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Manual Forums Wiki Blog. Mixxx integrates the tools DJs need to perform creative live mixes with digital music files. Whether you are a new DJ with just a laptop or an experienced turntablist, Mixxx can support your style and techniques of mixing.

Zulu DJ Software Versions

BPM and musical key detection help you find the perfect next track from your library. Use master sync to match the tempo and beats of four songs for seamless mixing. Built-in mappings for DJ controller hardware gives you hands-on control of Mixxx's features. Add your unique spin to tracks with sound effects. Get creative by chaining multiple effects together and twisting all their knobs.

Mix music and create beats.

Use turntables with timecode vinyl records to control playback and scratch your digital music files as if they were pressed on vinyl. Mix music vinyls into your set by toggling vinyl passthrough mode. There are almost four decks of track control, per-track and master effects — each with multiple slots, a library browser with tagging and track recommendation system, eight slot sampler, and a beat slicer. Lately, it has been expanded with the Auto-Mix feature which is an automated tool that does a lot of work for the user, and that is a great option for a beginner who is looking to rock the party without having to spend weeks in rehearsing.

At the more pro end of things, it is able to synchronize and control the light shows and stage effects as well. Rekordbox DJ can also be expanded with an add-on pack for digital vinyl, lyric functionality, and video mixing, which is ideal for DJs events and karaoke. Expectedly, Rekordbox DJ is best used with the controller hardware of Pioneer.

Rekord DJ can be downloaded for a day free trial and is also available in multiple different purchase options that are included in the subscription plans. In which the key version of Traktor gives its user flexibility and depth, iOS counterpart — that is all about easy to use with a forthright interface which makes it easy to play and browse tracks as well as mix them using the EQ, faders, and simple effects.

You may also enhance the power with the SuperSlice add-on pack, too, that offers a tactile and neat way to add scratch, pitch shift effect, and reverse effects. Regrettably on among the other features — the synchronising ability for track Metadata with the computer version of Traktor has not been included. Maybe it will be added in some future update. Along with all the stock features you may expect from a DJ software package — mixer, EQs, effects, etc. In terms of up-front DJ features, this software is packed with four virtual decks, with key-matching and beat sync capabilities.

Looper tool and sample player are also included in the Dex.

DJ Your Way

Its trial version can be downloaded from PCDJ site. Most particularly, VirtualDJ can run everything up to 99 virtual decks — of course; it is not advised to mix 99 tracks at the same time. But it really is an enormous amount of flexibility. It is ReWire compatible as well which means that it can be used in conjunction with multiple DAWs that opens up a whole new world of performance possibilities. The recent updates have added some more major features and tool into the mix.

The last update, version 8, has rebuilt the entire audio engine by adding enhanced sampler, Sandbox feature for private mixes previewing, and more. The latest Virtual DJ edition puts the main focus on visuals. There is another automated scratching tool which delivers new methods for broadcasting directly into the social media and also offers the new lighting compatibility.

The software further features the audio line-ins and also comes with mappings for an objectively extensive range of DJ controllers. If you are not willing to pay upfront, you may subscribe it on a monthly basis. There are also some free and controller-specific versions available for Virtual DJ. Algoriddm is among the first DJ software brands that took the idea of mobile DJ application seriously. The app can hold on its own as a computer application too with same great features that are likely of some particular interest to a house party or a casual DJ — like the ability to directly load tracks from Spotify, and also the Automix AI tool which intelligently mixes and suggests tracks playlists.

The flagship version of the software supports the four deck mixing and also offers waveforms and turntable views. It consists of a sampler too, plus effects with an advanced track library. However, the pro version is much expensive comparatively anyway; it also comes in a cheaper version just under the title DJay that offers the exact core features and is also available for iOS watch platform.

Download Algoriddim DJay Free trail. Highly popular among the professionals who write the DJ soft reviews for a living, the image line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition assures incredible music producing atmosphere. It has encompassed in the full-featured suite that allows the user to develop the best possible music. Editing and audio recording, MIDI step sequencing and piano roll, multi-touch support, and live performance mode come along the package. By getting this package, you will be able to do the fine tuning of your creations with advanced editing functions and audio recording.

You are allowed to record tracks without any limit till your computer is capable of handling it. If you are bored with editing or audio recording, you may play around with its 12 advanced routing and mixing options which will give you the capability to develop other productions. There are about 99 channels and mixer that can be used for a lot of different things like levelling, creating sub-mixing, and panning.

