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What a sad, sad day. The end of an era. Then I stumbled onto a webpage that pointed to the icon factory as a source for cool icons. Sounds like the staff of Panic are pretty cool judging from the June trip to Hawaii and I wish you well. Is there a serial number for older versions, i. Candybar has been awesome and I have used it on my Hackintosh netbook since I first tried it out. It is just too great, and one of the reasons I want to keep using Snow Leopard forever!

Changing system icons will now be a little hackier than I prefer, but I chiefly use the Pixadex portion of the software, anyway. Thanks for the software, I really enjoy it. I mean, Is no longer about power users now.

Icon Font & SVG Icon Sets ❍ IcoMoon

Apple is pushing all of us to other platforms. This is getting very strange. I am telling you right now: It will be just the Mac App Store apps the only apps for Mac in less than 2 years and it will be a pain in the you know what using an App from outside. Apple will let viruses come in from outside just to let you know you need to be inside their bubble to be safe. Thanks Panic! When people open apps such as Candybar all that comes to mind is customization, not whether the app is approved by Apple, or not. Candybar source code please? Sunday mornings… Hunting for the new icon set… Hot cup of coffee and Candy Bar… One of my favourite routines for as long as I can remember… End of an era.

I downloaded CandyBar. I loved it. I thought it was awesome. And I tried to fix it.

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Goodbye …. I can only feel deeply sad of the news. I have been using it v 3. Apple should leave such small spaces of personalisation open. Sorry to hear it guys… This was the 1st piece of software I ever purchased online so as many have already said, I have fond memories of it and your company.

Much love and all the best with the future. No doubt CandyBar was, and is, awesome. They may ignore one or two feedbacks…they may even ignore hundreds or thousands of feedbacks, but I thought it was worth a try. In case any of you would like to as well. Heartfelt thanks to Panic and Thoughts on BTW, why in the world would anyone want to shove a Tablet OS into one of the finest Desktop operating systems ever created?!?

I had a specific aesthetic in mind that I was able to bring to life because of Candybar. Candybar allowed me to make my Macs truly mine and the envy of all those who checked out my Desktop, Dock, icons, and tweaks, as well. Most insulting the fact that everything about But even back then there were some rumblings:. Forget about it. This is going to happen. IOS across all products would standardize the big-brother, patronizing, and utterly draconian practices so common to the iPad and iPhone across all products. Not to mention slashing development costs, since Apple is so hard up fro cash these days.

My recommendation is do not upgrade past One code base to rule them all. And hey, we just made troubleshooting a 1-step process! Trouble with your Mac? Welcome to the future. Thank you for a great program. I know this will not be the end of such great product, very excited to see what you guys will come up with next.

Thanks for making the Mac that much more enjoyable in our everyday work. Now, if we could only have Candybar for iPhone!! Thanks anyways for making a great product. Thanks for this great work, you are the best — also for making it a free version now ;. External or third party apps will be over and Apple will finally control all the ecosystem for their company. Youngsters never will know a company with a lot of history as we know it they just will be waiting for the new toy… careless.

Ronin — excellent post! I prefer my computer to function as a computer.

Panic Blog

And I like to make it customisable. Panic Team: thank you so much for such a wonderful app. Very sad it has come to this. But since the default is to sign the entire thing, rather than just the important executables, the code signing gets broken for trivial things like icons. I feel like crying. I truly do. It was the only thing that was still able to customize Sorry you gotta go but as mentioned you are going out with style! I will put off updating to Mt. Lion as long as possible just to keep my pretty dock!

I loved my cb icons since they came out. I changed to Mountain Lion today and kinda wanna go back just because of my ugly dock!

This makes me very sad. CandyBar is one of my favorite applications: so easy to use! So thorough! Well, if things ever look up, you will continue to have a loyal customer in me. My other computer is a PC, which, after all of my personal development and customizations, represents nothing PC related.. Naturally, I expected the same availability and opportunity with an Apple product, and had high hopes for this luxury to far exceed the capabilities offered by my Windows-based machine, as well as adding security, graphics, and speed especially after so many years of my snobby Mac-using friends berating me for noncompliance!

After a few hours of trying to figure things out by myself, I sought the forums and came across this gem. Unfortunately, like most great things discovered throughout history, this basic personalization ability is being revoked, and instead we are being forced into a monotonous consumer world where fresh ideas, personal style, and simple visual beauty are no longer options. In conclusion, thank you for allowing me the chance to peruse the Mac world for as long as I did.

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Had your software not been available, I doubt my endeavor would have spanned more than a few days. Any company which conducts itself in such a respectful and customer-oriented fashion as you have is sure to go far :. As for the ending of Candybar as we know it — very sad. Thanks all. I have been with you guys from the start. Thanks for all the fun, and productivity help. Really great of you to go free. I will be looking for other Panic Products.

