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  1. Windows Live Sync (formerly FolderShare for Windows)
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The first step is to sign up for the service on its website. If you already have a Windows Live ID, you can log in with that; otherwise, you'll create one.

Next you need to install the sync software on each PC you want to keep synchronized. Once you log in to your account, you should see a download link for the sync software, near the top of the page. You can use this link from each PC to download the software.

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Windows Live Sync (formerly FolderShare for Windows)

Once you install it, open the application and sign in with your Windows Live ID. As you install and run the software on each computer, you should see the computers appear on your Windows Live Sync page, such as Figure 1 shows. If your computer was already running Windows 7 before this update, you'll have to go to the Sync website to add your computer back to all the folders that you're syncing. You also might see that your computer shows up on the Sync website with a new name; you can safely go ahead and delete the old computer from the website without losing your files and folders.

Sync Files Between Computers & SkyDrive with Windows Live Sync Beta

Windows Live Sync is a product meant for syncing files across two or more computers Windows and Mac OS is supported and sharing them with other people. You must login or create an account to comment. Channel Ars Technica. Profile Sign out. Manage OneDrive settings on macOS using property list Plist files Use the following keys to preconfigure or change settings for your users. OneDrive com. Deploy the settings onto the local computer.

Refresh the preferences cache. On the next start of OneDrive, the new settings will be picked up. Overview of settings The following table lists all the settings that are currently exposed for the OneDrive sync client. If this key is set after a user has set up sync with a personal account, the user will be signed out.

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DisablePersonalSync Bool : When set to true, this parameter prevents users from adding or syncing personal accounts. Mac App Store: The path must already exist when users set up the sync client. Standalone: The path will be created on users' computers if it doesn't already exist. Only with the Standalone sync client can you prevent users from changing the location. Accepted values are from 1 through If you don't set this setting, Files On-Demand will be enabled automatically as we roll out the feature, and users can turn the setting on or off FilesOnDemandEnabled Bool : When set to true, new users who set up the sync client will download online-only files by default.

When set to false, Files On-Demand will be disabled and users won't be able to turn it on. You can use this setting to lock down applications that don't work correctly with your deployment of Files On-Demand. MaxBuildVersion denotes the maximum build version of the application that will be blocked.

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SharePointOnPremPrioritizationPolicy int : This parameter determines which service to attempt to authenticate against for setting up sync. BlockExternalSync Bool : Set to true to prevent syncing OneDrive for Business and SharePoint libraries and folders from organizations other than the user's own organization. Set to false or do not include the setting to allow. Production - The default update ring for OneDrive updates.