It is essential to note that every channel of the mixer has a parametric EQ which can manage up to ten effects.

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Some of these effects are limiting, delay, maximization, compression, equalization, and distortion. You may also choose from about 30 software synthesizers to cover synthetic bass or acoustic, electric guitar, multi-sampler tools like strings and piano, or beat-slicing and general playback. With this package, you can never go wrong. You will surely earn an amazing return on your investment. You can download your FL Studio free trail here. Vastly popular among the professionals in the industry, Ableton Live DJ and Mixing Software are steadily rated among the best music production software that you may buy for the money.

With this software version, you will be able to be more artistic than ever before. Moreover, you can allocate MIDI controls, overdub, record loops, and also develop songs on a whim. Practise the virtual instrument package like the drum rack, i. Another prominent feature includes its ability to multi-track the records up to kHz, bit, 8x scenes, and 16x scenes that provides space for developing unique tracks, MIDI sequencing of hardware and software instruments, unlimited undo feature allows you to create without limitations, group track organizations for modest automation, and wrapping and real-time time-stretching capabilities.

The software suite has all that you want and also if you want more of the AU options or plug-ins, you will always have the option to add-on. Get Ableton 9 live here. If you are searching for a PC DJ software which is easy to learn, use, and easy to set up, the Studio One Artist is mostly the first option among consumers. The package assures excellent quality and also offers inspirational features. The software asserts drag and drop, flow-oriented interface, and even promises the ease of use so as the user is able to have fun while the tune is mixing.

Added in version 3 are the latest virtual instruments, step sequencing for programming beats, enhanced ways to find the backing tracks, and an amazing interface which offers context-sensitive documents, multi-touch support, and some other enhancements as well.

Other updated are usually mentioned by the customers is the content browser that lets you find, search, temp-matched loops, drag-and-drop, effects, presets, instruments, and samples with any hassle. The latest Presence XT expandable sampler along with Mai Tai polyphonic, and analogue modelling synth includes 36 64bit Native Effects as well as the five virtual instruments that make this package one of the best DJ software and an outstanding value for the investment.


Additionally, advanced features like editing with groove extraction, transient detection, step recording, multi-track comping, and event-based effects have been included. It must be noted that this software can easily be accessed once the license key is generated and registered with the developer. Get PreSonus Studio One 3 here. Selecting the best DJ software free that would match your needs unwieldy.

DJ Software - VirtualDJ - The #1 Most Popular DJ Software

In a paid DJ software you can get a lot of options. But what if you are not willing to spend any sort of money on a DJ software and still want a pro-feature-packed DJ software, we have amassed a list the best DJ software for pc and other platforms that you can avail completely at no cost. Here is a list of such 10 DJ software free of cost that is available in the market:. Virtual DJ is undoubtedly the best DJ software available for free. The software allows the user to mix, record, and edit numerous audio sources with an easy to use interface. Its current version 8 is an upgrade over the previous version of the software in which a lot of pro features have been added.

The web-based feature asks you to create an account at the product website. Download Virtual DJ free here. Mixxx is also among the first few software that was offered for free. Mixxx is totally free and an open source DJ tool.

It is excellent for mixing, matching, and programming of an audio file for live shows or maybe just for simple learning. To get further support for the software you may join the community forums and ask other users of the software about your queries. Download Mixxx free here. Cross DJ is one of the best DJ software and a great free DJ tool that has quite a simple interface and comes with four cool players, video mixing, and customization wave forms.

Videos can be mixed in a simple manner just like audio would be mixed. In various terms, it can be simpler than a virtual DJ. You may even use a webcam input in order to stream videos right from the editing interface also even easily synchronize your video with the audio. Download Cross DJ free. Unlike other mixers and DJ software that have only for decks, Zulu is one such software that has six decks.

When an audio file is imported in mp3 or some other format, it does the scanning and assigns a beat to the audio. You may also decrease or increase beats per minute and add effects to it on the fly in order to generate the amazing audio effect. The software also allows you to import audio files easily by drag and drop option available in its interface which also lets you preview the audio while playing the music from a secondary output.

Download Zulu DJ Free. If a person can find them online for free, there is nothing like that. Relying on an online mixer or a DJ software on live shows is utter foolishness, but if you try software like PartyCloud online to create some great and amazing online music that too for free is not a bad decision. Though PartyCloud Online is not a software, it is an online web service that has over 20 million songs database coming from SoundCloud which is really amazing. Download PartyCloud Online free. Its features include BPM Matching with eight inbuilt sound effects.