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Sign up or log in with. Post meaning. Post meanings U. More Mac Miller lyrics. Turkey Love. Js On My Feet. Something About You. Nikes On My Feet. Knock Knock.

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Best Day Ever. Objects In The Mirror. Angel Dust. Self Care. View 10 more explanations. Write an explanation.

Bold Italic Link Add an image new! But my right to make music, no one can really give or take that away. In America, race has a huge thing to do with what your experience is, but I just try and make music for everybody. How has sobriety changed you? This planet has a certain gravity, man — it rises in the morning, it sets at night, and I never really followed that.

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Along with not feeling like shit. Has it affected the way you create? I feel like I capture a lot more real emotion, especially with my voice. And my voice is a lot more of an instrument now. When you were a kid, what music did you first respond to? The first rap album I ever listened to was Aquemeni. Which is a fucking awesome start. I took the CD player out, I took out the lyrics sheet, and I locked myself in my room and rapped along to the whole CD.

And that was it? Then you were in? Then I could rap, apparently.

MAC MILLER All Time Best - The Spotify Community

How do you handle the attention on it? I live in reality. I never focus on what people are saying about it.

That has nothing to do with our relationship, you know? We just live. We just live, man. That I keep getting better. So l when I stop getting better, that will be a problem. I think my goal is to just continue and keep pushing myself and working and seeing what else I can do.

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Just continuing to explore that and being able to go further and further with what I can, how I can push myself musically. You can play a bunch of instruments, right? How often do you actually use that skill, or is it just something you hold on reserve? I mean, I definitely use it. Being able to play I think helps me work on arrangements and work on different aspects of music or being able to just put the whole thing together. But yeah, I play a lot. I just play to play. When you hang out and play with Thundercat, what comes out of that?

Yeah, man, we just jam out. Like a lot of times we do that shit just for fun and we record it. Being able to witness Thundercat play the bass is like one of the illest things that music has done for me. What were you thinking when you wrote it? He was, like, a symbol of money when I was younger.


Artistas Similares. All lyrics in our website are provided for educational purposes only and they are property and copyright of their owners. America Mac Miller. High, more drinkin' Now my head empty, so can it last a couple minutes more? Thinkin' you're out of options American born, impeccable form, above and beyond, Medal of Honor Got my middle finger up with a cup and a dutch split Hand on my nuts when I'm wilin' out in public Welcome to America, motherfucker, welcome to America My middle finger up with a cup and a dutch split Hand on my nuts when I'm wilin' out in public Welcome to America, motherfucker, welcome to America [Casey Veggies] Yo chick live in Pittsburgh?

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Won't stop till the nigga who invented dope In the flow will behind bars droppin' prison soap Begging for forgiveness, but it's business though I'm record spittin' Guinness flows Got it up in sources now he in the store. Vince Staples Red Dot Music ft.