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My Books "A stunning survey of the latest evidence for intelligent life on Mars.

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Includes my essay "The Ancients Are Watching. Blurbage "Posthuman Blues is good shit. You humans might like it too.

Mac Tonnies - WikiVisually

Perhaps that's why I like him so much, though I agree with nearly nothing that he writes. Twitter Updates Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter. My photos Link-dump 22 space edition Tube twins Tube-girl sighting! Rise of the tumorbots Link-dump 21 I'm snot making this up. Behind the scenes at the Singularity Summit I don't have an iPhone. I think it's about time for another dubious UFO vi You want one, don't you? The existential implications of ufology This is more like it.

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No bachelor pad's complete without one! You can't win. Link-dump 20 Well, that didn't take long.


You've probably already seen it, but. Into the abyss Further evidence that we inhabit a cosmic fractal Link-dump 19 Transcendent machines More Roswell "insider" testimony This picture really bugs me.

Mac Tonnies Dies

I wish I'd drawn this. Ever wondered what might happen if David Cronenber Just ignore it and maybe it will go away. I love a good dose of paleo-transhumanism. Can't afford your own private wormhole? Link-dump 18 Skywatchers, take note. A Ballardian moment I always suspected.

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There are times when I feel just like this. Synthetic landscapes "Artificial Paradise, Inc.

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My latest book is After the Martian Apocalypse Paraview Pocket Books, , a speculative and generally well-received examination of extraterrestrial intelligence on the Red Planet. It can still be found in used-book stores and on Amazon. I spend an inordinately large portion of my time pursuing unpopular ideas and esoteric theories with what I sincerely hope is balanced skepticism.

I read voraciously ; preoccupations include cosmology, nonhuman intelligence, UFOs, consciousness studies, and futurism. Dick and William S. I tend to think in the future-tense. I have a deep affinity for 80s pop music; some of my favorite bands are The Cure, R.