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Still, it is a fairly pricey custom calendar and some users will be put off by the fact that multiple other functions such as a lunar calendar, holiday calendars, and TV schedules are walled off behind in-app purchases. CloudCal is a free Android calendar application that has a cool way of showing you just how busy you're scheduled to be on a given day. Using a system called "Magic Circles," CloudCal marks each day on the calendar with a colored arc roughly corresponding to your scheduled appointments and events for the day, showing you at a glance when you're booked, and when you'll be free.

In addition, CloudCal features quick gesture commands, customizable views, and Google Tasks syncing, with a number of premium features locked behind an in-app purchase. For a different look at your upcoming appointments, try Vantage , a free calendar app for iOS devices.

Vantage gives you a overhead view of your calendar with dates spanning out into the distance while events and appointments stack up on top of each other. Tapping a stack gives you a closer look at what you have scheduled for the day. Vantage even brings tasks you've set up in iOS's Reminders app into your calendar. Vantage syncs with Google, iCloud, Exchange, Facebook and other calendar services. Swiping sideways on the phone allows you to swiftly move between a monthly, daily and weekly planner.

Sliding up or down moves you up or down the calendar in increments based on your current planner selection. Want a personal touch? Choose from 48 colors per calendar. A further premium upgrade unlocks other features such as additional calendar views, tasks, advanced settings and public holidays. Business Calendar has long been a stalwart among Android calendar apps, and it gets a welcome refresh in Business Calendar 2, which gives the venerable app a modern visual makeover while retaining the original blend of usability and features.

Users can easily switch between a variety of calendar views, from precise daily and weekly calendars, agenda modes for quick summaries, and overarching month calendars, with events easily marked in colored swatches for easy reference. The app also includes easy task and event creation, and highly configurable widgets give you an easy at-a-glance reference. A Pro upgrade provides extra features such as advanced task management and event templates. Monthly, weekly and daily views allow you to quickly get to the dates you need, and a helpful task and memo bar keeps upcoming events and notes in focus.

A cloud service , Jorte Cloud, allows you to sync calendars, schedules and tasks across devices. The app supports importing from Google Calendar. There's even a Jorte Store for buying more backgrounds and icons to personalize your calendar. Today Calendar is a solid Android calendar app replacement, thoroughly embracing the flat, colorful principles of Google's Material design, while also backing up the clean interface with a variety of informative view modes and calendar features. The default view is a handy split mode that presents both a month view with color-coded event dots as well as a daily agenda.

Other views include day, week, and month views, and natural language processing helps with event creation. Tiny Calendar doesn't have all the features of big name calendar app brands, but it does have some important ones: synching with Google, iCloud, and Exchange calendars. It features natural language processing for events creation, as well as a neat, low-frills interface for easily viewing and arranging your schedule.

Powered up with a combined overview

If you're looking for something even more bare-bones than tinyCalendar, check out Simple Calendar , an ad-free, open source Android calendar app designed with minimum intrusiveness and permissions, without any automatic syncing or a lot of fancy settings. The app comes with a widget, recurring events features, reminders, and week numbers. Week Calendar is a bit of a misnomer, as it does more than just weekly calendar viewing. There's agenda, daily, monthly, and even yearly views.

A feature-rich application, Week Calendar walks a tightrope between putting the day's events in focus and swamping you with too many details. Batch edit your events, drag and drop them, search through your calendars, set complex recurring events and color-code your events for easy sorting. Tags are user-defined labels with which you can categorize and color events in BusyCal.

You can also search and filter events in your calendar based on tags. BusyCal displays a live 8-day weather forecast in three different styles based on your current location using Location Services. It can also show phases of the moon and sunrise and sunset times. BusyCal lets you add graphics to your calendar to highlight holidays, birthdays, and special events. You can select from hundreds of Emoji images built-in to macOS, or type a keyword into BusyCal to automatically search for images on IconFinder.

You can even drag images into BusyCal from your desktop or from the web.

BusyCal - The Best Calendar App for Mac

By adding contacts to events in BusyCal, you have instant access to a contact's email address and phone number, as well as a record in BusyContacts of your interactions with those contacts. BusyCal syncs with the new BusyCal for iOS, which offers the same power, flexibility, and reliability that BusyCal for Mac users have enjoyed for years including customizable Day, Week, Month and List views, integrated To Dos, live weather, tags, and more.

It's the ultimate mobile companion to BusyCal on the Mac. This includes the ability to share calendars, schedule meetings, and view the availability of others. BusyCal 3 The most powerful calendar app for macOS.

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Previous Next. Info Panel One of BusyCal's most popular features is its embedded info panel that appears in the sidebar, enabling you to quickly view and edit event details with speed and precision.

The best calendar app for Mac

Integrated To Dos In BusyCal, To Dos are integrated into your calendar, display on the date they are due, and carry forward until completed. Travel Time BusyCal 3 add support for travel time, one of our most requested features. Menu bar app The totally redesigned menu bar app now displays a navigable mini-month calendar with colored dots and bars that provide a visual density map of your availability. Quick Entry BusyCal enables you to create events and to dos using natural language. Still the best calendar app around.

The best planner. I schedule my work for the week easily, and the tools of dragging and droping, repeating, editing, etc.

I love the integration of contacts and the auto fill of previous events. I use this app to run my business. I schedule all my appointments. I have never had any issues and I am fully satisfied with this app. I have had it for 4 years now and I would be lost without it. Make Your Schedules Easily Move your appointments by simply dragging, copying and pasting.

Try WeekCal to keep personal and business schedules organized. Reviews from Users.