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  1. How to Clean Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Hongkiat
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How to Clean Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Hongkiat

OS X treats each partition as a separate disk. When you select an item in the column on the left, you see only a partition tab when you select a disk, such as the Be careful here. While some adjustments can be made to partitions without loss of data, not all adjustments can. Makes sense when you think about it.

  • Erase your Mac and perform a clean install for a fresh start.
  • Disk Utility in OS X Mountain Lion - dummies.
  • Before You Start: Back Up!!

Software vendors typically use an installer program that decompresses and copies files to their proper places on your hard drive. These days, more developers are adopting the disk-image format for their downloadable installers and updaters. When mounted on your Desktop more on what mounting means in a minute , a disk image looks and acts just like a real disk.

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You can open it and see its contents in a Finder window, copy files from its window to another disk, drag it to the Eject button to remove it from your Desktop — go wild. To make a disk image appear on your Desktop, you double-click the image file. Two, you are thinking about trading or gifting your machine to someone else, but you are concerned with the remnants of files, profiles and various credentials that if mishandled, may lead to a security leak. A clean install will give you peace of mind.

With that cleared up, in this article we will show you how to erase existing data and reinstall a brand new copy of Mountain Lion.

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Here is a breakdown of the steps involved:. First, grab hold of a copy of the Mountain Lion installer file. Re-enter your App Store credentials if required.

OS X - Boot to the Recovery Partition in Lion/Mountain Lion

Note that this may take up between 10 and 60 minutes, depending on your Internet connection speeds. Do not start the installation process when your download finishes. Our goal is here to keep a soft copy of the installer and in the flash drive.

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  8. Double-click InstallESD. This may take a minute or two. Plug in the flash drive into your Mac and launch the Disk Utility application.

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    You can do it quickly by searching via Spotlight. Note: This will remove everything in the flash drive. Keep a backup of the files within if you still need them, then come back to this section. Once the flash drive is formatted, re-select the formatted USB drive from the left menu, and click the Restore tab.

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    Do the following steps carefully:.