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The file will play fine if I just let it play through but the skipping back and forth creates a problem. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 2 years, 4 months ago. Viewed times. I am trying to figure this out and wonder if anyone else has had this issue. Mark Almost all of my media is encoded as h, and I have not had this problem. Are you on the newest version of server? Are you using the web client?

Software | MacStadium Mac Hosting & Cloud Solutions

What is your network speed between the MP and the Mac Mini? The server and client are up to date. No updates available. My local network is all Gigabit equipment. All the h, MP4, mpeg,ts,etc content plays fine. Just the h that I have a problem with.

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Without users for the platforms we build, even the most groundbreaking applications can quickly turn into shelfware. While macOS Mojave is primarily a consumer focused release, there are also lots of performance and stability improvements that will make MacStadium customers happy. Find out what you need to know about upgrading here. Text replacement snippets are a useful tool that can be used on macOS and iOS.

Plex Media Server OS X Part 1: Installation & Set Up

You create shortcut text that, when typed, expands to something longer. High Sierra is almost among us. Here are a few things you should consider as you decide to upgrade to macOS There is a new terminal server option for Mac.

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It is called NuoRDS. It is simple to install, has a number of options and is quite well developed. The venerable Panic Inc announced Transmit 5 today, and update to a very popular file transfer app that just gets better and better. As iOS becomes more powerful, and screens get larger and larger, many people are traveling with just an iPhone or iPad.

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Bjango is a well respected and long time developer for great Mac and iOS apps. Resilio Sync is a power application that lets you run your own file syncing server. It has many of the powerful features found in Dropbox, but it runs on your own hardware.


With the software industry moving forward rapidly and trends shifting, a delay in product release can be disastrous for a company. Travis CI is one of the best examples of a company succeeding in the continuous integration space with a variety of free and paid, open and closed source platforms. Utilizing a hosted Mac at MacStadium to run Plex media server is a great solution! Plex organizes video, music and photos from personal media libraries and streams them to smart TVs, streaming boxes and mobile devices. Several weeks ago, we have obtained a working patch which corrects this condition for It is our understanding that this patch will eventually be incorporated into a future version of OS X Configuring a hosted Mac server at MacStadium to run a dedicated OwnCloud private cloud storage solution is a great solution for businesses of any size!

Great news from Apple today!

Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Free Download DMG Full ...

OS X Part two of a 4-part series designed to get new subscribers educated, configured, tested, and ultimately up and running with their Mac servers at MacStadium. This is a 4 part series designed to get new subscribers educated, configured, tested, and ultimately up and running with their Mac servers at MacStadium. SSH allows you to connect securely to your server. In this screencast I walk you through connecting to your server using SSH. With the move from If you haven't viewed the previous screencast on Work Group Manager, you will want to view that one first before this one.

Because your server is in a hosted environment accessing your server remotely is a must if you are to manage it and get all you can out of it. With so many people using mobile devices as their primary platform, it is important to have a way to share files with those mobile devices from your server. One of the advantages of using the built in wiki is you can customize it to fit your needs.

The wiki can be a great resource to collaborate with others and to share files. With Wiki website, Apple gives you a prebuilt template for a wiki that you can use to host your own wiki, blogs, and other online features like an online calendar. Profile Manager allows you to manage many of the details of setting up your devices so you only have to set it up once and then push those profiles to all your devices.

Once you have Profile Manager set up you can begin to create profiles that you can use to manage your clients and their devices. Not only does Profile Manager allow you to enroll your Macs in the service, you can also enroll your iOS devices as well. In order for your Mac's to be able to receive profiles they need to be enrolled in the Profile Manager Service.

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Built into Mountain Lion Server is a Website Service that allows you to host multiple websites and does all of the routing internally to the proper address. One of the benefits of hosting your own server at MacStadium is being able to host your own mail server. Back ups are something we all need to do and make sure all of our client machines are doing to protect our data. In addition to local back ups it is a good idea to have remote back ups as well. FTP is a service that most people think about when they think about servers. FTP has been the way many people upload files to servers and while it is an older service it is something many still rely on today.

Secure connections are something most of us think about today especially on unsecured public wifi networks. A VPN connection can create an encrypted connection to keep all of your data safe. With your hosted Mountain Lion Server you have a messages service built in that you can configure and control to suit whatever your needs are.

In Mountain Lion Server there is a built in contact service that allows you to set up your own private contacts cloud to keep your contact data in sync across your various devices.