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For our always-updating directory of all the best apps, be sure to bookmark our App Directory , where we profile amazing apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS each week—browser extensions, too. You can do a lot with Spotlight in macOS, but Alfred is still our favorite application launcher for yourMac. This easy-to-use tool can do so much more than pull up apps, files, and and keyword-driven automation. That, or consider tricking out Spotlight. Otherwise, Bear is completely free to use and looks great.

Within the app, you organize your notes by hashtags rather than unwieldy folders. You can also link notes to one another, which makes it a lot easier to chain together related thoughts instead of having to dump everything into one giant Super Note or remember that you had a few things to say, split into different notes, about a particular topic.

Also, Bear makes it easy to import notes from other services, including Apple Notes, so you really have no reason to not give it a spin. Who would have thought that text expansion, otherwise known as typing shortcuts, would be so expensive?

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As for aText, using it is simple. You set it up so that whenever you enter little words or phrases, the app drops in something else. Text expansion, also known as typing shortcuts, can save you hours of typing each day.

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Otherwise, the basics are great. You can also add to-do items into our note-taking app, Bear. So, which browser is best?

Just Got a Mac? Download These Apps First

Depending on the benchmarks you look at—here are a bunch from ZDNet , for example—the browsers appear evenly matched for speed. Most people nowadays probably have their favorites locked in: Messages for texting, Facebook Messenger for everything else, WhatsApp for sending government secrets or expiring pictures of your booty, Discord for any and all things gaming, Slack for all things not-gaming, et cetera. Facebook Messenger, as you know, requires you to be on Facebook to use it.

Everyone also probably has a video chat app they love to use.

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With the release of its 9th major iteration in October, OS X became free to download for all. Although Growth rates like that spell good news for developers, and in turn, end-users.

Apple debuts macOS Catalina at WWDC 12222

The faster a platform grows with each update, the richer gets its software repository. We ended the past year with an impressive haul of useful apps from the Mac App Store and third-party repositories, and as is customary, decided to compile a list of the best ones for our awesome readers. Also, a lot of the apps included here are available on multiple platforms, so you might come across quite a few non-OS X screenshots. Airmail Email client with an amazing interface that supports multiple Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and iCloud accounts, syncs attachments with your Dropbox account, and has an excellent email filtering feature.

FileDesk File Manager with tabbed browsing and support for bookmarks; has both free and paid versions.

Screenhero Lets you share whatever is on your screen with another Mac in real-time with multiple users, and collaborate side-by-side through instant messaging. Autotracker Automatically records a history of all actions taking place on your Mac. Taskboard Adds a multitasking tray to the bottom edge of the screen, which lets you switch between and kill apps exactly like the classic App Switcher tray found in iOS 6 and below.

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AppsBar Paid app ; A multitasking tray populated by recently-closed apps that slides down from above the Menu Bar. Quicksand Automatically syncs recently opened files to a folder on your Mac, on Google Drive or Dropbox.

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