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Ironically almost all of the affected games have Windows versions which will usually still run on Macs see below. In some non-TR cases the install discs are even cross-platform. The shift from Motorola to Intel chips has greatly simplified the installation and use of Windows on Apple hardware, but has financial and operational overheads that should be carefully considered. It may be that a games console will allow you to run the same games with less hassle for much the same total package cost.

There are two methods: Boot Camp, and emulation. Both require a legal copy of Windows, which needs activation or limits functionality after 30 days, plus Internet Security software if you plan to use it online. While Boot Camp is provided as part of OSX, all emulators that currently support 3D gaming adequately have to be paid for too. Windows is running direct on your hardware, so any game should run if its box spec is met. Parallels is now generally considered to outperform Fusion for gaming, and Parallels 9 supports DirectX 10 to Fusion 6's DirectX 9 , but defaults to more access to the host Mac services than some may be comfortable with.

Virtualisation programs may require management of Mavericks' Nap settings on laptops. Its 3D support was originally weak, but improved rapidly, so may be worth trying: if what you want works, you've saved the cost of the commercial emulator, and you'll still need the copy of Windows for that anyway. In general, any given version will work with at least the version of OS X current at its release, the previous one, and any version of Windows and several other OS released up to that time.

Windows 7 is almost certainly the best option if you can use it. Older versions are obsolete and Mac screens do not support Windows 8 Touch features.

Tomb Raider ( video game) - Wikipedia

Current retro releases, whether in budget disc compilations, or downloaded from sites like GOG , supply this game embedded in a more complete DOS emulator, DOSBox, but even this only supports the very lowest resolution graphics modes. Thanks to Paul, the author, for assistance in confirming this works in Windows VMs. Glidos supports a number of other classic DOS games of the period in this way. A reasonable summary of how this varies from emulation might be: compatibility is worse, but speed should be faster where it works, it's FREE, and you don't need to buy Windows either.

Thanks to Manu for this news. Wineskin isn't a true OSX Cocoa app it uses the Unix underpinnings, including X-windows graphics which are no longer included by default from See Feral Interactive's site for details. Not all such hardware meets the game spec, and some fullscreen video modes may be distorted due to limitations of the port. A more comprehensive makeover of the original TR, including the bonus levels, was released in the App Store, for iOS devices only, by Square Enix in December Given the long gap between these, it is not clear what plans if any either company have for the remaining games in the original sequence.

Games dependent on optical disc. The drive was then removed from the basic Mac Mini in , and most other models during Also, for a variety of reasons, including copy prevention technologies, some disks simply will not image. As above, it's possible some disks will not clone, or that the game will not recognise a clone on different media as an equivalent.

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For disk-based Windows games in Bootcamp on a diskless Mac, assuming you can install Windows on such Macs in the first place, see e. Other than that, you're on your own! It's entirely your responsibility to check that these approaches are legal under fair use, legitimate backup, or other statutory provisions in your jurisdiction. While all the methods detailed above can be made to work, it is very hard to recommend them in retrospect. Mactracker is your friend for specs here. For legacy Windows, I'd similarly consider dedicated hardware pretty much the cheapest modern laptop with a GPU will handle all pre-Crystal Dynamics TRs, and is available with Windows bundled for far less the price of equivalent Apple-branded hardware rather than Boot Camp or emulation.

Even without issues of legality, many have effectively been superceded by downloadable retrogaming on 7th-gen consoles and handhelds. They do not support PowerPC at all. Gaming appendix - which TRs run on which Macs? Underlined games are also available in an iOS-only version in the App Store.

Any errors are due to the fallability of memory, as I no longer have the older systems to check with. For similar reasons to those given by Trevor on MacRaider's main page, I have not yet played the latest game released under the Tomb Raider banner, and have no plans to do so. Old Tomb Raiders on Newer Macs Last updated April 8 Dave, a longtime MacRaiding acquaintance of Kerrie's from England has kindly agreed to share his memory of their joint experiences of getting older Tomb Raiders and by extension other games to work on newer Macs despite changes in hardware and operating systems over the years.

Originally just a routine within a program, generating very lowres and blocky images by today's standards, shifting this processing to dedicated graphics cards GPUs resulted, as usual, in several different 'standards' before the situation actually standardised ; Mac games flirted with three different systems, RAVE, 3Dfx, and QuickDraw3D QD3D before moving to OpenGL following Steve Jobs' return to Apple.

Tomb Raider: Underworld

My walkthroughs are linked below. Cheat Codes: There are only a few cheats available. Check the Underworld Cheats page for details. There are eight outfits in all some appear in multiple levels , along with a swimsuit, which is unlocked when you beat the game. PC players can also download and create their own custom outfits using various texture editing tools.

The game should run under Windows 7 with no problems. Check your PC specs against the game's required and recommended specs with the easy-to-use tool at System Requirements Lab. It includes pointers on moving Lara through her environment, controlling the camera, conserving health and ammo, using the menu and inventory systems, saving the game, and more. The Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2 versions each have separate guides. Be sure to click the correct links for the version you're playing in the list of levels below.

The mobile phone and Nintendo DS game are covered in separate sections.

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These areas are included in the "Land of the Dead" chapter. Underworld Relic Videos Headshot Tutorial. Some screenshots courtesy of fuzzycroft. Tomb Raider: Underworld Overview and Guide. Custom Search. The Dark Horse Tomb Raider comic series continues! Visit Things from Another World to order.

Tomb Raider Underworld - Moto Gameplay - PS3 Xbox360 PC Mac

A few points of interest: New weapons: Spear gun for use underwater, tranquilizer gun, sticky grenades and Thor's fabulous hammer, Mjolnir. While it doesn't quite level mountains, as the legend suggests, it's almost that powerful.

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In the Nintendo Wii game , Lara also has a handy multi-tool, which has many useful functions-from a compressed air nozzle for cleaning dusty surfaces, to an acetylene torch for cutting thorough metal, to a handy pair of pliers. Vehicles: Lara's speedboat serves as a base of operations in the Mediterranean and Thailand levels, but you can't actually drive it. Not only is this handy for zipping from one area to the next, it also enables Lara to jump across wide gaps and run down enemies.