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  1. How to reset USB ports on a Mac laptop • BatteryBox
  2. Mac USB Ports Stopped Working? It’s Likely Easy to Fix
  3. What to Do When Your USB Ports Aren't Working
  4. 1. Check the Connection
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It might require additional software or driver updates to be compatible with the current macOS version. SMC reset for Mac laptops is quite different. When the power adapter light starts blinking or changes the color, your SMC reset is done. Hopefully, your Mac will serve you well.

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How to reset USB ports on a Mac laptop • BatteryBox

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Help us improve how you interact with our website by accepting the use of cookies. You can change your privacy settings whenever you like. Step 1. Check for faulty USB ports This is the easiest solution.

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Step 2. As flawless as a Mac can be, it is not completely immune to issues and sometimes the USB ports on the Mac can stop working inexplicably. You know you didn't do anything to cause the problem, but all of a sudden all your USB ports not working on Mac.

Mac USB Ports Stopped Working? It’s Likely Easy to Fix

This issue can be frustrating. But before you think that the problem is the Mac, consider that sometimes USB devices can fail. Like we mentioned above, it is likely that the Mac is not the problem at all but the USB itself is failing to connect to the Mac. To check if this is a connection issue and that the USB you are using is damaged or not, try connecting a different USB device to the Mac to see if it's recognized. You may also want to check the USB ports on the Mac to make sure there isn't any debris or dust lodged in it.

If there are, use a soft cloth to clean out the dust or a toothpick to remove any debris.

This problem can also be caused by a software issue. In this case, you may want to restart the Mac to eliminate any software issues that could be causing problems. Follow these simple steps to restart the Mac;. Just to make sure that it is not a hardware problem, you may want to check that the USB port on the Mac is working fine. Although less likely, there is a chance that updating your system could solve your USB port problems. Share Pin Email.

What to Do When Your USB Ports Aren't Working

Jeremy Laukkonen is a tech writer drawing from experience as a technology ghostwriter and as the creator of a popular blog and a video game startup. Here are eight things to try when your USB ports stop working:. If you aren't that lucky, then you'll want to move on to more complicated fixes.

Wait for the scan to complete and then check your USB device to see if it works.

1. Check the Connection

Right-click Start then left-click Run Type devmgmt. Repeat step 5 for each USB controller you find. Turn your computer off and then back on again. Windows will automatically reinstall the USB controllers, so check to see if your device works.

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Resetting the SMC for Macs. Release the keys and power button all at the same time. When the Mac starts back up, the SMC will have reset. Check to see if your USB device works. Shut down the computer Unplug the power adapter.

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Press the power button and hold it for at least five seconds. Release the power button. Reconnect the power adapter and start the computer. On a Windows computer:.