Fix error 1015 iphone 3g mac


  1. iphone 3g error code | Mac Support
  2. How to: Fix Error 1015 iPhone 3G/3GS STUCK IN RECOVERY MODE 4.2.1-4.3.X STEP BY STEP!
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It is working perfectly now!!! Fantastic blog! Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring writers? Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? Any recommendations? This worked for me. Thank you very much! This made a little girl very happy! She tried to update her iphone and broke it, this fixed it, and again thanks. Thank u so fuckin much man!

It really works, now can u tell me please how to do the jailbreak for Telcel Mexico?

iphone 3g error code | Mac Support

Thanks again. I also need the custom firmware…. FBI has already banned the upload site. Anybody has a copy please post the link here so we can download it. Thank you soo much for the help. Also hoping someone might be able to upload the custom firmware somewhere other than Megaupload which has now been shut down?

Anyone know why? Tried on PC and Mac butboth times same message! Me too! Help meee! What did you do? Please reply. I am most grateful I will donate to your cause, I went through other post on youtube and forums, with no luck your instructions was right on point will donate to your cause.

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Thanks so much! Thank you thank you thank you! The 4shared file for the custom firmware dont work as soon as i click download nothing pops up tryed in chrome and explorer about 20 times…. Go Ahead…. I followed your instrustions but when I go in a search ultrasn0w it says it says modify not install.

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What do I do? I was following everything and everything was going ok. Someone help please. You all sweem yo have the Custome firmware 4. It was a pleasure seeing this after how many tries this finally worked…. Try The steps on the video top of the page ….. Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt….. After following all of this till show error So what can i do. As i done what u said, the apple loge came to the screen and the it remains for a long time, When i open the Itunes, it doesnt detect the phone, Please reply me.

Torrentz is not allowed in saudiarabia, so please give me an other link to download the custom version. Please reply Advance Thanks. Dude iam rely rely thankful to u….. U saved my Iphone…. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! I was seeking this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

OMG it worked for my two iPhone3Gs! I gave those two to my nieces but when I tried to update them up to 4. Now I can give them to my nieces so that they can play with their own iPhone! Thank you so much you save my life! Was able to force a tethered boot with redsnow but then it just got permanently stuck on the pineapple screen. Been at this for 3 days straight, hoping maybe you can help me out? Email me if you can help.

iPhone 3G 4.2.1 Solucion Al Error 1015 En iTunes[#1]

Thank you so much and more power to you! Hello to you……i thank you….. Me too!!! Can anyone help me? After hours and hours, downloads and downloads, videos etc…. Hey i did all this correctly. Its even a 3g but after i Held down the power button and the home button it started rebooting by itself. Then i saw all this weird writing like a command promt. Then i saw a pineapple. Please help i did everything correctly. Your the best! I tried everything but this one worked on the first try. Thanks so much. You deserve it. Oh before I forget…. You can get the 3G Custom software here without virus or signing up for anything:.

I saw this same question earlier without an answer and still looking. If you got a direct answer for this question, please share. Itunes popped up with the unknown error code None of these worked either. Help me? It worked!!! Thank you so much for this video, I can use my iphone again thanks to you, awesome! Hi I just jailbreaked and hacktivated my 3g model a, i am unable to use the sim. I get a message sim not recognised. Please help.

Thank you. O yeah! I did it bro! It does really helpfull and save my iphone.. I downloaded Redsn0w 0. It helped. It is written on itunes that it is not compatible. When I download the custom and regular firmware it shows up as a blank paper and i could not open it can you help? When I Download iPhone 3G 4. It wont let me restore when i try to use the coustom frimware it says that its not compatible. It seems to have worked, but I only got emergency calls now?

How to: Fix Error 1015 iPhone 3G/3GS STUCK IN RECOVERY MODE 4.2.1-4.3.X STEP BY STEP!

I wanted to start of clean. Hi, I got to the custom firmware restore, but I get a error in iTunes. I have tried almost everything I can find online but still no luck!! What shall I do? Switch the phone off 2. Press the Power button for about two seconds and continue to hold it 3. After the two seconds press the Home button simultaneously and continue to hold it 4. In that case, try again … and again… Otherwise you may finally release the Home button. Thanks a ton for your great tutorial, Ian. Once again, thank you very much! Hi I am so frustrated because i did step by step but when i am restoring the same error shows again.

Well I know that my phone was restored before I bought it and i would like to know if that it is a problem. The firmware 4. What should i do? After I have restore my iphone 3g with the custom restore 4. Any body help!! Dude i found the custom firmware but when i try to open it it dosent show i the piece with the itunes and the shift key and restore what can i do? Thank you so much…I have spent hours and days, downloading allsorts trying to fix this with no luck. Your method worked! My next question is how do I download my music from pc onto phone without the whole error happening again?

Can someone help me with teamviewer? Now my itunes says that the sim is not supported in the iphone and phone shows sliding bar for emergency call. Could you please help me out this situation. Hi i followed instructions as mentioned in the video, but i get stuck all the time at restoring iphone software stage. Hey guys i was stressin over this shit for days i found ur video and worked first time you are fucking awesome!

I followed this video and i thought it was all going fine until the end when it said iTunes has detected a phone in recovery mode AGAIN! But after restoring using itunes.. Seems that the battery did not last that long, or am i wrong? Please help, anyone out there. This finally got my iphone 3G working again. When I tried doing this it got stuck again in restore mode as it was before fixing it through your instructions So now I am following your instructions once more to get it working again. Once its working… how do I get my iPhone 3G back to factory settings no jailbreak?

Guess I have more work to do. Thanx anyway. I have I am starting to think that I need iTunes version 10 but no one mentions this on any of the tutorials. Please let me know. How to fix this and. It worked! Alhamdullilah…It worked. Thank you so much for this post.

By the way it took me several months to succeed. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Time limit is exhausted. Leave A Response. December 30, at pm. December 31, at am.

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O fficial iOS 4. You have a SIM card to activate the iPhone, download this customized firmware 4. You do not have a SIM card to activate the iPhone, download this customized firmware 4. If you have an iPhone 3G: 2. IOS official 4. Once synchronization is complete, you can again use your iPhone jailbroken on IOS 4. HELP im using windows 7 ultimate. I'm not sure which file is my host file?

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  • But please help me again, how to update 4. Many people encounter error after jailbreaking their iPhone iOS 4. While trying to restore the iPhone on iTunes. In this tutorial you a way your way out of the iPhone error Im college student, thanks for sharing :. When I start my iphone and try to work on any programs then I reciev this iphone error But after using this third party repair tool I have easily fixed this error just by following its instructions and also my iphone file transfer easily.

    I was just thinking of my career change as an iOS developer since I am passionate to create application. Your blog motivate me to start immediately. Nice post. Thanks for sharing! I want people to know just how good this information is in your article. Post a Comment. Follow twitterapi. Follow Us! Be Our Fan. Your Ad Here. Enter your administrator password if prompted. If you have an iPhone 3G:. Step 8: Click Next:.