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But who said a shedload of features is necessarily a bad thing? This includes being able to bind Vuze to your VPN adapter, but also loads more funky stuff such as content discovery through automated subscriptions, having an integrated media player, remote management, and much more. On the downside, Vuze is resource-heavy and rather ugly especially when compared to Transmission!

Its clunky interface is also showing its age. This situation is not helped by the inclusion of ads in the free version, or by the fact that you need to be careful during installation if you do not want to also install a load of crapware. A Vuze Plus subscription removes the ads and provides built-in anti-virus scanning, a DVD burner, and "play now" support.

Slow torrent speed

It is, admittedly, pretty funky! This also brings me to the point that, despite its open source roots, Vuze is now closed source proprietary software. Vuze 5. Unlike the desktop client, the excellent Android app is lightweight and ad-free. Vuze Remote is a handy app for Android that allows you remote control your desktop torrent downloads.

Visit Vuze.

All the other programs on this list are BitTorrent clients. You download a. Popcorn Time is different; It is an open source app that uses BitTorrent technology to stream high quality video content to all major platforms. This means that unlike with traditional BitTorrent clients, you can watch a film or show without waiting for the download to complete. You might be thinking " is Popcorn time safe? It is notable for having a very slick and intuitive interface, and for providing access to a huge library of up-to-date content.

Although primarily a streaming platform, content can also be downloaded locally and some content is always cached. Specific features vary a little depending on which fork you use, but steaming to your big-screen TV via Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA is pretty standard.

Editors' Review

Popcorn Time is free, and respectable versions are free from ads and other crapware. Visit Popcorntime. Its feature list is not huge, but should be more than enough to satisfy most users. Features include remote web management and support for magnet links. Functionality can be further extended with a range of both in-house and third-party plugins. Highlights include plugins for RSS support, Growl notifications, streaming while downloading, and more.

Deluge is completely FOSS , with no ads or crapware. Visit Deluge. BitTorrent is a popular peer-to-peer P2P file-sharing protocol. Instead of being stored on a centralized server from which you download, torrented files are shared among many other BitTorrent users. Popular files can easily be shared among hundreds of users in this way. Although still very popular, BitTorrent use has declined somewhat in recent years. This is in part thanks to the wealth of legal streaming options available from providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The popularity of illegal options, such as Kodi and streaming websites is also a factor. For top tips and the best VPN for Streaming take a look at the guides below:. The more traditional method of downloading using a BitTorrent client, however, continues to offer some major advantages:.

Not sure where to find free torrents? Check out this list of torrent websites , but be sure you know how to spot a fake torrent to avoid getting something you don't really want. Overall, I like BitLord because it seems to have plenty of useful features without leaving it too confusing to use. This means it can be the sole torrent client for anyone and everyone.

Mac and OSX Downloads - μTorrent® (uTorrent) - a (very) tiny BitTorrent client

Although it's generally not an acceptable thing to do, BitLord lets you completely disable seeding by setting the speed of uploads and the number of upload slots to zero. This is useful for people who have very little upload bandwidth and would rather not use it up on torrents. Bundles Direct access to a over 10, artists and 2,, pieces of content. Download media directly from a variety of artists, bands, authors and filmmakers.

Simple, Fast and Free BitTorrent Client

Also Available: Download uTorrent for Windows. Download uTorrent 1. Top Downloads. Comments and User Reviews.