 Posts: 1. Grr I lost my Sims 3 disc so I was wondering the same thing. So I went to Origin, signed in to the account with my Sims 3 access code in it, but whenever I've tried to start the game engine it will tell me I need the disc!?

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Anyways around this would be great because this would be my 3rd time buying Sims 3 if this doesn't work. Lozierdawg21 wrote:. OrchidSunset Posts: 5.

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April edited April What if you have a Mac? I'm trying to do the same thing, but having trouble. I deleted Late Night because I couldn't find the disk and wanted to play, but then I found my code and am trying to find a download so I can use my code and play. August 15 - We have updated the forum rules. Learn more here.

Code but lost CD ? — The Sims Forums

November in Mac Discussions. However, I still had the icons on my MacBook Pro. I read in a Sims 4 Facebook group that if you send a picture of your game and packs to EA as proof of purchase, they will send you a downloadable version of them with a new activation code for free. Is this true? November The easiest thing to do would be to register your codes in Origin or the Sims 3 store, which would allow you to download all of your content from Origin for free.

sims 3 lost code mac

If you still have your CD cases, those codes will be on the backs of the inserts; they're the same ones you used when you installed the game via disc. But that takes more effort and isn't guaranteed to work. If you don't remove them, those remnants could prevent you from launching the game going forward.

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Just describe which step isn't working or what you don't understand. It would also help to know the specs of your mac, as well as which packs you plan to install.

Of course, you may decide to throw up your hands and Bootcamp your mac instead as a few of us have , and we can help with that too. November edited November One thing that I think might be worth adding here, the lack of a CD-ROM drive is not really the issue as external ones are cheap and easy to come by. But the more recent versions of the Mac OS, El Capitan and forward I believe, will not read and authenticate TS3 discs even for those who have a disc drive.

Merry Christmas! I'd appreciate a bit of help. I just got myself a Mac Airbook and have only just realised that my Steam game of Sims 3 isn't valid with the mac, and so I was told to gather the CD Keys from Steam which I have done and download Origin to validate the keys and download them into the Mac. However, It says that the 'code has already been used'. After scouring the internet for other solutions, I was told to validate it through the Sims 3 website directly, but the same instance of 'the code has already been used' comes up.

I'm not sure what else to do, and I've been told that EA Support aren't usually a big help to Steam users If you can give any advice, it'd be well appreciated. Thank you!

The Sims 3 Fix for Mac Tutorial

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. How were you able to gather the keys at all? I right-click and can't find ANY keys. I thought i read in the forums earlier that for mac, you gota play through origin. To find your sims 3 cd keys, go to your steam library, select Sims3 and look on right side of your screan for CD Key.