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Community Forum Software by IP. Register Now! Page 1 of 1 You cannot start a new topic You cannot reply to this topic. Posted 13 April - PM Hi I've been having a problem with one of our macs and hoped someone could shed some light.

Martin MAC 250 Entour

After about 20 minutes with the lamp switched on, the unit will show a feedback error message and lose its pan position. It only happens when the lamp has been on for a while and it seems to lose its pan position by the same amount every time. I've looked inside the base and checked the pan encoder but there are no signs of damage. I've also given the fans, vents and pan sensor a good clean but it is still happening. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Posted 13 April - PM steve, on 13 Apr , PM, said: After about 20 minutes with the lamp switched on, the unit will show a feedback error message and lose its pan position. Posted 14 April - AM No offence Peter but that was a fairly confusing and pretty pointless post Generally Pan and Tilt have optical encoders which the unit uses to check where it is.

They have a limit switch at one extent of the PT range to calibrate. Assuming it is resetting correctly and working fine for a bit then it's likely all that is working fine. If you reset the fixture after it loses position does it lose the error and work again?

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Check the belt tensions - it should be firm - with maybe 1cm of deflection, but it's an arbitrary figure Tighten or slacken if needed. It's also worth mentioning that this issue was covered recently - so perhaps a search would suggest some quicker ideas! PS: It's generally a bad idea to strike a lamp without the read: protective covers in place.

The UV given off is a fast track way to all sorts of nasties. If you must then sun block and some Cat.

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