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Then set three environment variables. On Windows Launch Command Prompt cmd. Thanks to him. There are 2 methods: 1. ChromiumSync or anything you want. This is perfectly working in How to disable Google API keys? Flash plugin Flash is a deprecated multimedia software platform. Adobe will be retire Flash at the end of Since , the Flash npapi plugin is discontinued.

For info, PepperFlash is secure because it works in a sandbox. In short, it executes in its own process, separate from the browser's rendering engine. How to quickly install the Flash plugin? How to manually install the Flash plugin? This is a full manual installation tutorial. If Google Chrome is already installed, go directly to "3. Add command-line flags" 1. So get it from the official sources: Adobe or Google. Optionally, get the Flash version number: If you want to see the correct version number on Chromium internal pages On all platforms, open the manifest.

Change the plugin directory If you want, prefer a short path for the plugin. It will be easier for the next step. It is there to make sure Chromium is launched in a separate thread. Moreover, to simplify the Chromium launch, check How to create simple Mac apps from shell scripts Archive: 1. Also see the comment and comment Restart the browser Relaunch it to apply changes. For update, check the Flash Player version on the official page. For security information, see the security bulletins and advisories 6.

Now, even after browser updates, Chromium uses PepperFlash. Chromium Few ways: On windows , use Nik or Marmaduke builds. On mac , use Marmaduke builds. More info on site archives: chromium::wayback. Advanced 1. Copy and paste this special URL directly into the address bar omnibox. Note: About configuration settings, there is nothing similar to Firefox 's about:config in Chromium.

Keyboard shortcuts To use keyboard shortcuts on Windows, Mac and Linux , check this full list of official shortcuts Most of the shortcuts are similar to IE , Firefox or any other browser. Command-line flags There are command-line flags or "switches" that Chromium accept in order to enable particular features or modify otherwise default functionality.

Note flags often contain experimental or obsolete code, so they tend not to stick around for long. Run Chromium with flags List of Chromium command-line switches Auto-updated list provided by Peter Beverloo How to start Chromium directly in incognito or private mode, on Windows? Add the "--incognito" flag at the end of the Chromium shortcut and restart the browser.

User data directory About your profile history, bookmarks How to change the user data directory? Add the "--user-data-dir" flag at the end of the Chromium shortcut and restart the browser. External extension installation How to install an external browser add-on?

System requirements to use Chrome

Get the. Unzip the. About updates: You have to update manually You can update when you want! Source code Before all, check the official guide for developers. Older version Never update your browser with a very old version. It even does not start.

Download older versions of Google Chrome for Windows, Linux and Mac

To downgrade Chromium installed with the Installer. It is an option of its uninstaller. API This is a free and simple API for developers to update Chromium to the latest good build via a bash shell script, a browser extension Read my notes. Please, do not use this API to build other websites. To prevent abuse, the site can audit each API request. Links Except the Wikipedia's Chromium page, these links are official and point only to the Google sites. Browsers 1.

Chromium forks In simple words, a fork of Chromium means Chromium engine is used to create another web browser. Why not recommended?

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Because all of these browsers are closed-source, outdated, based on Chromium like Google Chrome Google is famous. Its privacy policy and marketing strategy are well known. Get best practices, troubleshoot potential issues, and avoid user downtime with Chrome Browser Enterprise Support. Or visit our Help Center for support articles. See if your issue has an easy-to-find solution in our help section. Access old sites that require Internet Explorer with this extension. Printer-friendly version.

Software Installation Guide

We have sent a confirmation email. Check your inbox now to activate your email for Google Cloud. Sign up for Chrome Browser newsletters with product updates, event information, special offers, and more. Chrome Enterprise. Download Chrome Browser. Mac download includes: Chrome DMG file. More Info. Update Chrome Browser. Windows download Includes: MSI standalone installers. Manage Chrome Browser.

Opinions about Google Chrome

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How To Install Google Chrome On Mac OS X

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