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Then, click the "First Aid" tab. Step 3: Click "Run" to repair the disk volume errors and permissions. When it finishes, click "Done". Step 1: Open "Library". Step 3: Find a file named as com. Move the file to the desktop. If the problem still occurs, exit Microsoft Word, and then restore the "com. Then, go to Step 4.

How To Fix Microsoft Word Not Opening Or Responding In Windows Or Mac

Note: If you do not locate the file, the program is using the default preferences. Step 4: Exit all Microsoft Office for Mac programs. Then, Click the Word icon. On the left, click "Preferences". Start Word, and check whether the problem still occurs. If the problem seems to be resolved, you can move the "Normal" file to the trash.


Step 2: In the Open dialog box, select the file that you want to open. Do not worry if the "Word not opening" issue causes data loss disaster, you can recover unsaved Word document on Mac from its Temporary folder and AutoRecovery save.

Documents Won't Open: FIX (Mac)

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac also recovers Word document that is missing, deleted or lost due to formatting, virus infection and other misoperation, and the best part of using the software to recover Word is being able to preview the file entirety. Abby Haines - When it comes to how to recover deleted emails on your Mac, you have three ways to go. You can either use trustworthy th…. Hi, please help! I cannot save documents in MS Word. Yesterday I even uninstalled and installed MS Office but it did not solve the problem.

What Should You Do If Excel, Outlook or Word Frozen on Mac?

The documents are very important to me. So please help to fix the issue. Microsoft word is noted as the most popular and the best text editor that offers hundreds of handy features. Due to its user friendly design it has been widely used, which saves the file in both DOC and DOCX However, like other applications even MS word comes along with its own share of troubles. When your MS word freezes frequently and throws a not responding error message on the top of the menu then it indicates word document corruption.

It is a tedious situation and will be worried about what to do when word is not responding! Stay calm! In such case, you just try terminating the Word application and restart the program else restart the system. To handle this situation, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to disable all the third party plug-ins. This is because some of the third party apps could lead to such word error.

Sometimes the crashing problem may stem from damaged Outlook preference files. Similar to the above method, you need to move the preference files to the desktop:. Note: Library is a hidden folder, press down the Option key while clicking the Go menu. If the problem stopped, one of the files is causing it. Try dragging the files back to the Preferences folder one by one and launch Outlook to isolate the problematic file.

Launch Outlook to check if the problem occurs. Repeat the above manipulations and check the files one by one.

Issues affecting Word for Mac features and add-ins

Note: if a specific file is missing, proceed to the next one. Use the following troubleshooting techniques to solve the above issues: force-quit the applications, remove preference files, restart in safe boot mode. Try MacFly Pro. Main Menu. Word Keeps Crashing on Mac.

Word Not Responding & How to Save Document [Fixed] | EaseUS

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