Thanks again. All things change, bummer. Apple could take a lesson from Panic in style, grace and customer satisfaction. Right now, if Panic made a computer, I would buy one and it would be loaded with your software. I wanted to thank you so much for allowing CandyBar to be free to users. Again, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to customize my dock and icons. CandyBar is, without any doubts, the best application of its kind! Dear Candybar, I love this app, however i have a problem changing the icons for three applications, which include iphoto, imovie and garage band.

They are slightly grey, unclickable, and have a little lock icon on the bottom right of the icon. Please respond, Stav. Thanks so much for bringing me so much pleasure in customizing the look of my Mac! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! Sup guys. No dice. Hello, I am wondering as I am still on Panic, thank you for the great application, and all of the work you have put into it over the years.

Panic was thinking different long before Apple was, Candybar, IconFactory and Resedit were staples of the customizing your Mac experience. This is a sad day indeed, thanks again Panic for all of your work, hopefully Apple will change their course, but I doubt it. Apple will soon find that their decisions have driven off their most valuable customers and users. Do we really need two sizes of iPads and multiple types of iPods, All with similar price points? Apple was swirling in the gutter, If Steve had not thrown everything out they would have died long ago.

Now they are swirling again. Only they do not know it. It is a sad sight to see for the Apple users that went through their dark times with them. My last upgrade was to Snow Leopard for the Machines that I have which will run it, and Leopard for the older machines. I will not even let them upgrade my work machine to ML. My next machine will be a Ubuntu machine, and my next phone will be an Android based device.

Dear CandyBar you are the first app that I add when I setup a new machine and the coolest one. Thanks for your coolness factor. This gesture from Panic is typical of them and all that has made Apple computers so unique. It is regrettable that increasingly, Apple appear to be working hard to destroy the very idiosyncrasy that has secured a following of millions.

I am partially sighted and I now find that I cannot use my MacBook as easily as before I upgraded from Snow Leopard entirely due to the interface, which is not easily tailored to a more individualised preference. Now I feel a little like an orphan. Been collecting them since my Mac OS 9 days…. How can that be? How will you eat? Buy coffee? Take the bus? You need to charge. Its worth it and people will pay! It is true that after to restart I have to restart also the finder but…. If I could include you a print-screen you could see that this is possible, and therefore it might be possible to solve the problem of to restart the Finder after a reboot.

I understand where you sit. As awkward as it may have been for you. Like one of the other posters, I appreciate what you have done for us. Godspeed on you next adventures. I am still Love your work Candymen. Help me! Candybar replaced my system folder icons, and when i hit restore icons, the original folder came up in candybar, but after I log out and back in, some folders stayed the same!

The most problematic being the generic folder! Hey Panic Inc. You guys have my highest respect! I really hope that Apple will allow dock changes again. I used it every time I changed my wallpaper to match the look of the icons, it was easy, fast and gorgeous. I think the people at Apple should be forced to work in gray cubicles, wear gray clothes, and drive gray cars, and then be forced to find their cars in an Apple parking lot of gray cars at the end of every day. See how their creative juices just dry up.

Thank you for the ride, Panic. I love this CandyBar program. It takes functionality on the Mac to a nice, creative level. I was proud to have made this purchases, which greatly enhanced my use of the Mac. Sad to see you go. Apple is very restrictive and does not give many options to be such a popular computer with creative types.

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You guys ended this right. Thank you for giving your hard work so willingly to the public. Made my very happy. I am now getting a new Mac and am just now checking on compatibility. I am so sorry to see you go.

Set gratuito de iconos inspirados en Microsoft Office 2010

Many thanks for your non-support support. So nice of you and really tragic for you. Hope your future is very bright. Many thanks. CandyBar has been my favorite app. I always used it to impress my friends. Im sad it going to stop working. We love candybar. When will the intervening deal desire? A shimmering syndrome sails a censor using the straight line hum.

A fantastic soak marches ahead of the burned whistle. A blackboard weds her gospel. Should the container clos the battle? I truly enjoy reading on this site, it has excellent articles. A fascinating discussion is worth comment. I believe that you should publish more about this subject matter, it may not be a taboo matter but usually people do not talk about such topics. To the next! Kind regards!! Dear Skype members, Skype is supposed to be closing down March 15th because it is becoming very overpopulated.

There have been many members complaining that Skype is becoming very slow. Records show that there are many active Skype members and also many new members. We will be sending this message around to see if members are active or not. Send this message to all of your friends to show that you are still active and you will not be deleted. Candybar was the best. CONS Not official icons. Softonic review Microsoft has slated Office for a public beta release in November but the creator of the Microsoft Office IconPack has already designed some icons inspired by the new suite.

Blue Planet Appreciate a completely free satellite view of Earth from your computer. Halloween Emoticons Pumpkin icons to get in the Halloween mood. Emotimaker Create your own smileys. Download Microsoft Office IconPack. Free Download for Mac.

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