Depot mac eyeshadow without heat


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But of course, you may argue that putting all your eggs in a basket may cause you to end up with none at all. My current leopard print one is filled already! No more space! Is there a name for this phobia?

This Woman Depotted 200 Eye Shadows to Create Custom Mega Palettes

I also prefer not to use anything that involves flames as open fire exposes my health to unnecessary, unhealthy fumes. Instead, I use a hair straightener for heat and also rubbing alcohol to melt glue. You can certainly buy the pro palette refill pans to eliminate the hassle, but these are sold only at one place in Singapore — Ngee Ann City. I love this purplish-pink color. So very sweet and romantic! The flat iron setup should have been done at the start, so that it has time to heat up while you were popping the tray out. Use a scissors or thong or anything that extends — to avoid getting your fingers burnt — to place the detached tray onto the aluminum foil.

depot mac eyeshadow without flat iron

Depending on the temperature of your flat iron, the time taken to melt the back of the plastic tray will vary. When melted, it will looked deformed, indicating that the glue has melted. Push a thumb tack into the middle of the tray. Severe consequences may result.

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Source: missnattysbeautydiary. Makeup artists since the early theatrical, film and television era have practiced depotting, according to Make Up For Ever director of artistry Jenn Karsten. She explains, "The necessity arises from the need to reduce bulky marketing-based packaging, that really has nothing to do with the function of the actual product, to something more packable and stackable for the traveling performer or makeup professional. Using a custom magnetic palette like this one can also save consumers money when they purchase refills instead of the standard product.

For consumers who purchase multiple products a year, the savings will begin to add up! The technique typically involves applying a form of heat to the bottom of the packaging to help the product come out. The ease of depotting may depend on the brand, says Ha. Yet Karsten cautions against depotting foundations and concealers unless they come in the same type of plastic packaging.

Depotting MAC Eyeshadows (No Magnets Needed!) - TheCameraLiesBeauty

These products have very active ingredients and are in the pack or bottle they are in for stability reasons. Volatile silicone-based products can have a bad reaction to plastic. Do decide on a method most suitable for you.

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Place your wire cutters on the lip and gently and slowly pry back the plastic as per the first and second pictures below. I would do this as many times as it takes till you can get your pairing knife in between the pan and the plastic and easily remove the pan completely.

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So take your rag or old towel and dip it into the rubbing alcohol and gently clean in small circular motions untill all the glue is removed see picture 3 below. After the pan is cleaned and there is no residual glue left — take your sticker magnet , peel off the back and stick the magnet in the middle of the pan. From here you can either place on your sticker dots if you bought them on or you can just place the shadow straight in your palette see below.

To collect your empty containers and utilize the Back to MAC program. Great post! You are commenting using your WordPress.