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L'avis de la redaction pour Flip4Mac WMV

You can also watch videos frame-by-frame, which allows you to grasp every detail easily. Favorite moments can be bookmarked for future reference. Media player Mac streaming. If you need to receive streaming media on your Mac, Elmedia will do the perfect job too: stream from iTunes, a different Mac computer, or from a different AirPlay streaming device. If you have great music on your phone and want to stream it to your Mac, since it has larger speakers, you can use Elmedia to receive and play it too! Also, if you have another instance of Elmedia on a different Mac, you can stream content from one Mac to another with the player on it.

Elmedia is one good video player for Mac thanks to its versatility.

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You'll find it satisfyingly easy to cast online and local media files from your Mac to TV set with Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra. Video player for Mac that plays all formats Elmedia can play and stream an immense variety of formats.

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Stream videos with subtitles Elmedia supports either embedded or external subtitles, so you don't have to leave them out while streaming. Stream your own playlists Compile your own unique playlist in Elmedia Player and stream it all uninterrupted to your large TV screen. Controlled streaming Even though your videos are streaming to another device, you have full control over them from your Elmedia - adjust the volume, play, pause, seek, or stop the video. Manage subtitles. Not only does Elmedia offer extensive subtitle support, it also lets you decide how they will look in your video.

You can also choose to either load them manually or automatically. There is also the possibility to increase or decrease subtitle delay to sync them with video, in case the original file has some issues. Custom appearance Set the size, font, as well as the color for text and background. Load automatically Set the subtitle files to autoload in your preferred language. Online subtitles If you need the subtitles, but your file doesn't have any, search an extensive database directly from the player.

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Additionally to watching a video in full screen you can set which monitor the video will be played on. Elmedia supports the native macOS full-screen mode. Adjust a currently playing video brightness, saturation, contrast, hue, gamma, sharpness, and reduce the noise.

You can make a screenshot of precisely the moment you need in a currently playing video or even convert it all into a series of screenshots. If you got a video that has low quality issues like horizontal stripes on fast moving objects, then you can use Deinterlace option to get rid of the problem. If the original file has video and audio out of sync then you can easily increase or decrease audio delay to match sound and image together. Great sound quality. Elmedia Player has its own volume control that only adjusts sound in the player, all other sounds in the system stay untouched.

Elmedia Player offers you the possibility to add external soundtracks to any of your videos, so you can watch a movie in a different language or with a more suitable dubbing. Use the player's settings to set up passthrough for hardware decoders — AC3 or DTS for surround audio. The band graphic equalizer for tuning the sound to your liking either manually or with one of the carefully selected presets. Open Online video. Watch online videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo directly in your player. Besides the variety of formats it can handle, JustPlay makes HD, 4K and even 8K playback a breeze through its Mac hardware-accelerated decoding function.

You also get complete control over playback in terms of speed, audio or subtitles sync when needed. JustPlay can even take care of those annoying horizontal stripes that appear on fast moving objects in some videos. Thanks to its deinterlacing feature, the overall video quality is improved. VLC Player doesn't require codec packs and is absolutely free. Cisdem VideoPlayer is also a great choice. It often offers smoother playback when other media players show choppy video. It can also download online videos. MPlayerX is very lightweight on resources and easy to use and can play almost any file format.

Just like 5KPlayer, this one has been designed specifically with Mac users in mind. It supports Apple Remotes, has a full screen mode, lets you change the subtitle size and can pick up from the moment you stopped the video. Many Mac users take MPlayerX as a standard part of their toolbox because of how well it works and has all most popular codecs. Kodi originates as a homebrewed media player for Xbox consoles.

12222 Best Media Players for macOS High Sierra Free Download

It was developed to be an all-in-one platform for viewing pictures, watching videos, and playing music. Plex supports all common file formats that the previous players can. A minimalistic, easily navigated interface, a perfect convenient place for all your media. Plex aims to bring all of your services and devices together under a single platform.

One can add folders and files to their Plex library and stream them to any device with Plex. It produces excellent audio and video playback and has an overwhelming tool set. This player lets you burn media to discs and offers easy selection of the viewing size.

There are additional options for streaming videos, photos, and music to DLNA-compatible home devices.

Lecteur multimédia complet, génération Seven

DivX is set up with a basic set of hotkeys for navigating the interface and fast playback actions. RealPlayer is a universal media player that can play all formats of videos and can automatically recognize the video or audio format you want to play. The most popular audio and video file formats are supported including.

Note that Realplayer requires a fairly powerful machine for some of its features and in order to launch it properly several applications need to be installed in advance. QuickTime player is Apple's flagship player. It is easy to use and is capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound, panoramic images, and interactivity. When we mean the best video player, we want to get some special features like complying with all known video formats, support of high-quality resolutionsincluding p, 4K and 8K. If you have a Mac, you probably know QuickTime for playing videos.

This page is for those Mac users who want to go beyond a standard player and get a third-party application for viewing popular formats that you can find online, download to your device or find in your collection.

Clementine Music Player

You will not see any ads. To start viewing the video, go to File - Open online video and enter the URL of the movie and enjoy viewing it. We recommend using Elmedia among all the above-mentioned ones or a native QuickTime Player. You can find all the other factors and criteria for choosing the best app above in the article. A media player is a software application for playing various media files such as videos and music.

If you want to view a high-quality picture on your screen and have super great audio when watching a movie, you will definitely need the best media player for Mac.