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  1. Change MAC address in Windows 7 or later for wireless adapter
  2. Technitium MAC Address Changer | A Freeware Utility To Spoof MAC Address Instantly
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This is a free and simple MAC Address changer

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Change MAC address in Windows 7 or later for wireless adapter

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Free Socks Proxy Scanner. Provides added level of system security Installation and implementation are straightforward All relevant information displayed clearly, intuitively. Change MAC address dialog appears. Using this dialog you may generate a random MAC address or type your own value. In Windows 7, you may see a warning message window if the new MAC address of wireless adapter is not an available value.

You can correct the value or leave the same. The MAC Address will be changed after automatic connection restart. We develop software for corporate networks, local area networks and home networks.

Change / Spoof Your MAC Address in Windows 7 by Britec

The network is assigned a specific address or attribute that are usually allotted by the manufacturers and this called Media Access Control or MAC address. However, you can change them manually later with the MAC spoofing process. While we already know that the MAC address changer tools help you to change the unique addresses of your network adapters, it primarily helps protect your network from needless connections. While you can certainly change the MAC address of the network adapter manually through the control panel, there are quite a few software that helps you to take care of it easily, without any mess and for free!

So, if you are looking to change the MAC address for verification, privacy, limited data usage, etc.

Technitium MAC Address Changer | A Freeware Utility To Spoof MAC Address Instantly

The user interface is simple and easy to use while it displays the status, speed, network connections, MAC address, and the status if the MAC has been changed. If you wish to view the properties like IP Address or information you simply need to click on the Network Connections tab separately.

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  • It offers abundant information related to each network adapter along with the facility to edit settings to a large extent. You need to toggle to the lower panel of the graphic user interface to change the MAC address. The free version is the most basic one called Evaluation Edition which offers some of the essential functionalities. However, it misses a few enhanced features that are available in the paid versions. The changing of MAC address helps protect your identity in a network, troubleshoot network issues, helps solve issues related to software and hardware items or just for some fun.

    You can see both the MAC addresses on the interface including the new one. As you can view the list of all available adapters, you can even choose to activate the virtual network cards. You can either enter the address manually or simply generate an address automatically.


    In situations, where you cannot change the MAC address you need to adjust the new MAC address as some of the network cards acknowledge only unique ranges. If you are looking for a straightforward application that can help you change or spoof the MAC address easily, Spoof-Me-Now can be just the one for you. It is a portable software hence you do not even need to install it.